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16:54  29 july  2021
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More than 50,000 mobile phone numbers: activists and journalists worldwide wired worldwide

 More than 50,000 mobile phone numbers: activists and journalists worldwide wired worldwide revelations about the worldwide spying on journalists, activists and oppositionals by state jobs have taken care of outrage. "If it is true, then it is completely unacceptable," said on Monday EU Commission Chefs Ursula von der Leyen. It reacted to reports that used intelligence services and policeholders of several countries used the advanced spies of an Israeli company to tap mobile phones. © dpa The allegations are directed against the Israeli software provider NSO.

  Israël assure à la France prendre l’affaire Pegasus « au sérieux » © Copyright 2021, Obs

The Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz assured Wednesday, July 28 to his French counterpart Florence Parly that his country took "at Serious "espionage allegations for Israeli PEGASUS software, suspected of being used in particular against President Emmanuel Macron.

Benny Gantz has "addressed the NSO subject [Israeli Cybersecurity Society of Pegasus] and declared that Israel took the allegations seriously," said the Israeli Defense Ministry in a statement. "He stressed that the State of Israel gave export authorizations of cyber products only to states and only to fight terrorism and crime," added the department.

Pegasus in Rwanda: Opponents and diplomats on listening according to the survey

 Pegasus in Rwanda: Opponents and diplomats on listening according to the survey © AFP Photo / Fabrice Coffrini Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda, at a press conference in November 2008 in Geneva. The PEGASUS software of the Israeli company NSO Group was used by the Rwandan authorities to spy the daughter of the opponent Paul Rusesabagina, according to the survey conducted by a consortium of 17 International Media of the Forbidden Stories Network and the NGO Amnesty International .

members of the government, journalists, policies ... The list of French figures targeted by the PEGASUS spyware lies

Florence Parly "told him the clarifications that are now expected by France, and which depends on trust and respect. Mutual between our two countries, "said the French ministry of the armies.

The minister had already indicated Tuesday wanting to seize the opportunity of this bilateral, long-standing interview, to know "what knowledge the Israeli government had activities of NSO clients" and how he intended to "prevent a diversion of these tools highly intrusive ".

Eviatar Matania: "The cyberfense is a race for global domination"

This was the first meeting between the Israeli Minister of Defense and his French counterpart since 2013, said the Ministry of the Armies.

Pegasus: The involvement of the Israeli government in question

 Pegasus: The involvement of the Israeli government in question © AFP - Abir Sultan from left to right, the current Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Benett, former President Reuven Rivlin, the Minister of Defense Benny Ganz and L Former head of the Benyamin Netanyahu government, on June 2, 2021 in Jerusalem. Day After day, revelation after revelation, the list of 50,000 telephone numbers that could be spied by the PEGASUS software of the Israeli NSO group looks more and more like a directory of personalities on the planet.

of the "Checks" in progress

Video: PEGASUS project: Israel opens an investigation (France 24)

Pegasus, which allows to infiltrate computer systems, is at the heart of a global scandal of Spying revealed in mid-July by 17 media.

The numbers of at least 180 journalists, 85 human rights activists or from 14 heads of state , of which President Emmanuel Macron were found on the list of potential targets of the spyware. NSO challenges any espionage on its side.

Case Pegasus: Morocco attacks Forbidden Stories and Amnesty in defamation

according to the French media "The world" and Radio France, numbers of Emmanuel Macron as well as those of former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and 14 members of the government, The Chief of Diplomacy Jean-Yves Le Drian, were "in the list of numbers selected by a Moroccan state security service, user of Pegasus, for piracy potential."

Pegasus: Amnesty Pointe "A World Human Rights Crisis"

 Pegasus: Amnesty Pointe © Forbidden Stories / Cell Investigation / Radio France Pegasus, Espionage, Amnesty International A Mnesty International Monte again to the niche after revelations on the software D PEGASUS espionage. For the NGO, this case reveals "a global human rights crisis". What to push it to apply for a moratorium on the sale and use of monitoring technologies before setting up a regulatory framework.

"If these facts are proven [...], we will benefit all the consequences, but first of all it must be proved that they are proven," has advanced the spokesman of the French Government, Gabriel Attal, to The outcome of the Council of Ministers, pointing out that "verifications" were underway.

Commission of Inquiry in Israel

regularly accused of doing the game of authoritarian regimes, NSO ensures that its Pegasus software is only used for information on criminal or terrorist networks.

The Israeli Parliament has put in place a commission to investigate the allegations of use of pegasus to "evil escientity" by certain states to spying personalities.

"The end of the minitel has rushed to the chaos": the anxieties of Etienne Dorsay against the Pegasus

Benny Gantz affair informed Florence Parly that "official representatives had went Wednesday in NSO offices," Indicated the Israeli Ministry of Defense, without more details.

The Israeli Minister also took stock of his counterpart on the Iranian nuclear power and on the regional "threat of Iran in the eyes of Israel. He also spoke with the French external intelligence boss (DGSE), Bernard Emié.

The G7 refers to Iran as responsible for the attack of an Oman .
© Karim Sahib attack, AFP The Foreign Ministers of the G7 have pointed Iran after the attack on a Petroleum who made two deaths in Oman Sea on July 29th. The Foreign Ministers of the G7 have pointed Iran, Friday, denouncing a "deliberate and targeted attack" against an Israeli tanker in Oman Sea, who killed two dead last week. "All the evidence available clearly designates Iran ," said Foreign Ministers of the G7, Friday, August 6.

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