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21:45  02 august  2021
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Marseille: second homicide in 24 hours in a city of northern neighborhoods

 Marseille: second homicide in 24 hours in a city of northern neighborhoods The victim, aged 31, was known to police services for various offenses related including narcotics © Denis Charlet / AFP a police car. (Illustration) SURVEY - The 31-year-old victim was known to police services for different offenses related to narcotics a 31-year-old man was killed by bullets on the night from Saturday to Sunday in a city of neighborhoods Northern Marseille , in the very borough where the day before another 26-year-old man had been killed in identical circumstances.

Un policier interpelle un manifestant à l’aide d’une clef d’étranglement lors d’une manifestation des gilets jaunes, le 11 mai 2019 à Nantes. © Sebastien Salom-Gomis / AFP a policeman challenges a demonstrator using a throttle key during a demonstration of the yellow vests, May 11, 2019. Nantes.

The chronicle of a programmed abandonment, that of the "strangulation key", found its epilogue in the hollow of the summer and risks upsetting police intervention techniques. Friday, July 30, while France balances between desire for holidays and tensions around the healthcare, a note by the Director-General of the National Police (DGPN), that FIGARO progred, Acté the end of this Practice .

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She had tasted the column after death by Asphyxia of Cédric Chouviat during a heated control on the edge of the Eiffel Tower, on January 3, 2020. at most Fort of controversy and before leaving Beauvau square with tar and feathers, Christophe Castaner had provoked the anger of the ranks by throwing the nettles this "method of taking by the neck (...) which will no longer be taught in the Police and gendarmerie schools ". But this practice remains used in the field, waiting for conclusions of a board of experts to review the use of techniques. "The synthesis report notes that the so-called jerk technique has risks, emphasizes the note signed by Frédéric Vevels. It is therefore decided to give it back and make the practices evolve. "

DRC: Voltage in Kinshasa after the death of a student killed by a policeman

 DRC: Voltage in Kinshasa after the death of a student killed by a policeman © RFI / Sonia Rolley clashes between police officers and students near the University of Kinshasa, DRC, July 26, 2021. Students attempt From manifesting since Monday morning after the assassination Friday of one of their comrades by a policeman. Two of the agents involved were arrested. The third, the shooter, is on the run. But that was not enough to calm the anger of students. There are clashes around Kinshasa University.

Three other techniques recommended

" to control recalcitrant individuals and minimize the risks for persons arrested as for the police officers ", the document specifies that he will now appeal to three techniques. They are based on "a principle of fragmentation of force according to the resistance of the individual, using the methods of bringing to the ground and control without resorting to continuous and prolonged pressure at the larynx. In addition to "bring it to the ground by pivot" and "bring it to the ground by shoulder line control" , gestures obviously unknown to the interpellation practitioners, the text now advocates the " mastery by Head control (...) significantly restricting movement capabilities ".

"In the note, nothing is said on the calendar to train 105,000 field policemen while, precisely, the whole difficulty is to be able to repeat again and again the good gestures to avoid incidents", reacts Grégory Joron, Secretary General Delegate of the Union SGP Police-Fo Union. It recalls that " the throttle technique is controlled, when it is well learned, from 14 or 15 years, to judo ". "The mandatory training rate for all police officers exercising on public roads will be reinforced", warns the DGPN that specifies that an "awareness of the identification of the signs of respiratory distress or signs of abandonment. opposition of the individual (...) will be broadcast very broadly. "Field agents, who are not all fighters, will do with the means of the edge when they will be dealing with a type weighing 30 kg more than they", whistle in the ranks.

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Some "old" could keep the keystroke, at their risk and peril, in case of incidents. Others, more numerous, will have the temptation to make more "intermediate" weapons, with the dangers of injury that they induce. This is particularly the case with the defense stick and the Taser-type electric pulse gun, employed at 2,297 times in 2020. or double compared to 2016.

Mickael Grégorio comes back from afar: this "nightmare" lived by the imitator and star singer! .
Sunday 8 August 2021, our JDD confreres revealed that the imitator Mickael Grégorio had undergone a serious health problem that almost made him lose his voice. © SIPA Mickael Grégorio comes back from afar: this "nightmare" lived by the imitator and star singer! There are some innate talents that make some men from the artists in its own right. Affected by a kind of divine donation, some people increase their natural predispositions to become masters in their field.

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