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09:50  30 july  2021
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Lufthansa aims with "Eurowings Discover" on tourists

 Lufthansa aims with in the middle of the Corona crisis, the Lufthansa Group has founded a new airline named "Eurowings Discover". What next Saturday (24 July) begins with a deducted first flight to Kenya and Zanzibar, a medium-sized vacation plane with 21 aircraft on the hubs of Frankfurt and Munich should be in the summer of 2022. © Lufthansa / Mocgi / dpa With the Airline Eurowings Discover, Lufthansa wants to expand its offer of vacation flights.

The Corona pandemic has temporarily changed the mobility of the Germans, to a true rethinking, according to a study, but not lead.

Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images © Provided by Finanzen.net Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images

Karlsruhe (DPA-AFX) - "The results suggest that the large mobility revolution has failed," writes the Fraunhofer Institute for System and Innovation Research ISI (Karlsruhe) View of a representative survey. For this purpose, in August 2020 and in April 2021 residents of German major cities were interviewed as they want to change their behavior in terms of travel and ways to work after the pandemic.

around 70 percent stated last year to want to return after the pandemic on working scenes and business trips to the same locomotional patterns, which they preferred before the pandemic. This share essentially remained constant in April of the current year.

Olympia Frustration at German Cyclists: Corona, "Psychiatry" and "Knast de Luxe"

 Olympia Frustration at German Cyclists: Corona, Maximilian Schachmann had subordinate the Olympia project to his whole season. But after the Corona vortex around Simon Sagke was the dream there was. © Photo: DPA The German Simon Sagke at the Tour de France as Emanuel Buchmann on Sunday relieved in the plane direction home rose, after all, for him the completely frustrating Olympic trip had an end. After the positive corona testing of his carpentry, the cycling award had long feared a long feared to be able to leave Tokyo as planned.

The vast majority of respondents have therefore not been prepared by the oution of being different after the pandemic than before, project manager Johannes Schuler explained. "Man is just a habit animal." However, people in the surveys of both years of business tours in average wanted to reduce slightly, as well as the ways to work.

was about vacation or leisure-related ways, the trend of 2020 turned to 2021 μm: First of all, the respondents had stated in average with regard to vacations in the future in the future - so do less travel or at least less fly. The year on the other hand, people on average responded to the same question that they wanted to be even more mobile while traveling than before the pandemic.

for medal winners: IOC Locks Corona Protocol

 for medal winners: IOC Locks Corona Protocol The International Olympic Committee has loosened the Corona protocol at the award ceremony during the summer games in Tokyo. © Provided by sport1.de for medal winners: IOC Locks Corona Protocol The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has loosened the Corona protocol at the award ceremony during the summer games in Tokyo.

"From a reduction of mobility, little remained in April 2021," the researcher continues. "If so many people already want to return to old patterns during the pandemic, this is not a good sign of the mobility." After all, in the survey 2021, an average of 18 percent of the participants wanted to be more on foot or by bike than before the pandemic.

For the study, people living in large cities had been asked during the Corona pandemic, whether they expect a decline in their recreational and work-related mobility for the time after Corona compared to the time before the pandemic. For this, the data was merged from two surveys: In the first round 2020, the researchers had consulted around Schuler 1675 people in German cities. In April of the following year, a representative national survey, for which 1000 people had interviewed with the same questions, included the answers of 358 major city residents./AVG/DP/ZB

more than 230,000 Corona protests in France .
Paris. The protests do not allow - on the contrary. More than 230,000 people go in France against vaccinations and Corona pass to the street. The government now announced a slight easing of the measures applicable from Monday. © Adienna Surprenant protest participants and policemen meet at a demonstration against the Corona restrictions on the country, while a person keeps a transparent with the inscription "Due to the Schand-Pass: Resistance".

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