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15:44  28 july  2021
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PORTUGAL: Hundreds of flights canceled due to a strike of the

 PORTUGAL: Hundreds of flights canceled due to a strike of the baggage workers The employees of the company GroundForce protest against delays in the payment of their salaries. Lisbon Airport was the most affected. © Provided by FranceInfo Hundreds of flights at the start or arrival of Portuguese airports were canceled Saturday 17 and Sunday, July 18, due to a strike of the GroundForce Baggage. The latter protest against delays in the payment of their wages.

of the protest expands: Employees want to gather in front of the company headquarters and provide concrete claims. At the same time, 2,600 people now support the protest letter.

Das Activision-Blizzard-Studio Blizzard Entertainment steht im Fokus der Vorwürfe. Der Protest findet aber vor der Konzernzentrale in Santa Monica statt. © Michael VI / Shutterstock The Activision Blizzard Studio Blizzard Entertainment is the focus of allegations. However, the protest takes place in front of the corporate headquarters in Santa Monica.

According to the claim of the state of California, which implanes "constant sexual harassment" and several women's discrimination, a lot moves in the forge of World of Warcraft and other AAA titles. So want employees: Inside today at 10 o'clock local time (18.00 mez) lay the work and protest before the headquarters , reported The Verge. "We believe that our values ​​are not reflected correctly as employees in the words and deeds of our leadership," explain the organizer: inside the step. Meanwhile, the company of the action has given its blessing and challenged to have no negative consequences. The participants: Inside would even be paid. Meanwhile, around 2,600 (EX) employees have signed the protest letter against the reaction of the company's management to the action. In 2019 Activision Blizzard employed about 9,200 people.

European banks warn against mistakes in important ESG measurement variable

 European banks warn against mistakes in important ESG measurement variable (Bloomberg) - it should be the ultimate key figure for how clean European banks are. But some in the industry will keep you faulty from the beginning. The Planned Green Asset Ratio of the European Union, which is to show how much a bank lends climate-friendly companies and projects, could provide a distorted image of reality. In any case, this results from a survey of Bloomberg among around 20 European major banks.

Walk-out calls the end of the forced scientific

the organizer: inside of work festivities demonstrate not only against the opinion of the Group to the allegations. The Management Board had referred to the results of the two-year investigation as "distorted and often false allegations" and "irresponsible behavior of irresponsible state bureauc rates". Four receivables raise the protesters to prevent such circumstances in the future: First of all, forced simplification clauses from the employee contracts should disappear. These clauses see compulsory, internal "arbitration" between accused and victims and prohibit the latter the course in court. The surplus gives the employers the power to clarify all labor law disputes internally. Investigations have shown that workers: gain in there rarely and, if, much less money received.

New steam locator in Wernigerode becomes an adventure location

 New steam locator in Wernigerode becomes an adventure location around the new steam locomotor of the Harz narrow gauge railways in Wernigerode creates an experience site. For a good 470,000 euros, the company will design the exterior plants as a tourist learning and experience site to make the steam locomotive even better experience, the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced on Wednesday in Magdeburg. © Matthias Leg / dpa central picture / eg The steam locomotives of the Harz narrow gauge railways are popular at large and small.

employer should reorganize personnel processes

another claim behind the protest: new practices for attitudes and conveying. The old processes would have led to women, especially black, transgender and other marginalized groups, not fair for new tasks compared to white men ". In addition, the Group is to publish the salary and transport data for members of all sexes and ethnic groups. Last but not least, a task force for variety, equality and inclusion are formed, which commissions a third company with the review of the guidance rates. It is "urgent necessary" to determine the failure grounds of the current systems and to find new solutions.

Company does not promise any negative consequences

In an e-mail, corporate governance has announced the participants: in the protest could not have feared consequences. They would even be released and paid for the duration of the protest. Media see this statement in view of similar operations in 2018 at Google skeptical. Even with the search engine market leader, a wrong deal in connection with sexual harassment has become public and the employees: inside had a walk-out with 2,000 participants: organized inside. Google had also promised support, but in retrospect, however, Walk-out organizer: inside with retaliatory measures occupied. Some then left the company, others should have been pushed out. The Federal Authority for Fair Labor Relations (National Labor Relations Board - NLRB) Consted at the beginning of the year , Google had in the termination of several organizer: infringement of labor law.

Ukraine: The man who threatened to explode a grenade at the government headquartered .
© Google Streetview screenshot The Ukrainian government headquarters in Kiev (Google StreetView screenshot). panic in Kiev this Wednesday morning, a few hours from a ministerial board. The Ukrainian police arrested a veteran of the Donbass war that threatened to blow up a grenade at the headquarters of the government. "It was arrested," said the spokesman for the Interior Ministry Artem Chevchenko.

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