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07:04  29 july  2021
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Afghanistan: "The obvious American defeat"

 Afghanistan: Figarovox / Tribune - On June 14, the US President Joe Biden ordered the final withdrawal of his troops from Afghanistan, after 20 years of a painful war. This conflict is limited by the defeat of the United States who have failed to import democracy, estimates the essayist Hadrian desuin. © Sajjad Hussain / AFP "After twenty years and more than a thousand billion dollars spilled into the Pachtounes mountains" specialist in international and defense issues, Hadrian desuin is essayist.

Joe Biden a détaillé davantage son plan en Pennsylvanie, mercredi 28 juillet 2021. Rails © Saul Loeb, AFP Joe Biden further detailed its plan in Pennsylvania, Wednesday, July 28, 2021.

The American Plan for Renovation and Development of Infrastructures of $ 1,200 billion, promised by Joe Biden, crossed on Wednesday a stage in the Senate in a preliminary vote. The elected officials will be able to start debating.

After long political topics, a large renovation and infrastructure development plan expensive to President Joe Biden was put on the rails Wednesday, July 28. This is nothing less than an investment program "as one sees only once by generation" which has found the agreement of both the Democratian senators and a handful of elected representatives of the Republican opposition, announced the White House.

Biden welcomes Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the White House

 Biden welcomes Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the White House US President Joe Biden has received the Football team of Tampa Bay Buccaneers around Star quarterback Tom Brady in the White House and thus honored for the profit of Super Bowl in February. © Andrew Harnik / AP / DPA US President Joe Biden (2.V.L.), Coach Bruce Arians (M) and QuarterBack Superstar Tom Brady (R). From the team, Biden received a white jersey with the red back number 46 - Biden is the 46th President of the United States of America.

Wednesday evening, this plan has indeed taken a step in the Senate in a preliminary vote, seventeen Republicans joining the 50 Democrats. This means that elected officials will begin to debate, but the text is still far from being finally adopted.

This large plan provides for $ 550 billion in fresh federal money and reached $ 1,200 billion - the equivalent of Spain's gross (GDP) domestic product - if we take into account the reorientation of Other existing public funding.

This pharaonic amount must "create well-paid and unionized jobs, respond to the climate crisis, make the economy (American) more sustainable and just for the decades to come", according to a press release of the White House.

"This agreement shows the world that our democracy works"

"It's barbrant, but it's important", the six months of Biden to the White House

 © Saul Loeb President Joe Biden surrounded by his ministers, six months after his arrival in power on July 20, 2021 At the White House "barbrant" but "important". This sentence slid at the turn of a speech by Joe Biden himself summarizes his bet, made by entering six months ago at the White House: favor the bottom rather than the form, to give a prosperous America to the center of the game worldwide.

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Announcement of "historical" investments In public transport, roads, bridges, drinking water, broadband Internet ...

all funded by the reorientation of certain emergency funding, by targeted contributions from companies, by taxation More efficient cryptomonnaires and "other measures" supported by both parties. In addition to the tax revenues that the increase in economic activity must generate that Washington promises.

"This agreement shows the world that our democracy works, produces results and makes great things," said

Joe Biden in a statement, making the article of a program that can "transform America and propel us in the future".

Transforming the "buy american" into reality

The President, who would like to make a gigantic program of $ 3,500 billion in social spending, also made another subject on Wednesday: economic patriotism . When visiting a truck plant in Pennsylvania, the president promised that US companies would be better off in terms of public order.

US President: Biden approved $ 100 million for Afghan refugees

 US President: Biden approved $ 100 million for Afghan refugees The emergency aids should also be used for immigration visas from Afghanen, who have worked for the US government. On this month, the first could come to the USA. © Brendan Smialowski / AFP Joe Biden approves money to support endangered Afghans. Biden approved $ 100 million for Afghan refugees US President Joe Biden has granted up to $ 100 million of aid from an emergency fund for Afghan refugees.

"The last years," Buy American "(buy American) had become an empty promise. But my administration will make a reality," he said, applauded by a hundred enthusiastic people, with for background. Burt trucks. Difficult not to see a spot at his predecessor

Donald Trump , who had continually promoted economic patriotism and protectionism.

Concretely, what Joe Biden's team provides is quite technical. The White House will dust off a 1933 law, which requires all products purchased by the Federal Administration to be manufactured "substantially" in the United States, that is to say that 55% of the value of their components has been created on the American soil. Washington wants to bring this proportion to 60% in the immediate future, then to 75% later, to prevent public money from goods made for good part abroad.

Other measure: Establish a preferential price schedule for certain products and components deemed strategic, and products in the United States. The goal is to avoid the shortages of goods imported as important as medical equipment or computer components.

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The United States offers a temporary asylum to Hong Kong nationals .
© AFP L E Chair Joe Biden decided on Thursday to offer a temporary asylum to the nationals of Hong Kong against "the erosion of their Rights and freedoms "caused by the China , something further climb the tension between Washington and Beijing. "The support of the United States to the people of Hong Kong will not weaken," writes Joe Biden in a decree taken Thursday and broadcast by the White House. According to the US administration, the people concerned by the proposal would be "in thousands".

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