US News COVID-19: Joe Biden changes your and call to pour 100 dollars to any new vaccinated

16:50  30 july  2021
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Biden welcomes Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the White House

 Biden welcomes Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the White House US President Joe Biden has received the Football team of Tampa Bay Buccaneers around Star quarterback Tom Brady in the White House and thus honored for the profit of Super Bowl in February. © Andrew Harnik / AP / DPA US President Joe Biden (2.V.L.), Coach Bruce Arians (M) and QuarterBack Superstar Tom Brady (R). From the team, Biden received a white jersey with the red back number 46 - Biden is the 46th President of the United States of America.

  Covid-19 : Joe Biden change de ton et appelle à verser 100 dollars à tout nouveau vacciné © Copyright 2021, did the Obs

Joe Biden shouted too soon against the pandemic of Covid-19? The US President, who promised a "summer of freedom" to his compatriots, had to take on Thursday, July 29 a series of measures to revive vaccination. "We are not completely out of the wood," said the American president in a speech at the White House, while the country faces a soaring of contaminations due to the rapid spread of the delta variant.

Joe Biden loose patents on vaccines but not on their components ...

For the first time in months, Joe Biden has come to journalists with a black mask, that he has removed before starting to speak. It follows all cool recommendations from the US health authorities, that even vaccinated Americans must hand up masks, if they are in areas where the circulation of the virus is important.

"It's barbrant, but it's important", the six months of Biden to the White House

 © Saul Loeb President Joe Biden surrounded by his ministers, six months after his arrival in power on July 20, 2021 At the White House "barbrant" but "important". This sentence slid at the turn of a speech by Joe Biden himself summarizes his bet, made by entering six months ago at the White House: favor the bottom rather than the form, to give a prosperous America to the center of the game worldwide.

is vaccinated or carrying the

mask from now on, millions of federal employees will have to be vaccinated, or to comply with a series of constraints, has announced the White House. Non-vaccinated federal employees will have the mask even in areas where CVIV-19 traffic is low, and to submit to regular tests, once or twice a week. They will also be limited in their displacements.

Without going until the pure and simple vaccine bond, it is a change of course for the Biden administration which so far refused to associate any idea of ​​stress at vaccination.

from the United States to France, the very bad fever of the antivax

"I know that people speak of freedom" but "with freedom comes responsibility," commented the Democratic president. "It's exhausting that we are still fighting" against the pandemic, he recognized. The federal state employs 4 million people, including 2 million civilians. With regard to the military, the US president asks the army to reflect on "how and when" add the VVID-19 vaccine to the list of mandatory vaccines for troops.

EU: More than 54% of adults completely vaccinated against COVID-19

 EU: More than 54% of adults completely vaccinated against COVID-19 © Maxime Jegat / Maxppp / Photopqr / Progress / Maxppp Vaccine, Covid-19, European Union P Lus of half of the adult population completely vaccinated against COVID-19 in the European Union. They are thus 200 million to have completed their vaccinal scheme, announced this Thursday, July 22 the European Commission. The latter has set a target of 70% vaccinated adults this summer.

Video: Covid-19: Joe Biden offers 100 dollars to all Americans who will be vaccinated (Le Figaro)

100 dollars for an

vaccine among other incentives, Joe Biden calls Local authorities to pay 100 dollars to any new person who is vaccinated, drawing for that in emergency funds unlocked to deal with the pandemic.

they seem far away, these statements of June and early July, when the American president was talking about a "summer of freedom", and promised to declare "the independence" of the United States against the virus - referring to the National Day of July 4th. The Biden administration was then based on a vaccination campaign whose impressive beginnings were given as an example around the world, but then tackled.

Number of primary-vaccinated people by country

The European leaders are now visiting the United States for the population rate that has received at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine. Number of commentators are wondering if the Democratic President did not shout too early. The White House defends itself by saying "Following the review of scientists", and adapt from day to day or almost to the new health situation, that of a much more contagious delta variant.

China: the first visit of a biden emissary ... and some

 China: the first visit of a biden emissary ... and some © Michael MacDonald / Eyeem / Getty Images China: the first visit of a biden emissary ... and some couracs while the Two leading global powers remain on a number of topics, human rights to trade through the technology and takeover of Beijing in Hong Kong, this meeting on Chinese soil is the first for a senior official of diplomacy American since the arrival of Joe Biden at the White House at the beginning of the year. The fault of the Americans ...

"A question of life or death"

remains to be seen whether this variant will also make the political lines move around vaccination, while according to the surveys, the reluctance against the vaccine remains more pronounced among Republican voters.

"It is not a question of red states (republicans) or blue states (Democrats). It's a matter of life or death, "said Joe Biden Thursday, July 29. In fact, many republican officials and elected officials have recently joined the vaccination call concert.

In the United States, a new great depression? Angus Deaton

's answer but not a question for the Camp Biden to solicit former President Donald Trump in the hope of convincing more Americans. "We have seen almost all former presidents make public statements to ensure that people understand that the vaccine is safe and effective. There is no need to receive a calligraphied invitation card to join this movement, "recently declared the spokesman for the White House Jen Psaki.

COVID-19: Unvaccinated persons have twice as many risks to be reinfected, according to a study .
© Jean-Baptiste Quentin in France, more than one major in 2 in 2 is completely vaccinated. LP / Jean-Baptiste Quentin. It is a beneficial effect of the vaccination we hear less about talking. Unvaccinated persons have twice as many risks to be reinfected by the VVID-19 virus that the entirely vaccinated persons, according to a study published on Friday by the American health authorities.

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