US News Saudi doctors separate a baby from a parasite twin

21:04  31 july  2021
21:04  31 july  2021 Source:   leparisien.fr

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Riyad (Arabie saoudite), samedi. L'équipe médicale pose après la réussite de l'intervention chirurgicale. AFP/King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre © - Riyad (Saudi Arabia) on Saturday. The medical team poses after the success of surgery. AFP / King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center

A team of doctors in Saudi Arabia separated a Yemeni baby from a parasitic twin. This is the fiftieth successful intervention on joint twins.

Aïcha Ahmad Said was born completely developed, but with an enlarged pelvic area and an extra pair of lower limbs, said the Saudi English-language daily Arab News .

Twenty-five medical staff including doctors, technicians and nurses participated in this operation which lasted 7:45, according to the State Center King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center.

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In some cases, the child grows with the parasitic fetus of his twin

"The operation went very well (...) Coordination within the team was excellent," said Dr. Abdallah al- Rabeah, head of the team. "The baby is awake and open his eyes (...) He even reacted in contact with his mother as soon as he left the operating room. We are happy, we celebrate the 50th success and we will continue to help those who need it, "he added.

The parasitic twin, also known as "fetus in fetu", is an anomaly of gemelular pregnancy sometimes detected before birth by ultrasound. But it sometimes goes unnoticed and the child grows up with the parasitic fetus of his twin. Once discovered, surgery is needed to remove it.

The Saudi Official Press Agency Spa said that Little Aïcha is native to Al-Mahra province, Yemen at war and prey to a serious humanitarian crisis. A military coalition led by Saudi Arabia supports the government against Houthis rebels supported by Iran.

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