US News Emmanuel Macron does not want to see the wind projects "damage the landscape"

20:00  27 july  2021
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More than 300 territorial elected officials greet the "courage" of the decisions of Macron

 More than 300 territorial elected officials greet the The signatories support the objective "ambitious but necessary" to come to vaccinate all the French: "It is indeed in fact achieving a rate Vaccine coverage greater than 90% of the population we can shoot in the page, find a normal life, "they write. © @ Over 300 territorial left and right politicians, especially mayors, greet in an article in the Journal du Dimanche the "courage" of the health and economic choices decisions announced in recent days by President Emmanuel Macron .

in an interview in Franceinfo, the head of state, currently on the move in French Polynesia, advocates the "case per case" for wind projects.

Le président français Emmanuel Macron, couvert de guirlandes, prononce un discours après son arrivée sur l'atoll de Manihi, dans l'archipel des Tuamotu, en Polynésie française, le 26 juillet 2021 © Ludovic Marin / AFP The French President Emmanuel Macron, covered with garlands, pronounces a speech after his arrival on the atoll of Manihi, in the archipelago of the Tuamotu, in French Polynesia, July 26, 2021

of pragmatism, not of jostling ... Emmanuel Macron wants to avoid crumpling people and the landscape with respect to wind and solar projects. You need to know adapt or renounce "wind turbine projects" on a case by case ", who" create too much tension, denature the landscape, because sometimes it happens, "he argues in an interview at FranceInfo broadcast on Tuesday, believing that it was necessary to succeed in "reconciling this pragmatism with our climate ambition", while it is traveling into French Polynesia.

Macron in Hitler on posters: Open survey for "public insult"

 Macron in Hitler on posters: Open survey for The Toulon floor has opened on Tuesday a survey for "public insult" against a Var display that represented the President Emmanuel Macron in Adolf Hitler. © Ludovic Marin / Pool Via Reuters The Toulon floor has opened on Tuesday an investigation for "public insult" against a Var display that represented the President Emmanuel Macron in Adolf Hitler on two large panels to denounce the anti-COVID vaccination stress.

"There are places where solar projects, winding, are Well concerted, well thought out, are part of the landscape [and which] are accepted by the population and make it possible to develop economic returns, "he greeted, encouraging to go in that direction. He also has underlined the "ultra-marine strategy that is to massively develop the renewable because it is a sovereignty strategy" in the overseas territories like Polynesia.

Conserve the landscape

but the head of state does not want not see these projects "damage the landscape": "I hold the landscapes of France and I think it's a part of our heritage, our deep wealth, of our identity, "he said, then emphasizing the solar more than on the wind.

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mentioning the example of the Hauts-de-France, Emmanuel Macron explained that he was, according to him, indispensable " Improving local consultation ", especially when wind projects nurture a certain reluctance from the local population. "We have to fall in any caricature, there are places where we can still do wind-up projects because they are adapted and relevant, there are places that are already well endowed and where there is No consensus and therefore, yes, it will have to build alternative strategies, "he nuanced.

Macron has not been targeted by Pegasus asserts a NSO

 Macron has not been targeted by Pegasus asserts a NSO © frame provided by the high-head of the Israeli Cybersecurity Giant NSO supported Wednesday that the French President Emmanuel Macron had not been Targeted by its controversial Pegasus software, at the heart of a global spy scandal that pushed the NGO Reporters Without Borders to request a moratorium on its sales.

The Head of State also explained to "develop solar on military wastelands."

Nuclear, "A chance" for France

The President of the Republic also repeatedly repeated that he considered nuclear as a "luck" for France.

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"We are the country of Europe which has the least tons of CO2 emitted per capita. Why? Because we have the historical nuclear, and therefore What makes that where other countries have coal mines or matter a lot of gas - which is a hydrocarbon and has a carbon footprint that is bad, we are lucky to have historical nuclear ", a "He pleaded, calling not to fall into debates that are" exclusive or too general "on nuclear power.

Resilience in the face of climate change

The President also emphasized "what is called today resilience, that is to say how to resist these" climatic disruptions. "We are entering a world where this type of climate event [cyclones] will multiply because of the famous warming and disturbance caused by the acceleration of our CO2 emissions in recent decades," continued the president.

Adopt this resilience, "It is also allowing us to equip our hospitals, our schools, our retirement homes facing global warming," he added. And continue: "In the stimulus plan, we have this, equip us to deal with big heat that can happen over more or shorter periods in our latitudes too".

Parliament has definitively adopted the climate bill last week, a "ecological turn" vaulted by the government but strongly criticized by NGOs and the left for its "lack of ambition".

Back from Polynesia, Emmanuel Macron started his holidays at the Fort of Brégançon .
© Bertrand Langlois / AFP The fort of brick, in Borme-les-mimosas (Var), summer residence of the presidents of the Republic. After a long displacement at the Tokyo Olympics and then in French Polynesia, the President of the Republic joined the fort of Bronzon, in the Var, where he will continue to watch over the topical topics.

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