US News Greece hit by "the worst heat wave" for more than 30 years and a wave of devastating fires

19:10  02 august  2021
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West of Siberia struck by dozens of fires

 West of Siberia struck by dozens of fires © AFP - Dimitar Dilkoff This aerial photo taken from a plane on July 27, 2021, shows the smoke rising from a forest fire outside From the village of Berdigestyakh, in the Republic of Sakha, Siberia. in Siberia, where the lights redouble power every year, the situation has become uncontrollable. In the Karelia, a region located in the east of Finland, the Russians discovered for the first time this year the drought, and accordingly the fires of large scale.

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Firefighters Greek struggle on Monday to master two important forest fires on the island Tourism of Rhodes and in northwestern Peloponnese. In issue, canicular temperatures that maintain a high risk fire everywhere in Greece . While mercury had to reach 45 degrees on Monday in some areas, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis even mentioned "the worst heat wave since 1987". The leader of the Greek government explained that the heat wave causes "a charge of the electricity network" and thus urged users to "limit their consumption especially at the beginning of the afternoon and during the night".

OJ: heat wave on the Olympic marathon

 OJ: heat wave on the Olympic marathon © Panoramic The Olympic Rings in Tokyo The Hokkaido region, in northern Japan, was supposed to offer a cooler climate for the Olympic tests of Marathon and walking Next week, but it is now facing a heat wave. In 2019, the OJ 2020 organizers had decided to move north these five events that were to take place in Tokyo, fearing that even shifting dawn schedules, this is not enough to ensure the safety of athletes.

More than 3,000 hectares of pine forests and olive groves burned in two days in Achaia, near Patras, 200 km from Athens, according to the estimates of the National Observatory of Athens, which relied on Images of the satellite. This surface could further increase because the fire, which made eight lightweight and burned a dozen houses, is not fully mastered, according to the weather services at Greek Agency Ana.

More than a hundred firefighters, helped by 20 vehicles, three planes and six helicopters, were mobilized Monday morning in Rhodes, and this since Sunday, according to civil protection. "Dawn finds Rhodes much better than the day before. The (different) fronts (from the fire) are in recession "and" almost under control ", said with optimism the governor of the South Aegean Sea, George Chatzimarkos, in a statement on Monday morning.

DAX statistics: These were the worst years of the DAX

 DAX statistics: These were the worst years of the DAX The DAX (German stock index) is a so-called performance index. He measures the value development of the 30 largest companies of the local stock market. But not always his performance is good. Here are the five worst years of the DAX. © Provided by Finanzen.net Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images • The five worst years of the DAX since 1959 • DAX introduction 1988 - Exchange newspaper recalled • Oil crisis and global economic crisis led to massive price burdens The DAX was not always the DAX Since its

Video: Greece confronted with a new heat wave (Euronews)

last week already, a "uncontrollable" forest fire threatened the houses in around Mont Penteli, in the Athens region. The highly cumulated winds with strong heat fears the murderers' ncendias as in July 2018 , when a fire left of a slope of Mont had killed 102 people in the coastal town of Mati, near Athens.


heat wave since Thursday, Greece is going through a canicular period that should reach a Pic Monday and Tuesday, according to weather forecasts. It had been touched by a similar heat wave in July 1987, which had mostly touched Athens and more than a thousand deaths, due to lack of air conditioning and air pollution. The heat wave that has fallen on Greece complicates the task of firefighters in this region where vegetation is dried by heat. Temperatures from 44 to 45 degrees were expected Monday in western Peloponnese, according to weather services.

The General Secretariat of Civil Protection has established the risk of fire at a "very high" level Monday over most of the country, particularly the region of Athens, Peloponnese, Crete and the Aegean Islands. In Peloponnese, Rhodes, as in all Greece, the new heat wave must reach its peak Monday and Tuesday. Weather services have planned temperatures from 40 to 42 degrees on the islands and 41 to 43 degrees on the continent, with maximums of 44 to 45 degrees in Peloponnese and Thessaly (North). At the same time, the minimum temperatures will be in several regions greater than 26 to 27 degrees, intensifying "the feeling of discomfort", depending on the weather.

in Greece, "Body to Corps" to stop the crazy race of the eubae fire .
© AFP V Illings besieged by fire, carbonaceous pine forests and reduced carcass houses: Greek island De Eubée offered a desolation show on Tuesday, while the soldiers of the fire tried to stop the crazy race of the most destructive of fires. At this point, more than 3,000 people were evacuated by the sea of ​​Greek island, which joined its northern part eight days ago under the effect of heat temperatures, told the AFP A Greek Coast Guard Manager.

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