US News Niger: 19 special forces killed in an ambuscade

07:50  02 august  2021
07:50  02 august  2021 Source:   rfi.fr

AFGHANISTAN: The US launch aerial strikes in support of government forces

 AFGHANISTAN: The US launch aerial strikes in support of government forces Afghanistan-conflict-strike-aerials: Afghanistan: the US launched air strikes in support of government forces Kabul (Reuters) - the United States launched Aerial strikes in support of Afghan government forces against the Taliban offensive while foreign troops, under American command, complete their withdrawal from the country. The Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Thursday to the press that the strikes in recent days aimed to support the Afghan security forces, without more details.

Militaires nigériens. © RFI / Nicolas Champeaux Nigerian military.

The Nigerian army lost 19 special forces soldiers who secure the Torodi area, between Niger and the Burkinabè border. Two ambushes were tense by armed men. The area of ​​the three borders, especially that of the tourist park region, regularly undergoes terrorist attacks. For 48 hours the army ransom this area.

with our correspondent in Niamey, Moussa Kaka

These soldiers on the refueling mission for the advanced position of Boni, in the zone of Torodi, fell into an ambush stretched by unidentified armed men.

According to a statement of national defense, the balance sheet is very heavy: 15 deceased soldiers, mostly gendarmes, seven wounded and six missing. Then this assessment was revised upward by the Minister of Defense, and now rises to 19 deaths and a civilian.

Afghanistan: 22,000 families fled the fights near Kandahar

 Afghanistan: 22,000 families fled the fights near Kandahar © AFP Q Uelque 22.000 Families fled their homes because of the fighting in the Kandahar suburbs, the large city of the southern Afghanistan , cradle of Taliban who leads a vast offensive across the country for almost three months. These families "have all fled unstable districts of the suburbs" West, North and South Kandahar, "to safer" downtown "explained Sunday Dost Mohammad Daryab, provincial director of the refugee service, who depends on the ministry of the same name.

These dead soldiers are all of the Saki II operation, special forces that secure this area of ​​the three borders, about 100 kilometers southwest of Niamey.

Since yesterday, terrestrial and air ratings are engaged to identify and neutralize jihadists, who swallow in this wooded area of ​​Park W to the Burkina Faso border, a dangerous area where jihadist attacks are regular. About two months ago, Chinese technicians who made gold prospecting were removed .

Skked on both sides Burkinabe and Nigerian borders, the jihadists, despite the losses they experience on the part of the two armies always keep their ability to nuisance with the laying of explosive gear types IED.

The Taliban seizes a second provincial capital, the Afghans worried .
YOUR Browser does not support this video after the fall of another provincial capital The day before, the city of Sheberghan is now in the hands of the Taliban. A new setback for the Afghan government. The Taliban seized this Saturday of the city of Sheberghan (North), the second provincial capital to fall into the hands of the insurgents in less than twenty-four hours and since the beginning of the final withdrawal of the foreign forces of Afghanistan in May .

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