US News One year in prison for the employee of a vaccidrive who generated false QR code

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The "sanitary pass", impossible to go out without China

 The © Reuters - Tingshu Wang Passengers are waiting to enter a train station in Beijing, China, August 6, 2021. in China, the Power Sanitary Power is on all smartphones since the spring of 2020. Can not go out without, especially right now.

The government will issue people a QR code to activate the pass by only two means: pricey PCR or antigenic nose-swab tests that Macron says will have to be paid out of pocket starting in October, or a full course of two jabs of the Covid-19 vaccination, which he also said will be the subject of a new round of third. There is no way for someone who has recovered from Covid-19 to obtain a QR code as the result of a blood test proving the presence of adequate post-infection antibodies conferring immunity.

Foreign citizens can get a QR code if they have a negative PCR test, have had COVID while in Russia or have been vaccinated in Russia (provided their SNILS - social security number - is in the system). Certificates about antibodies are not sufficient grounds for receiving a QR code . In this case it will be necessary to do a PCR test in one of the authorised labs or get vaccinated. International students and staff can get vaccinated at HSE University free of charge. How to get a QR code . If you don't have a Russian medical insurance card (so-called 'OMS', which is not the same as the private health

  Un an de prison ferme pour l’employée d’un vaccidrive qui générait de faux QR code © Copyright 2021, Obs

She had generated 200 fake QR code for selling them on Snapchat. A contractual of the Villepinte vaccidrive (Seine-Saint-Denis) was sentenced on Monday to one year of imprisonment by the Bobigny court for trafficking of false vaccination certificates , reports AFP on Thursday, July 29.

How the False Sanitary Pass Business is developing on Snapchat and Telegram

The Tribunal sentenced it to 18 months imprisonment, including six months suspended, the firm sentence has been developed in the form of a detention at home. electronic monitoring, and a fine of 10,000 euros.

Several thousand euros discoveries

Everything begins with a report to the Director of the Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) of Seine-Saint-Denis, advised "of the fraudulent obtaining of vaccination certificates certified by two people Unvaccinated, "explained the bobigny floor.

Sanitary Pass: Two vacations from a Bordeaux vaccination center for fake certificates

 Sanitary Pass: Two vacations from a Bordeaux vaccination center for fake certificates aged 18 and 20 years, they will be judged on January 14, 2022 and risk up to 5 years in prison. © Provided by FranceInfo Two vacators of the Bordeaux-Lac vaccination center are suspected of having created and sold a dozen fake vaccination certificates, says Thursday, August 5, France Bleu Gironde . 18 and 20 years old, they were referred to the parquet of Bordeaux Wednesday.

Employees who cannot work because of COVID-19 may also be entitled to sick or disability or other leave benefits that may be available from their employer under the federal Employment Insurance (EI) program. Eligible workers with no or limited paid-leave benefits through their employers can apply for up to 15 weeks An employer has an obligation to consider and accommodate the individual needs of an employee who has care-giving responsibilities, based on family status and/or disability, up to the point of undue hardship under the Code . Depending on the individual circumstances, a parent may need to

Muscovites and guests of the capital will no longer be required to present QR codes in order to dine indoors at Moscow’s restaurants, cafes and bars, according to a mayoral decree published Friday. The decree comes into effect starting Monday, July 19, exactly three weeks after the controversial measure was put in place. Last month, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin imposed restrictions aimed at boosting the capital’s lagging vaccination rates by requiring restaurant diners to show an official QR code proving vaccination, recent recovery from Covid-19 or a negative PCR test from within the past 72 hours.

After checks, it turned out that these two people had never had vaccidrive but that the "Vaccine Covid" software stated their vaccination at dates to which a contract worked in the vaccination certificate.

This underground market of false vaccination certificates that develops

during the search at the home of this woman, hired by the CPAM of Seine-Saint-Denis, were discovered "20 certificates", nearly 7,000 euros and numbers social security, detailed the floor.

The questioning recognized during its custody to have generated about 200 QR codes that it sold 200 euros on the social network Snapchat. She explained to first generated these "at the request of a third party and the sister of the latter", indicates the floor.

nine years in prison for the first Hong Kong sentenced on behalf of the National Security Act

 nine years in prison for the first Hong Kong sentenced on behalf of the National Security Act © AFP / Archives U N Hong Kong was sentenced on Friday to nine years in prison, at the end of the first judgment for a crime Relevant to the drastic law on national security imposed by Beijing to eradicate dissent in the former British colony. Tong Ying-Kit, a 24-year-old server, had been convicted of Tuesday of "terrorism" for daring to motorbike on three police officers, but also "incentive to secession" because of the slogan of the flag he brandished .

So their has been in fighting between the elites on who will controll the rat tunnels(trafficking rings) hence the Saudi Prince dismembering Jamal Khashoggi. Adnan khashoggi is also intresting he was also connected to bringing down of the HSBC bank that Pablo escobar and many elites used to Launder money.

The 59- year -old was found in his cell on May 5, months from release on a seven- year bid (a sentence) for being a felon in possession of a firearm. His cause of death was homicide by blunt-force trauma and terminal exsanguination. The prisoners unlucky enough to interact with Bradley found they were punished beyond whatever sanctions he meted out officially. Even those who didn't contract Covid were placed in weeks of inelegant quarantine in the form of solitary confinement. I’d tried to write to Pavlo then, too (and to others).

The sum of 10,000 euros was discovered at the home of the co-author's sister who has not yet been arrested.

The two women were referred immediately on Monday of the head of "fraudulent modification of data contained in an automated personal data processing system implemented by the State", "obtaining and false in an administrative document" and "Participation in a criminal association".

two months suspended for beneficials

The sister of the coautor was sentenced to one year of suspended imprisonment and 3,000 euros fine.

The two beneficiaries of the certificates were sentenced to two months of suspended imprisonment and 1,500 euros fine for the first and 1,500 euros with suspended fine for the second.

Europol Alerts False Covid Covid Certificates Negative

Last week, a 30-year-old woman, suspected of having made false vaccination attestations in Grenoble, was indicted and placed under judicial review.

In Paris, six people were indicted, including two incarcerated, in an investigation into a trafficking of false vaccination certificates conducted by the Paris prosecutor's office.

French abroad: how to get your sanitary pass if you have not been vaccinated in France .
The French abroad will finally be able to assert their vaccination in France and get their sanitary pass, through a device specific. © provided by FranceInfo they wandered so far in a total blur to recover their sanitary pass in France, sesame required for places of culture and leisure since July 21, and required in cafes, restaurants or transportation Long distance from August 9th. The French residing abroad and vaccinated can now obtain it through an specific device , set up since August 2nd.

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