US News The death of a policeman and humorist, killed by the Taliban, arouses the emotion in Afghanistan

02:25  30 july  2021
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Afghanistan: After the claimed attack, what future for the Islamic State group?

 Afghanistan: After the claimed attack, what future for the Islamic State group? © AFP - Noorullah Shirzada soldiers of the Afghan army during an operation against the Islamic State group in the district of Achin in the province of Nangarhar, on November 25, 2019. The terrorist organization claimed the shot of Rockets that landed near the presidential palace Tuesday morning July 20 in Kabul, while President Ashraf Ghani and many officials had gathered on the occasion of Eid.

Après avoir initialement nié avoir joué un rôle dans la mort de Mohammad, les talibans ont admis, avec la publication des vidéos, que des combattants du groupe l'avaient tué. Asghar ACHAKZAI/AFP © Asghar Achakzai after initially denied having played a role in the death of Mohammad, the Taliban admitted, with the publication of Videos, that family fighters had killed him. Asghar Achakzai / AFP

Fazal Mohammad was less known as a policeman than as comic. Under the name of "Khasha Zwan", he had become popular thanks to his humorous videos posted on the Internet, in which he settled. In recent days, he appeared in the center of another video, tragic and become viral: we see it at the back of the car, hands bounded in the back, framed by two Taliban, whose one assists him two Strong slaps, while he seems to want to try to make his guardians laugh.

The Comedian and Humorist French Jean-Yves Lafese died

 The Comedian and Humorist French Jean-Yves Lafese died © Wikimedia Commons CC by-sa 3.0 Siren-com The French humorist Jean-Yves Lafese during a meeting in Paris in 2011. The French humorist Jean -Yves lafesse, renowned for her phone holes and on the street, died Thursday, July 22 at the age of 64 in Vannes, in the west of France. This precursor of hidden camera gags was suffering from Charcot's disease, diagnosed a year ago, told his family by announcing his death. Despite this disease, his death surprised those who frequented him regularly.

Afghanistan: The Taliban strike, humiliate and then run Nazar Mohammad, a comedian and former kandahar police officer nicknamed Khasha Zwan.These images were taken shortly before his execution. Last week, Erdogan evoked his good deal with the Taliban pic.twitter.com/swgxrх-$lwl

- Bahar Kimyongür (@percligia) July 27, 2021

and other images showed her corpse. In this video, an insurger has fun with the remains, while another look. The Taliban admitted Thursday to have recently killed, after the emotion of the announcement of his death and these videos across the country. Fazal Mohammad lived in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar, cradle of the Taliban movement.

extirpated by him

according to the Afghan press, Mohammad was extirpated by him during Eid El Adha, the great Muslim party of the sacrifice, by a group of armed men. After initially denied having played a role in Mohammad's death, the Taliban admitted, after the publication of the videos, that the combatants of the group had killed him.

in Kabul, Afghans in search of passport, "In case" ...

 in Kabul, Afghans in search of passport, © AFP "J E Am not get a passport for my family, because we never know", explains Abdul Khalid Nabyar Which, like many Afghans, says he wants to be able to leave the country if the Taliban seize power. Early in the morning, he was queuing, with hundreds of compatriots, serving the passports in Kabul. "If the situation worsens, it could be that we had to leave the country," says this 52-year-old trader who feels particularly targeted because he had a shop on a military base of NATO.

Video: Afghanistan: Women Threatened by the Advanced Taliban (France 24)

"It was a police officer, responsible for the death of many people, justified a spokesman Taliban, Zabihullah Mujahid. It was not a comedian, he fought against us during several battles. He tried to flee, binding our men to slaughter him. "

Sailab, a Kandahar police officer affected with Mohammad on a checkpoint, said that he had never participated in fighting and was better known, among his colleagues, for his comic talents than a police officer .

"His son called me to tell me that the Taliban had come to his home and took him," said Sailab. "The next day, his body was discovered with hands related in the back."

"A brutal and insane murder"

"His brutal and insane murder shocked Afghans and reminds them how much the Taliban is intolerant," can we read on Twitter. "The Taliban oppose talent (...), they want Afghanistan to be the country of violent people who never laugh," according to another tweet.

AFGHANISTAN: The Taliban has multiplied the attacks since the agreement with the United States

 AFGHANISTAN: The Taliban has multiplied the attacks since the agreement with the United States © Reuters - Mohammad Ismail An Afghan police officer rides the custody to a checkpoint in the suburbs of Kabul, Afghanistan, July 13, 2021 . Talibane attacks have risen sharply in Afghanistan since the signing of the peace agreement between the insurgents and Washington, in February 2020, which led to the departure of American forces, according to an American official report published Thursday.

Fazal Mohammad Known AS Khasha Zwan Famous Comedian in Kandahar Was Brutally Murdered by Taliban in Cold Blood. #khashazwan pic.twitter.com/vyo8e81cbf

- Ahmad Kolchabad (@ Ahmad80173379) JULY 28, 2021

Taliban are accused of being behind a wave of targeted assassinations, in recent months, officials, journalists, judges or NGA activists in particular.

in favor of the final withdrawal, now almost completed, the international forces of the country , the insurgents launched early May an offensive all-round against the Afghan forces and seized vast rural areas of the country, where they are accused of many abuses, which they deny.

The Taliban seizes a second provincial capital, the Afghans worried .
YOUR Browser does not support this video after the fall of another provincial capital The day before, the city of Sheberghan is now in the hands of the Taliban. A new setback for the Afghan government. The Taliban seized this Saturday of the city of Sheberghan (North), the second provincial capital to fall into the hands of the insurgents in less than twenty-four hours and since the beginning of the final withdrawal of the foreign forces of Afghanistan in May .

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