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20:07  28 july  2021
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Gérard Officially Lopey President of Girondins

 Gérard Officially Lopey President of Girondins © Provided by Sofoot Gérard Officially Lopey President of Girondins A new leader for a new life. The Commercial Court validated the redemption of the Bordelais Club by Gérard Lopez, which is preparing to direct a second stable in Ligue 1 after Lille.

La côte niçoise © SYSPEO / SIPA The Côte Niçoise Map - Lyon and Bordeaux announced in early July that the increase of the housing tax - applicable to Secondary residences - would reach 60%, the maximum rate authorized by law. But currently, what cities have activated this device at full speed?

While the housing tax of the main residences is dedicated to disappearing , the cities depart at war against second homes. Since the 2017 Finance Act, the Housing Tax can be increased from 5 to 60% for this type of residences, in cities of stretched zones - that is to say, those with more than 50,000 inhabitants and presenting An imbalance between supply and demand for housing. Prior to this law, this maximum increase was 20%. More than 1,000 French communes are potentially concerned by this device. If the crushing majority did not activate this tool, some decide to take the most offensive option.

EUROCOCKENNES DE BELFORT: The organizers "Satisfied" of their alternative festival "secondary residence"

 EUROCOCKENNES DE BELFORT: The organizers The event took place from the 20th to 24th of July on the peninsula of the Malsaucy (territory of Belfort), where traditionally stand the "Eurocks", a five-day festival with thirty groups and major chefs in the length of a country restaurant.

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It is in any case the objective posted by the city of Lyon, at the municipal council of July 8, which voted an increase in the increase of 20 to 60%, from 2022 - the maximum rate allowed by the law. "The goal is to maximize existing housing in a territorial real estate voltage area", according to the first Deputy Mayor, Audrey Hénocque. Some cities had already made this choice, like Paris, Nice or Bidart. In concrete terms, it is the municipal council that may decide to apply an increase in particular to to encourage secondary residence owners to yield their housing , so that they can be purchased or rented by future inhabitants. In Lyon, 15,000 dwellings are secondary residences, representing a 4.8% share of all housing. This increase should report about "3.3 million euros of additional revenue", according to the municipality. 0 500.000 euros extra gains expected in Bordeaux 0 Bordeaux follows the same path. Already from 20 to 50% in February 2018, the increase in the housing tax will this time reach the ceiling of 60% from 2022. This measure voted at the July 13 City Council should report 500.000 euros per year to the city. But the primary goal is not to make money but "to encourage owners to put these housing on the rental market," says Claudine Bichet, Assistant to the Mayor in charge of Finance. In Anglet, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, local elected officials have also voted in the spring the passage of 40 to 60% of the surplus of the housing tax. Other cities could follow the movement. Local elected officials wishing to increase the housing tax in 2022 have until October 1st to position themselves.

Sanitary Pass: Two vacations from a Bordeaux vaccination center for fake certificates .
aged 18 and 20 years, they will be judged on January 14, 2022 and risk up to 5 years in prison. © Provided by FranceInfo Two vacators of the Bordeaux-Lac vaccination center are suspected of having created and sold a dozen fake vaccination certificates, says Thursday, August 5, France Bleu Gironde . 18 and 20 years old, they were referred to the parquet of Bordeaux Wednesday.

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