US News Corona vaccine: Johnson AMPERSAND Johnson holds refresher vaccinations unnecessary

15:22  29 july  2021
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COVID-19: Good news for the Sanofi Pasteur

 COVID-19: Good news for the Sanofi Pasteur Vaccine © Neovacs Covid-19: Good news for the Sanofi Pasteur vaccine The European Medicines Agency announced the launch of a "continuous review procedure "The vaccine. A new Vaccine against Cvid-19, French, which is, will it soon arrive on the European market? A few steps remain to cross, but a good news fell for the Sanofi Pasteur vaccine.

While BioNTech and Moderna already advise to booster shots, the corona vaccination with the active ingredient of US manufacturer Johnson AMPERSAND Johnson connected with less effort.

Unkomplizierter als die Konkurrenz? Johnson AMPERSAND Johnson geht davon aus, dass es für den Impfstoff des US-Unternehmens keine Auffrischungsimpfungen braucht. © dpa Uncomplicated than the competition? Johnson AMPERSAND Johnson assumes that it does not need booster shots of the vaccine of the US company.

The US company Johnson AMPERSAND Johnson (JAMPERSANDJ) keeps booster shots not with his Corona vaccine Janssen necessary. While the competitors BioNTech and Moderna suggest to the first and second vaccinations more vaccinations explains JAMPERSANDJ: "There is currently no evidence that a booster dose must be given." The

Anti-Covid-19 vaccine delivery delays: Argentina Threatening Russia

 Anti-Covid-19 vaccine delivery delays: Argentina Threatening Russia © Reuters - Agustin Marcarian A woman receives the Sputnik V vaccine on February 19th 2020 in Buenos Aires. Argentina is trading delays of vaccine deliveries, and makes it know. In an official letter to the Russian Sovereign Fund for the Promotion of the Sputnik V Vaccine, the Argentine government even brands the threat of a breach of contract if Moscow does not respect its commitments.

JAMPERSANDJ vaccine should generally be administered only once. According to the group have interim results of a clinical study indicated that antibodies, as well as defense and memory cells that are generated by the vaccine robust, and so far up to eight months are stable. Cells to produce antibodies would then activated without further boost. "As soon have more data available, we will re-examine whether and when a booster may be necessary," the company said.

Unlike the mRNA vaccines of BioNTech and Moderna based on messenger molecules are at Janssen a classic vector vaccine. Its effectiveness is four weeks after the vaccination at 66 percent, severe cases can be prevented to 85 percent. Thus Janssen is below the values ​​of BioNTech and Moderna. According to the recent data of the JAMPERSANDJ vaccine is also effective against the Delta variant, although somewhat weaker than in relation to the origin of the virus. Since March Janssen is approved in the EU.

for medal winners: IOC Locks Corona Protocol

 for medal winners: IOC Locks Corona Protocol The International Olympic Committee has loosened the Corona protocol at the award ceremony during the summer games in Tokyo. © Provided by sport1.de for medal winners: IOC Locks Corona Protocol The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has loosened the Corona protocol at the award ceremony during the summer games in Tokyo.

The EU had initially secured 200 million doses and now reordered 36.7 million. "Talks on further doses are still running," says JAMPERSANDJ. Because of production problems in the US however, deliveries spiked. but JAMPERSANDJ expected that the production will be "fully activated during the year." In 2021 the company plans to provide 200 million doses to the EU as well as Norway and Iceland. must be administered

That the vaccine JAMPERSANDJ only once, is also an important selling point for the group. In many countries, Janssen is a natural choice for those populations that are difficult to reach. In Germany, for example meadow Janssen is specifically offered homeless or in refugee camps. Belgium offers sailors of all nationalities arriving in the country's ports or exit, to the vaccination with JAMPERSANDJ on board. The ships are often at sea for months, for the sailors, it would thus be difficult to maintain their second vaccinations. Many sailors also come from the Philippines, India and Kiribati, where the availability of vaccines is not anywhere as good as in Europe.

more: BioNTech plans the third Corona vaccination and builds its own lobby troop on. Which is to convince them of concerns the company's policy.

COVID-19. The European Commission Announces Early Vaccine Purchase Agreement with Novavax .
© Reuters / Dado RUVIC / Illustration / File Photo A woman holds a small bottle labeled with a sticker "Coronavirus Covid-19 Vaccine" and a medical syringe in front of the Logo Novavax displayed in this photo Illustration taken on October 30, 2020. The European Commission announced this Wednesday 4 August having an agreement with the American company Novavax for an anticipated purchase of 200 million doses of its VVID-19 vaccine.

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