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12:24  27 july  2021
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AFGHANISTAN: Faced with the safe degradation of the country, France repatriates its nationals

 AFGHANISTAN: Faced with the safe degradation of the country, France repatriates its nationals © AFP - Sajjad Hussain Thirty French nationals took the special flight chartered by France and fifty Afghans affiliated with the embassy. The aircraft chartered by France for French nationals and employees of the French Embassy in Kabul left the Afghan capital at 8am, local time this Saturday. A free flight to repatriate people who wanted to follow the councils of the Embassy who asked French nationals to leave Afghanistan due to safe degradation.

  A Kaboul, des Afghans en quête de passeport, © AFP

"J E Am not get a passport for my family, because we never know", explains Abdul Khalid Nabyar Which, like many Afghans, says he wants to be able to leave the country if the Taliban seize power.

Early in the morning, he was queuing, with hundreds of compatriots, serving the passports in Kabul.

"If the situation worsens, it could be that we had to leave the country," says this 52-year-old trader who feels particularly targeted because he had a shop on a military base of NATO.

Like him, "people want to be ready in advance, in case it goes wrong."

A 08:00, the brilliant morning sun is already hot. In the queue that stretches in front of the entrance on a good hundred meters already, some are creating a semblance of shade with the plastic pockets in which they placed the necessary documents.

afghanistan: end of a cycle of talks in Doha, without cease-fire agreement

 afghanistan: end of a cycle of talks in Doha, without cease-fire agreement © Karim Jaafar, AFP The head of the high Afghan council for national reconciliation, Abdullah Abdullah and the head of the team of negotiation of the Taliban, Abdul Ghani Baradar at the final declaration of peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban, in Doha, Qatar, July 18, 2021. in full offensive Taliban in Afghanistan, a new round of talks between The Afghan government and insurgents ended Sunday in Doha, Qatar, without significant progress.

Undetermined, police officers rebrove the way to some residuers.

A respondent of the presence of journalists: "Getting a passport is a legitimate demand of all Afghan," she says.

In recent weeks, the crowd is all but usual. "We receive about 10,000 people a day, compared to 2,000 usually," says a policeman.

from the northern province of Balkh, Khalilullah, 36-year-old engineer, arrived at 05:00 in the morning, with his wife and three children, to be made "passports, in order to be able to go elsewhere, if things really turn wrong".

"There were already 300 people in the tail," he said just after passing the security checkpoint, more than three hours later.

Video: Afghanistan: rocket fire near the presidential palace in Kabul (France 24)

after this control and a buffer on documents, the applicants wait again. About 150 men and as many women, with children, wait separately on benches to enter the biometric data room.

Afghanistan: After the claimed attack, what future for the Islamic State group?

 Afghanistan: After the claimed attack, what future for the Islamic State group? © AFP - Noorullah Shirzada soldiers of the Afghan army during an operation against the Islamic State group in the district of Achin in the province of Nangarhar, on November 25, 2019. The terrorist organization claimed the shot of Rockets that landed near the presidential palace Tuesday morning July 20 in Kabul, while President Ashraf Ghani and many officials had gathered on the occasion of Eid.

There too, the benches are already filled. Behind an office line, employees photograph the applicants and scan their fingerprints, as well as their iris using gray binoculars.

"The face of terror"

even those who, like Zeenat Bahar Nazari arrived early, "wait for their turn for long hours".

"It is necessary to have a passport, given the circumstances," explains this 23-year-old computer student, too young for having known the Taliban regime (1996-2001) and its ultra-ridal interpretation of Islamic rules.

But "when we were children, our families told the Taliban (...) killed or made people disappear, were violent women, did not allow them to educate and deprived them of their elemental rights."

It has on the other hand known the 20 years of their bloody insurrection: "The only thing I know about Taliban has the face of terror: fights, suicide bombings and blood baths."

"When we go to school or at the university, we hope a bright future. But if the Taliban take power, this hope of a bright future will disappear," she says.

US President: Biden approved $ 100 million for Afghan refugees

 US President: Biden approved $ 100 million for Afghan refugees The emergency aids should also be used for immigration visas from Afghanen, who have worked for the US government. On this month, the first could come to the USA. © Brendan Smialowski / AFP Joe Biden approves money to support endangered Afghans. Biden approved $ 100 million for Afghan refugees US President Joe Biden has granted up to $ 100 million of aid from an emergency fund for Afghan refugees.

Their possible "return does not announce anything good for us", women, but "when we talk about leaving" Afghanistan, I feel really sad ".

few of those come to look for a passport already know where to go because , as it, most still want to believe that they will be able to stay in their country. But all want to be ready.

The idea of ​​leaving is a heartbreak for "Sardar", 52 years old, who refuses to give his real name And fear for his life after working as a translator for a British NGO: "But our life is in danger, we have no choice."

Ex-uneashanitor, Haji Sayed Mohammad Sultani, 45, wants a passport But refuses to imagine reliving the refugee life he knew during the Soviet invasion (1979-1989), the civil war (1992-1996) and the Taliban regime.

"As long as Afghanistan is liveable, we Do not leave our country, "he says, but" in the last 20 years, people (...) have had freedom. And if this government collapses, then there will be no freedom. "

As for the recent vagues of the insurgents on the education of girls and the freedom or the absence of revenge, if they returned to power, Abdul Khalid Nabyar answers: "We do not believe a word of what the Taliban say."

27/07/2021 08:10:53 - Kabul (AFP) - © 2021 AFP

Violent bomb attack shakes Kabul .
in Afghanistan continue the attacks on civilians and government agencies. Numerous people were once again killed in the latest attack in Kabul. © Rahmat GUL / AP Photo / Picture Alliance In the morning, the whole extent of destruction is clearly at an autobombus attack in the Afghan capital Kabul, according to the Ministry of Interior, at least 13 people were killed and another about 20 has been injured.

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