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17:30  27 july  2021
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Somalia: Shebab threaten elections participants

 Somalia: Shebab threaten elections participants © Abdirahman Yusuf Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, says Farmajo, pronounces a speech in Mogadishi, May 27, 2021 The Jihadist Shebab movement, linked to Al-Qaeda, Warriding politicians participating in the elections in Somalia, who must start at the end of the month in an audio message attributed to his leader. Indirect parliamentary and presidential elections in this unstable country of the Horn of Africa must begin on July 25 by the vote for the Senate. "We send (...) a warning to

the main political formation in the Tunisian Parliament proposed Tuesday of the anticipated elections after the coup of President Kais Saied who suspended the Assembly, while the EU was called for "restoration of institutional stability".

In less than two days, President Saied ordered the suspension of the work of Parliament for a month, limited from the head of the Hichem Mechichi Government and granted the executive power. These decisions taken at the moment when the country is hit hard by an economic and social crisis accentuated by the Pandemic of Covid have aroused concerns within the international community, particularly in Washington, Brussels and Paris.

Covid-19: the influx of international donations saves Tunisia of a "disaster" sanitary

 Covid-19: the influx of international donations saves Tunisia of a © Fethi Belaid, AFP bottles of oxygen, provided by France to Tunisia for medical aid for Fight against the pandemic of Covid-19, are unloaded at the port of Radès, in the eastern suburbs of the capital Tunis, July 22, 2021. Donations from European countries and the Gulf, Tunisians of the diaspora and simple citizens Flowing to allow Tunisia hit hard by COVID-19 to avoid a "disaster" sanitary, according to health professionals. The call for help was heard.

"The democratic anchoring of the country, respect for the rule of law, the constitution and the legislative framework must be preserved while attentive to the wishes and aspirations of the Tunisian people," said Tuesday the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, in a statement.

"We assume that the domestic differences will be settled solely within the framework of law," said the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

- anger, unemployment -

After distinguished "a coup against the revolution and the constitution", the Islamist inspiration party Ennahdha, the main training in Parliament, said Tuesday that "for the good of democratic life" It was "ready for the holding of simultaneous anticipated legislative and presidential elections, in order to ensure the protection of the democratic process and to prevent any delay from serving as a pretext for maintaining an autocratic regime".

RPT-Tunisia-President Limge Le PM, freezes Parliamentary activities

 RPT-Tunisia-President Limge Le PM, freezes Parliamentary activities Tunisia-Politics / (CORRECTED): RPT-Tunisia-President limoge PM, freezes Parliamentary activities (title mastic) Tunis, July 25 ( Reuters) - Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed has fought on Sunday the government and froze the activities of Parliament, dramatically amplifying the political crisis in the country, while the opposition has denounced a coup.

Monday, Mr. Saied Also Head of the Army, also limited the Minister of Defense Ibrahim and the spokesman of the Government of Hasna Ben Slimane, also Minister of the Public Service and Minister of Acting Justice.

These initiatives have been approved by many of Tunisians angry with the government, particularly for its management of the COVID crisis, Tunisia with one of the highest mortality rates in the world. But others have expressed their fears of a return to the dictatorship in the young democracy, just over ten years after the popular uprising that led to the fall of the dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in January 2011.

. Problems deeply rooted by unemployment and the degradation of public infrastructure that were at the origin of the uprising have never been resolved.

The Tunisian Parliament's Office, chaired by Rached Ghannouchi, also head of the Ennahdha movement, "unanimously affirmed his absolute rejection and his firm condemnation of what was announced by the head of state Kais Saied", in A statement published in the night from Monday to Tuesday.

new drama in the Mediterranean, nearly 60 dead migrants drowned

 new drama in the Mediterranean, nearly 60 dead migrants drowned © Anne Chaon dozens of rescued migrants during an operation in the Mediterranean on 11 August 2019 nearly 60 migrants seeking to reach Europe, including women, among whom women And children, died drowned Monday in a shipwreck off Libya, a new drama of illegal immigration in the Mediterranean, reported the International Organization for Migration (IOM). © Sophie Ramis Tunisia: Shipwreck migrants "At least 57 migrants have drowned in a shipwreck off Khoms today," IOM clarified.

- "Spectrum of uncertainty" -

"Coup d'état or shine", Title Tuesday on his a Francophone newspaper The Daily. "The kick given by Kais Saied in the parliamentary anthill has taken out a lot of people to start by Ennahdha," he adds.

"Should we fear for the Revolution?", Title The newspaper The press in an editorial noting that "the spectrum of political uncertainty and the conjugated bankruptcy with the effects of a poorly managed sanitary crisis" in the country, "Provoked a Sunday earthquake".

Monday, Tunisian Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi said he was ready to give the power to the future Prime Minister appointed by President Kais Saied.

"I will ensure the passing of power to the personality who will be appointed by the President of the Republic," he said.

Developments in Tunisia, a country often represented as the only one in the Arab Spring, resulted in multiple reactions abroad.

France has said a "return, as soon as possible, to normal functioning of institutions" and called to avoid violence while the United States, "preoccupied", called for "respect for democratic principles".

"President Saied is in front of a great challenge, to show Tunisians and the world that he had made the right decisions," says the AFP the Politologist Slaheddine Jourchi.


The risk of Muslim brothers for democracy .
Dusseldorf. The difficult ratio of Islam and democracy can be moored at behavior of the mighty Muslim Brotherhood. They are also strong in Germany. © Maya Allzzo The Muhammed Mursi, who has been deceased since Egypt's president and closely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood (archive picture) crucial for the question of the compatibility of Islam with democracy are not only theoretical answers, but practical experiences, above all those Political parties holding up the flag of Islam.

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