US News Afghanistan: the "sudden" withdrawal of the United States is responsible for military degradation, according to President Ghani

15:57  02 august  2021
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AFGHANISTAN: The US launch aerial strikes in support of government forces

 AFGHANISTAN: The US launch aerial strikes in support of government forces Afghanistan-conflict-strike-aerials: Afghanistan: the US launched air strikes in support of government forces Kabul (Reuters) - the United States launched Aerial strikes in support of Afghan government forces against the Taliban offensive while foreign troops, under American command, complete their withdrawal from the country. The Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Thursday to the press that the strikes in recent days aimed to support the Afghan security forces, without more details.

ASHRAF Ghani also accused Washington for pushing the "Legitimation" of the Taliban

Le président afghan Ashraf Ghani lors d'un meeting le 2 août 2021. © AFP President Afghan Ashraf Ghani During a meeting on August 2, 2021. Geopolitics - Ashraf Ghani also accused Washington for pushing the "Legitimation" of the Taliban

President Afghan Ashraf Ghani raised the tone on Monday. During a speech before Parliament, the head of state imputed the deterioration of the military situation through Afghanistan to the "sudden" decision of the United States to withdraw all American soldiers from the country .

"The current situation is due to the sudden decision" of Washington, he said, on all-round offensive backwards of the Taliban. After conquering large rural areas over the last three months, by the final withdrawal of foreign troops , the insurgents have tightened their vise on three major cities in the country. The 2020 talks in the video viewfinder

Afghanistan: 22,000 families fled the fights near Kandahar

 Afghanistan: 22,000 families fled the fights near Kandahar © AFP Q Uelque 22.000 Families fled their homes because of the fighting in the Kandahar suburbs, the large city of the southern Afghanistan , cradle of Taliban who leads a vast offensive across the country for almost three months. These families "have all fled unstable districts of the suburbs" West, North and South Kandahar, "to safer" downtown "explained Sunday Dost Mohammad Daryab, provincial director of the refugee service, who depends on the ministry of the same name.

video: withdrawal from Afghanistan: "Americans have missed tact with the Afghan army" (France 24)

Your Browser does not support this video evoking a "imported" peace process , Ashraf Ghani also accused Washington for pushing "the destruction of the Republic" and the "legitimation" of the Taliban

by negotiating directly with them in Doha , talks who resulted in the beginning 2020 to an agreement providing for the departure of the troops foreigners of Afghanistan.

In his speech, the Chairman said he prepared a six-month plan to stem the advance of the Taliban, without giving details. Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban, qualified on Twitter the remarks of ASHRAF Ghani of "absurdities".

Fighting in Lashkar GAH

"The bullets hit the house": the inhabitants of the suburbs flock to Kandahar

 © AFP Q UAND, thanks to a lull in the fighting, Mohammad Sadeq returned to him recover some property Monday, in The suburbs of Kandahar, the large city of South Afghan, there have been new occupants: Taliban fighters. a few days earlier, he had gone in a hurry and without taking away. "The balls (...) struck our house," he says Tuesday, refugee in one of the informal centers of the city welcoming people displaced by the fighting.

The Afghan forces have so far opposed only a low resistance to the advance of the Taliban and no longer control the main major axes and provincial capitals.

But while the withdrawal of international forces is almost complete, urban fighting has been opposing for several days Afghan and Taliban forces in Lashkar Gah, one of the three Afghan provincial capitals under the direct threat of insurgents. They also face Afghan forces in the suburbs of Kandahar and Hérat, second and third most populous cities in the country.

MONDEAFGHANISTAN: rockets damage Kandahar airport, the large city of South Mondafhanistan: Taliban attacks in strong increase since the announcement of the departure of the United States

Afghanistan: Taliban conquer within a few days of eight provincial main cities .
The radicalallamic Taliban has conquered the eighth provincial capital within a few days during their advance in Afghanistan. On Tuesday, the city of Pul-i-Kumri, located 200 kilometers north of Kabul, fell into the hands of Islamists, such as a member of the Baghlan Province, such as a Member of Parliament and an Army Officer. Shortly before, Taliban was able to take the city of Farah in the province of the same name in the west of the country.

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