US News Russia blocks nearly 50 websites related to the opponent Alexei Navalny

01:00  27 july  2021
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Des manifestants rassemblés à Genève, en Suisse, dénonçant pour dénoncer les répressions politiques en Russie, le 15 juin 2021. © Magali Girardin, AP of the protesters gathered in Geneva, Switzerland, denouncing to denounce political repressions in Russia, on June 15, 2021.

the authorities Russians blocked Monday 49 websites related to the opponent Alexei Navalny. This measure intervenes in a context of increased pressure against the opposition and to the approach of the legislative elections.

Russia blocked, Monday, July 26, almost 50 websites related to the imprisonment opponent Alexei Navalny , at the moment when the authorities increase their pressure against the opposition, removed from the legislative elections of September.

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According to the Russian Internet Constable, Roskomnadzor, access to the opponent's anti-corruption (FBK) Fund sites and its regional offices has been restricted at the request of the Russian floor.

"The internet resources mentioned are used for the propaganda and the continuation of the prohibited extremist activities of the FBK and Navalny Regional Offices," said the organization in a statement to AFP.

"49 (!) Sites at a time were blocked," Reacted Leonid Volkov, one of the close collaborators of Alexei Navalny.

declared "extremists" by Russian justice

The FBK, known for its lifestyle investigations and the malpractices of the Russian elites, and the regional offices that coordinate the protests and the election campaigns of the opponent, had been declared In June "extremists" by Russian justice .

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This decision followed months of repression aimed at the opposition marked by the sending of Alexei Navalny, 45, in penitentiary colony , the exile of several executives of its movement, but also measures targeting the press independent and other critical voices.

According to Leonid Volkov, who lives himself in exile in Lithuania, these measures aim to further hinder the activities of the partisans of Alexei Navalny before the September legislative elections, on the background of increasing unpopularity of the Party to Russia. United.

"But we will soon tell how we can circumvent all this," he said.

Several sites declared "foreign agents"

"They have decided to completely clean ourselves with Russian internet," said Twitter Maria Pevchikh, responsible for FBK investigations.

Leonid Volkov specified that the only site still accessible is the one devoted to the "intelligent vote", a technique promoted by Alexei Navalny consisting in bringing his voice to any candidate who can beat the ruling party, whatever his political color.

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Since the return to Russia of Alexei Navalny in January 2021 , after several months of convalescence in Germany where he recovered from a poisoning which he accuses Vladimir Putin, the Russian authorities have embarked on a broad operation. silence all critical voices.

This operation aims not only the opposition, but also the media and the NGOs. In recent months, several information sites have been declared "foreign agents", the status that hampers their functioning and who has forced one of them, whispers, to close for fear of prosecution.

A reputable investigation site, ProEkt, was declared "undesirable" by the Ministry of Justice, prohibiting de facto its activities.

mid-July, the group of lawyers "Komanda 29", who had defended the organizations of Alexei Navalny and more generally defends the Russians accused of betrayal or espionage, announced his self-dissolution, accused of being associated to an "undesirable" Czech organization.

Saturday, the Communist candidate in the 2018 presidential election, Pavel Groudinin, which was forbidden to appear in the legislative elections, on the grounds that he holds actions in a foreign company.

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