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Austria requests more soldiers to the border with Hungary

 Austria requests more soldiers to the border with Hungary Because more refugees want to cross the border, the Austrian government relies on the military. Up to 2000 additional soldiers are conceivable for the Minister of Defense. © Hans Punz / APA / Picture Alliance The Austrian Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner at the press conference in Vienna Austria reinforces the monitoring of his border.

Sergio Perez musste nach Verwicklung in den Startcrash früh abstellen © Motorsport Images Sergio Perez had to turn off after involvement in the startcrash early

Red-Bull-Honda was hired at the end of the first half of the ongoing Formula 1 season 2021 several times. The latest episode is that for the first race after the summer break, the Grand Prix of Belgium on August 29 in Spa to tremble the drive unit in the car from Sergio Perez.

Perez was on Sunday at the Hungary Grand Prix launched on Hungaring on Hungaroring in the StartCrash triggered by Mercedes-Pilot Valtteri Botta's Start Crash

as Team College Max. While stages drove on with damaged car and came to a target on P10, the race for Perez was still over in the first round.

Olympia: Brutal Crash at BMX Training

 Olympia: Brutal Crash at BMX Training A bad-looking accident on the Olympic BMX route in the Ariak Urban Sports Park of Tokyo is apparently driven by glimately. © Provided by sport1.de Olympia: Brutal Crash at the BMX Training A bad-looking accident on the Olympic BMX route in the Ariake Urban Sports Park of Tokyo is apparently reasonably greasy. The Dutch driver Niek Kimmann rushed into a full pace on Monday in a full pace in an official, who wanted to cross the course in a lowering of the straight line.

"I do not think we could have done anything," commented on Red-Bull team boss Christian Horner after the race and sensed: "That's probably the brutality the racing. Valtteri unfortunately had a bad start, then obviously it has agreed and then obviously it has agreed Great work for Mercedes done by taking our two cars from the race. "

While Perez continued from the accident site in Kurve 1. Still in the course of the round he had to turn off between curve 11 and curve 12 then. Horner explains what the reason was: "All water has resigned immediately. We have to look at the whole thing in detail, but the first reports say that we can no longer use [the drive unit]."

If the fears of trains, Perez would have to move out of Belgium with a new drive unit at the Grand Prix of Belgium. That's exactly what teammate had to stood on Sunday on Hungaroring.

stimulus climate between Red Bull and Mercedes

 stimulus climate between Red Bull and Mercedes in the glowing hot Budapest stands the bitter formula 1 title fight before the boiling point. In the stimulus climate after the 1.5 million euros expensive crash of Silverstone, Red Bull drags the rivals of Mercedes even in front of the racing communities. © tim goode / pa wire / dpa right after starting in Silverstone, it came to the crash between Lewis Hamilton (front L) and max stages (front m). The hope: a subsequent and harder punishment for Lewis Hamilton.

The drive unit built on Friday and Saturday was still the drive unit built with the early crash with Lewis Hamilton with Lewis Hamilton in the past race in Silverstone. For the race on Hungaroring, Red Bull has changed the engine after signs of damage.

Thus, Red Bull hovers the Damocles Sword for the further course of the season via both cars in the starting position. Such is due as soon as you have to install a fourth drive unit since the start of the season.

on demand, as he would quantify the chance to get a backward, team boss Horner answers: "I'm very small. And that's very frustrating especially for Honda. Because it is not the reliability. It is not due to reliability which we did not cause. You [at Honda] So get that just as we feel like we're on chassis page. "

Update: Apart from the drive quota, Red Bull Honda is slipped behind Mercedes in the final phase of the first half of the season. And due to the Disqualifikiton of the second-placed Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin)

, the points spacing between Mercedes and Red Bull has become even bigger on Sunday evening.

In the driving rank , after now, Lewis Hamilton proceeds to P2 in Hungary with eight points lead to stages in the summer break. In the constructor's rating

Mercedes with the now 18 points for Hamilton and now two for trapping now twelve counter lead. Before starting on Sunday, both stages and Red Bull had the respective World Cup table still cited. X1

High war for Sunday: Is the MotoGP race started according to plan? .
© Motorsport Images Rain at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg: This is the prediction for Sunday Stand Saturday evening is the weather forecast for the MotoGP race at the Grand Prix of Styria in Spielberg continues to be bad. For the start time 14:00 on Sunday, a rain probability of 80 to 90 percent is currently predicted. In the further course of the afternoon, thunderstorms should then be forecasted until late Sunday evening with at least 80 percent.

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