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21:39  28 july  2021
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The OPEC wants (something) more oil promoting

 The OPEC wants (something) more oil promoting The world economy bounced by Corona jumps again, and thus the energy hunger is growing worldwide. The big oil carriers want to be prepared. © Reuters / M. Shemeto Oil Refinery of Saudi Aramco as in the midst of the Corona Pandemic , the demand for petroleum was collapsed, the organization of oil exporting countries (OPEC) had reduced their production volume by a record volume of ten million barrels per day.

Prinz Khalid Bin Sultan Al Faisal (l.) im Gespräch mit FIA-Präsident Jean Todt © Motorsport Images Prinz Khalid Bin Sultan Al Faisal (l.) In conversation with FIA President Jean Todt

, the organizers of the Formula 1 race in Saudi Arabia want In the course of international criticism in the country in terms of human rights situation with all drivers, personally talk about the topic. In addition, the pilots were encouraged to make their own picture of the situation on site.

"I've already met a few drivers in Silverstone," says Prinz Khalid Bin Sultan Al Faisal, President of the Automotive and Motorcycle Association of Saudi Arabia. "I will not call her names, but Lewis Hamilton was none of them. I listened to her worries and spoken openly with them," he says. He hopes to talk to even more drivers about it.

opening game at Olympia against Brazil: Easy calculation, heavy way for the German footballers

 opening game at Olympia against Brazil: Easy calculation, heavy way for the German footballers The German footballers meet in the first game of the tournament right on defending champion Brazil. The team is optimistic, despite the problems in advance. © Photo: Matt Slocum / DPA ears to and through. For Max Kruse, it's going to go in Tokyo soon. Max Kruse made a simple invoice. "There is no increase to the silver medal except the gold medal," said the striker of the 1st FC Union. Without this goal, the team does not even need to start.

Saudi Arabia stands due to allegations of heavy human rights violations in criticism. According to the organization Amnesty International, the country use sports events such as Formula 1 or the Rally Dakar for so-called "sportswashing", ie clean washing over the sport.

Al Faisal encourages visit to Saudi Arabia

Hamilton, who wants to take a pioneering role in the fight against discrimination, had already criticized the human rights situation in Bahrain. However, Al Faisal refers to progress that Saudi Arabia has meanwhile. He also made this clear in the talks with the drivers.

"I said, 'I say nothing, comes to Saudi Arabia yourself and look at it. And if you want to come from the race, you can come and judge it," says it yourself, "says al Faisal to talk to the native population or even with representatives of Formula E or the Rally Dakar, who already held events in the Islamic country.

footballers take on the opening ceremony Part

 footballers take on the opening ceremony Part The German footballers take part in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. © Provided by sport1.de Footballers take part in the opening ceremony Part The German footballers take part in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Part of the team traveled on Friday from Yokohama to the Olympic village to Tokyo to run together with the "Team D" in the stadium. ( Olympia 2021: All decisions in Sport1-Liveticker ) "We are at the start tonight at the ceremony. We will run as the 115th country.

One is aware which progress has been achieved and where to go. Therefore, you have no problems talking about the topic, he says. With Formula 1, therefore, intensive discussions on common actions ran to meet the slogan "WE Race as one" of the royal class.

collaboration with F1 to achieve goals

"Things are running very well between us," says Al Faisal. "It's part of our strategy to open the country. We want to show the quality of life, the Saudis and all visiting Saudi Arabia. This will help us achieve our goals," he says.

The first Saudi Arabia Grand Prix should go on the stage on the 5th of December, hazards is on a city course in the villas of Jidda designed by Hermann Tilke.

Saudi doctors separate a baby from a parasite twin .
© - Riyad (Saudi Arabia) on Saturday. The medical team poses after the success of surgery. AFP / King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center A team of doctors in Saudi Arabia separated a Yemeni baby from a parasitic twin. This is the fiftieth successful intervention on joint twins. Aïcha Ahmad Said was born completely developed, but with an enlarged pelvic area and an extra pair of lower limbs, said the Saudi English-language daily Arab News .

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