US News USA: Tech giants mobilize against extreme right terrorism

00:55  27 july  2021
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of because of Kazakhstan or Iran - in the USA is booming the bitcoin mining

 of because of Kazakhstan or Iran - in the USA is booming the bitcoin mining © Shutterstock Bitcoin: USA gets up at Mining. Even before the China Crackdown, the USA was on the way to the new Bitcoin Mining Mecca. The US content on the global hashrates is increasing. That could also be good for the climate balance. of the broad public rather unnoticed, the US and Canada have developed into new hotspots for the bitcoin mining in recent months.

Social-counter-counter-terrorism: USA: Tech giants mobilize extreme right terrorism

USA: LES GÉANTS DU TECH SE MOBILISENT CONTRE LE TERRORISME D'EXTRÊME DROITE © Reuters / Dado RUVIC USA: Giants Tech is mobilizing extreme right terrorism

New York (Reuters) - an anti-terrorist alliance consisting of American technology giants like Facebook and Microsoft said Monday to Reuters have decided to significantly expand data sharing on extremist contents to fight more effectively against white supremacists and extreme right militias.

Until now the Global Internet Database Forum to Counter Terrorism's (GIFCT) focused on videos and images disseminated by groups recognized as terrorists by the United Nations, such as Islamic State, Al Qaeda or Taliban .

visit to Washington: Belarusian opposition leader Tichanowskaya asks USA for help

 visit to Washington: Belarusian opposition leader Tichanowskaya asks USA for help opposition leader Swetlana Tichanowskaja is still in exile. To tackle against Lukashenko, she now asked US foreign minister to flash for help. © Photo: DPA / AP / Mindaugas Kulbis Swetlana Tichanovskaya, opposition leader from Belarus The leading Belarussian opposition politician Swetlana Tichanowskaja calls on the US in its visit to Washington to support the democracy movement against the Lukasho regime. " The USA has a moral obligation to assist us.

In the coming months, data sharing will be extended to people who share the "manifests" authors of supregist violence and sites and documents shared by neonazies or extreme right militias, like the Proud Boys who have been illustrated In the Capitol attack on January 6 by supporters of Donald Trump.

GIFCT members, including Twitter, YouTube, Alphabet property, Snapchat or Instagram, Facebook ownership, share the digital signatures of documents that they withdraw from their platforms to allow other companies to check if Similar content is present on their sites.

If this initiative, launched in 2017 under the pressure of European and American governments after the attacks of Paris and Brussels, reduces the presence of jihadist content online, it constitutes only a partial response to the extremist phenomenon on the Internet.

"Anyone who observes the landscape of terrorism and extremism can only see that there are other sectors that require urgent attention," said Reuters the Executive Director of the GIFCT, Nicholas Rasmussen, explaining the Extension of data sharing to extreme right movements.

(report Elizabeth Culliford, French version Tangi Salaün)

nine years in prison for the first Hong Kong sentenced on behalf of the National Security Act .
© AFP / Archives U N Hong Kong was sentenced on Friday to nine years in prison, at the end of the first judgment for a crime Relevant to the drastic law on national security imposed by Beijing to eradicate dissent in the former British colony. Tong Ying-Kit, a 24-year-old server, had been convicted of Tuesday of "terrorism" for daring to motorbike on three police officers, but also "incentive to secession" because of the slogan of the flag he brandished .

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