US News Outputs of July 28: The law of Tehran and Suicide Squad Best Films of Week

13:18  31 july  2021
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Prohibition of "Advertising" for homo and transsexuality: Orban makes referendum on controversial LGBTQ law

 Prohibition of Hungary's head of government Viktor Orban demands the European Union. The, however, initiated a breach of infringement because of the "advertising ban". © Photo: DPA / Nebojsa Tejic Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary Hungary's Legal Preservative head of government Viktor Orban has announced a referendum on the controversial LGBTQ law in his country - and asks for Brussels.

The strike Thursday night on the oil tanker Mercer Street marks the first-known fatal attack after years of assaults on commercial shipping in the region linked to tensions with Iran over its tattered nuclear deal. While no one has claimed responsibility for the attack, Israeli officials alleged Tehran launched the drone strike. Other Israel-linked ships have been targeted in recent months as well amid a shadow war between the two nations, with Israeli officials blaming the Islamic Republic for the assaults. Israel meanwhile has been suspected in a series of major attacks targeting Iran´s nuclear program.

A US official said it appeared a ' suicide drone' was used in the incident, raising the possibility that a government or a militia group was behind the incident. Mercer Street off Cape Town, South Africa. The oil tanker owned by an Israeli billionaire reportedly came under attack off the coast of Oman in the Arabian Sea. No one immediately claimed responsibility for the raid. However, others have also blamed Iran amid the unravelling of Tehran 's nuclear deal with world powers.

To help you make your choices, here are the 3 movies of the week best rated by the press and spectators on allociné! *

Sorties du 28 juillet : La Loi de Téhéran et Suicide Squad meilleurs films de la semaine © Wild Bunch outputs of July 28: Tehran's law and suicide Squad best movies

The 3 best films according to the press:

1st: The law of Tehran - 4.2 / 5

"It is panting without being Never binary, virtuoso without being tape-to-l'oeil, and the portrait that after Jafar Panahi and Asghar Farhadi, Saeed Roustayi gives Iran's society is edifying, without being moralistic. The end is like the beginning: to cut the breath." By Jérôme Garcin (Le Nouvel Objer)

"Police Film, Action Film, Social and Metaphysics Film, Tehran's law is simply a big movie." By Jean-Dominique Nuttens (positive)

flood damage & co.: For example, workers should react in disasters

 flood damage & co.: For example, workers should react in disasters whole places were destroyed in the course of the flood disaster in the south and west of Germany. Both those affected and helpers as well as people whose traffic connection was destroyed could no longer compete for their work. This applies in the catastrophic basis. © Provided by finanzen.net Relax Friday / Shutterstock.com Rights and Duties in Disaster Scenario The extent of the flood disaster is devastating; Whole villages are in ruins.

The Suicide Squad is an upcoming American superhero film based on the DC Comics team Suicide Squad . Produced by DC Films , Atlas Entertainment, and The Safran Company

Suicide Squad . Candyman. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. James Gunn specifically filled the Suicide Squad with obscure and unknown villains since he felt that was more faithful to the Squad in the comics: "I wanted to stick with John Ostrander's original vision of mostly second-rate antagonists.

2nd tie: The Suicide Squad - 3.8 / 5

"James Gunn Approves and beyond the Hollywood Conventions to deliver a game of unpublished massacre. Thanks to a real sincerity and a lot of Heart, The Suicide Squad gives faith in an entire industry. " By Mathieu Jaborska (widescreen)

"Do not look anymore. Here is the film of summer. The Suicide Squad is a little miracle compared to the first film five years ago. James Gunn dynamite The Hollywood conventions, reinvents DC And delivers a game of massacre so enjoyable, uninhibited, rock'n'roll, grandiose and endearing. " By Writing (FilmsActu)

The Sparks Brothers - 3.8 / 5

Video: The Suicide Squad Trailer (2) VO (Allocine)

"" The Sparks Brothers ", as always At Edgar Wright, finds in the post-modernism a joy and resilience more than a malice or bitterness. Impossible then, at the end of the session, not wanting to listen to any loop sparks. Then to transmit everything to our close to our turn. " By Aurélien Allin (Cinemateaseser)

Iranian nuclear: Discussions can not last indefinitely, says Blinken

 Iranian nuclear: Discussions can not last indefinitely, says Blinken Iran-USA-Nuclear: Iranian nuclear: Discussions can not last indefinitely, says Blinken © Reuters / Jonathan Ernst Iranian nuclear: Discussions can not last indefinitely, Said Blinken Kuwait (Reuters) - The revival negotiations of the Vienna Agreement on Iranian nuclear power can not last "indefinitely", warned the US Secretary of State on Thursday Antony Blinken. "We are attached to diplomacy but this process can not be extended indefinitely," said Antony Blinken during a visit to Kuwait.

Published: 22:30 BST, 28 July 2021 | Updated: 08:48 BST, 29 July 2021. That summer, Russia was still allowed to host the football World Cup as if the doping scandal had never taken place. And there was more good news for the Kremlin as WADA voted to reinstate the Russian Anti-Doping Agency. WADA set conditions – Russia would acknowledge previous infractions and allow access to testing data from the Moscow laboratory.

Having a laugh: 'When are you going to get it? As far as the press is concerned, he’s R-Patz and you’re Suki Nobody,' jokes Luna (played by Zion Moreno, far left). Lashing out: In since-deleted tweets, Suki criticized the show for supposedly supporting 'the patriarchy' and for being sexist; seen July 19 in London. He also wore gray athletic shorts with a pair of red-and-black New Balance trainers, as well as a black baseball cap and reflective shades. In addition to a small black leather backpack, he carried some orange Gatorade to stay hydrated and a pair of gray-and-blue trainers. He was seen heading to

"With a luxury of archives and an inventive staging, the film tells the story of two Californian orphans that music and cinema have welded forever." By LP (The Sunday Journal)

The Top 3 Films According to the Spectators:

1ers Tie: The law of Tehran - 3.8 / 5

"Let's use the appropriate words: in my opinion, the best foreign film 2021! Powerful all The long, authentic to the most discreet figures, raw in texts and action !!! " By Topazine23

"Iranian cinema has struck again. This exciting and panting thriller has nothing to envy to the great models of the American genre, while saying a lot about Iranian society. Not to be missed!" By Norman06

Milla - 3.8 / 5

"Sublime work by its superb staged, worked and singular, the original and subtle treatment of the subject, its fair and upsetting emotion and its actor.Re perfect.e.s." By Melany T

"A poignant melodrama." By Ewen Blake

3rd: The Suicide Squad - 3.7 / 5

"A very good catch-up by DC on this franchise. A very good film with well-placed violent humor, very good action scenes (despite themselves are very numerous) and pushed and different characters. Thanks to James Gunn for this superb film and for this prosperous franchise. " By DataPex

"A film that makes us completely forget the version of 2016 and the actors are great. To see absolutely!" By Maximee

* According to the notes of the allocinated barometer, on the date of Friday, July 30, 2021, for films released on July 28 with at least 10 criticisms for the top press and 50 notes for the top spectators. These two tops do not understand the emerges.

Cinemas: The box office resists rather well .
© Viacheslav_Muzyka / Mr. Music - Stock.Adobe.com The figures of the box office largely contradict the alarmist speech of cinemas. On July 21, the date of establishment of the sanitary pass in cultural places, the film sector first protested, supporting numbers. By brandishing an drop in the attendance of 71% on Wednesday, the medium denotes the new measure as the sole responsibility. Already, an economic disaster was envisaged and new aids requested in the state 48 hours after.

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