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13:48  27 july  2021
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Morocco: Journalist Omar Ray sentenced to six years in prison

 Morocco: Journalist Omar Ray sentenced to six years in prison © Fadel Senna The mother of Omar Ray brandishing a poster of his son in September 2020. Pursued for facts of rape and espionage, he was sentenced at six years in prison. six years in prison, such is the sentence pronounced at the end of the trial in first instance of Omar Radi, on Monday. At age 35, the co-founder of the information site The Desk was detained since the end of July 2020, in a double case of "espionage" and "rape".

"The 30 minutes waiting in the box on the plane, waiting for it to take off In all, Mr Ghosn reckons he was in the box for around an hour and a half, though it felt like it lasted "one year and a half". Mr Ghosn said: "I've been told that the end of [Greg Kelly's] trial will be probably by the end of this year. Until then, he remains a once-big- fish in a small pond, living in exile and under armed guard in Beirut

Banana Fish is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akimi Yoshida. Serialized in Shōjo Comic from 1985 to 1994, and adapted into an anime in July 2018, the series follows Ash Lynx, a teenage gang leader in New York City. And finally, because of how popular BF seems to be in Japan it’s possible that there could end up being a second season. However, without any guidance or idea of an direction to take it MAPPA may just end up turning the whole second season into a disappointing flop. Which begs the question, do we really want a second season?

Un policier gabonais. (Image d'illustration). © policemen Credit GABRIEL BOUYS / AFP Gabonese police. (Illustrative picture).

This is a news worthy of a western movie happened in the city of Tchibanga 600 km south of Libreville. Police raided the prison there to free their leader jailed for assaulting a policeman. A dozen prisoners have taken advantage of the incident to take to their heels. As they headed to Libreville, the police were stopped and brought back to Tchibanga where all are in custody by the private media and social networks.

With our correspondent in Libreville Yves Laurent Goma

Video Putsch failed 2019 in Gabon 15 years in prison for three military (France 24)

Morocco: Omar Rad's investigative journalist sentenced to six years in prison

 Morocco: Omar Rad's investigative journalist sentenced to six years in prison © Fadel Senna / AFP the mother of Journalist Omar Radi, accused of "foreign funding", "undermining the internal security of the state", And "rape", at a gathering of support in Casablanca, on September 22, 2020. among the journalists who were spied via the Pegasus software, there is, in Morocco, Omar Radi. Investigative journalist, known for his corruption surveys, Omar Radi was sentenced to six years in prison by a Casablanca court. It was continued for two different cases, but judged jointly.

The argument for QR codes and passes is simple. We need to do all we can to stop the spread of Covid-19, as the more it travels and circulates, the more chance we have of variants occurring. The situation is really quite simple: going to the cinema, for example, without using a vaccine passport could easily cause an undetected transmission, which could then be passed to someone who ends up touching down in one of these nations with low vaccination rates. Do you want to have blood on your hands by playing your part in a single death?

around that time, intelligence agencies were using Monroe to help them understand the experiences of their psychic spies, a la Stargate, remote viewing and others. Joe Mcmoneagle has given interviews where he said that the Army sent him there and it gave him the help he needed to continue as a remote viewer. his main issue was exhaustion, but other remote viewers had to deal with their reality being turned inside out by what they experienced. But almost invariably, they qualify this narrative with the fact that wherever they were, there is no time. Everything happens at once.

Everything would be party to a dispute a fish braised in a bush. According to several sources, the evening of 21 June, there is a fish on the grill when a girl passes control. The saleswoman said that the fish is already bought by a gentleman also on the stand. The girl demands to be served. A sharp verbal altercation ensues between the first client and the girl running in a bar next door, calling his lover reinforcement.

The customer first, which is actually a policeman, was reportedly beaten by several people. His attackers are police officers including the commander of the powerful intelligence service in the province. Well kept in Tchibanga, 600 km from Libreville, where he was pummeled, the policeman was evacuated to the capital where he was hospitalized for two weeks.

Back in Tchibanga, he complains. The police commander was jailed on 23 July. Two days later, the leaders of the police units in the region launched the assault on the prison Tchibanga. They release their leader and head to Libreville. They were stopped by the army.

The commander was returned to prison. Its elements are themselves in the hands of the military police. All were suspended from their duties.

How to make a house paella to fall? .
that it is version Costa Brava or frozen, we all think of the paella. False, replies the chef Alberto Herraiz who reveals the underside of a mythical dish! © Valery Guites Paella La Paella, what is it? A Spanish dish, traditionally cooked in wood fire, composed of rice + condiments (onion, garlic, tomato) + spices (saffron, pimiento) + fume + vegetables + fish, meat ... we prepare it in a kind of flat stove Two handles in iron sheet that is patient over the cooking.

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