US News Explosion in Germany. The first toxicological analyzes are reassuring

21:25  30 july  2021
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North Stream 2: Angela Merkel defends the agreement with Washington

 North Stream 2: Angela Merkel defends the agreement with Washington © Wolfgang Kumm / AP The German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed the agreement with the United States on the northern gas pipeline 2. during its Summer Conference This Thursday morning, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel returned to the agreement between the United States and Germany for the North Stream Pipeline 2. An important project for Gas Supply of Germany, but which causes diplomatic tensions in Europe and across the Atlantic.

Une explosion s’est produite le 27 juillet 2021 à Leverkusen, en Allemagne. © Sascha Steinbach / EPA / Maxppp An explosion occurred on July 27, 2021 in Leverkusen, Germany.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021, an explosion occurred in a waste treatment plant in Germany. While the population is invited to take precautions, the first toxicological analyzes are reassuring.

The first analyzes of the chemical particles dispersed in the environment after the explosion in a waste treatment plant in Germany Tuesday, July 27, 2021, which has made at least five deaths, proved reassuring, have been reassuring. indicated Friday, July 30 the health authorities.

"Contrary to fears, no critical level of dioxin and PCB was found» , indicated at a press conference Ulrich Quass, responsible in the department in charge of nature, the environment and the Consumer Protection of the North Rhine-Westphalia region (LANUV).

Germany: deadly explosion on a waste treatment site

 Germany: deadly explosion on a waste treatment site © AFP U n Death, three missing, thirty-one wounded including three serious: the explosion occurred on Tuesday in Leverkusen, in the west of the Germany , on a waste treatment site, has shaken this fief of the chemical industry where the population has caulked for fear of harmful vapors. A huge plume of black smoke, visible from afar, has cleared all day from the sinister area, a waste storage center and an incinerator, near an industrial park specializing in chemistry.

Other analyzes in progress

It specified that an "non-negligible" particle quantity fell in the vicinity of the Currenta de Leverkusen (West) site. But only of "very low polychlorinated biphenyl levels (PCB) and Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (HAP) were measured" , added his colleague Angelika Notthoff.

Other more detailed analyzes are still in progress, the results of which are expected next week.

The population guest to take

precautions by then, the authorities advise the population of about 165,000 inhabitants to continue to observe precautions: do not consume fruits and vegetables from the garden, prevent children from entering In contact with these particles, especially in the playgrounds of the city.

"We do not yet know the duration of these measures as they depend on the advancement of the investigation and we hope that they will be short" , "said Ulrich Quass.

EXPLOSION IN GERMANY: little hope of finding the living alive

 EXPLOSION IN GERMANY: little hope of finding the living alive © Leon Kuegeler Helps had no hope of finding people living on the place of the Leverkusen explosion. Tuesday's explosion in Leverkusen has probably cost 7 people. The five disappeared employees following an explosion Tuesday in a waste treatment plant in Germany, which has already made two dead, are probably deceased, said Wednesday the boss of the Currenta group, owner of the factory.

Air measurements made from Tuesdays did not reveal any anomalies for other common fire substances. The residents of Leverkusen were initially asked to caulk.

Five dead, still two missing

The assessment of this explosion, which was heard until forty kilometers in the round and had caused a huge plume of black smoke, stands for the moment at

five deaths and thirty and a wounded among the employees of the site. Two people are still sought after, even there is no hope of finding them alive, had indicated on Wednesday of the company officials.

This strong detonation occurred in the Industrial Zone of Leverkusen Chempark, which hosts numbers chemical factories. Tanks containing chlorinated solvents caught fire in Currenta's waste treatment center. Investigations are still ongoing to know the origin of this incident.

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