US News After 32 years there is another dead of the Hillsborough Disaster

13:55  29 july  2021
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Fetalism: If you are responsible for disasters

 Fetalism: If you are responsible for disasters The federal government has the THW, the countries are responsible, the municipalities must act: the civil protection in Germany is complicated, which has also shown the flood. © Imago Images The Technical Hilfswerk Zwickau started according to Ahrweiler catastrophic aid from Saxony: A water treatment plant should be transported to the catastrophe area. It can prepare around 20 thousand liters of water in drinking water per hour.

Liverpool. The mass shroud in the Hillsborough Stadium with many dead and injured persons is decades back. And yet there is another death victim of the tragedy at the Cup game 1989 between Liverpool and Nottingham Forrst. How that can be.

 Von den überfüllten unteren Traversen des Hillsborough-Stadions versuchen Zuschauer verzweifelt, sich auf den Rang hochzuziehen. (Archivfoto) © - of the overcrowded lower trusses of the Hillsborough Stadium desperately try to pull up on the rank. (ArchiveFoto)

More than 30 years after the tragedy in the Hillsborough Stadium in the English Sheffield, the number of deaths has increased again. The 55-year-old Andrew Devine, who had died his family on Tuesday, is valid after the establishment of a court as a 97th death victim of the catastrophe, as the BBC reported on Thursday.

Floods: Berlin decides early financial aid for the victims

 Floods: Berlin decides early financial aid for the victims © provided by the point L e Government of Angela Merkel will unlock Wednesday a first emergency aid of several hundred million euros to relieve the Dispedrol with deadly floods in the west of Germany , where reconstruction looks long and expensive. These floods, larger natural disaster in the last decades in Germany, caused the death of 169 people in the country, according to one last point Tuesday. In Belgium , 31 people died, bearing the temporary assessment of the bad weather at 200 victims.

At the deadly mass shroud in the stadium in 1989, many viewers were seriously injured - including Devine. Since he had suffered "life-changing injuries" in the incidents, the Liverpool Coroner's Court explained him as another death victim of the disaster. His relatives welcomed this decision.

On April 15, 1989, more than 90 people in the crowding of a completely crowded auditor's grandstand had come to the crescale semi-finals between the FC Liverpool and Nottingham Forest in Sheffield. Most victims were football trailers of the FC Liverpool.

only in 2016 - after years of dispute over the question of guilt - a court decided after an independent investigation that the catastrophe was not an accident, but the police carried by their misconduct a complicity. However, there were no extensive consequences, several participants were acquitted.

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