US News COVID-19: The Delta variant represents 83% of the new cases detected in metropolitan France

12:53  03 august  2021
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COVID-19: Algeria extends its curfew and hardens the sanitary restrictions

 COVID-19: Algeria extends its curfew and hardens the sanitary restrictions © AFP - Ryad Kramed An Algerian doctor administers a dose of VVID-19 vaccine to people in front of the El-Kebir mosque, in The capital Algiers, July 9, 2021. Extended curfew, gym and beaches closed ... Algeria has announced a series of restrictive measures Sunday and promised to accelerate the vaccination campaign to combat the propagation of the variant Delta. Algeria hardened its sanitary policy against the recrudescence of contaminations caused by the rapid spread of Variant Delta .

in its study, published on Friday, July 30, the Health Agency Public Health France points to the prevalence of the Variant Delta in the contamination, and its responsibility in The rise in hospitalizations. Alpha and Gamma remain majority in the overseas.

  Covid-19 : le variant Delta représente 83% des nouveaux cas détectés en France métropolitaine © Provided by FranceInfo

initially detected in India, the Variant Delta continues to progress in the world and in France. Ultimately, it will become the majority around the world, according to Public Health France, which published Friday, July 30, the results of the latest analyzes on virus variants.

The delta variant is more aggressive than the previous ones. In France, it represents 83% of the positive tests, and its progress has jumped since the first week of July. To obtain these figures, Public Health France has compulsion the sequencing and screening of the postage tests with all epidemiological data. The Agency concludes that the Alpha Variant has given way to Delta, the English variant represents only 12% of contaminations.

Direct. Covid-19: many protests against the current healthcare this afternoon

 Direct. Covid-19: many protests against the current healthcare this afternoon © Jérôme Fouquet / West France manifestation against the sanitary pass in Saint Brieuc on July 17, 2021. Stock Photo Illustration. While the number of new coronavirus contaminations continues to increase, manifestations against the sanitary pass take place for this 3rd consecutive Saturday. In Martinique and the meeting, confines were decreed in the face of the influx of the Delta variant. 3rd Saturday of Events . 150,000 people are expected this Saturday in more than 150 cities in France.

Gamma in Guyana ... and in the large east

Public health France notes a breakthrough of Gamma Variant, Brazilian, found in 2.5% of positive cases. The latter is rising in July, especially in the Grand East region, in areas near Luxembourg. Many gatherings were held there to celebrate the National Day at the end of June. They are at the origin of clusters, who propagated the virus in France and in the German border areas.

In the departments and overseas regions, on the other hand, unlike the metropolis, the English variant remains majority. This is explained by what infectiologists call the founding effect. For variants that have a level of aggression, so transmissibility and gravity almost identical, as is the case for alpha, beta and gamma variants, it is the first come to the territory that wins it . Thus, in Mayotte and meeting , it is the proximity to South Africa that played for the predominance of the Beta variant. For Guyana , border of Brazil, it is the gamma variant that wins, with 80% of cases.

Infographics. In the United Kingdom, the strange evolution of the epidemic questions the specialists

 Infographics. In the United Kingdom, the strange evolution of the epidemic questions the specialists if the number of daily cases decreases for 10 days, the specialists can not determine if the United Kingdom really passed the peak of the fourth wave. © Express Number of daily cases in the United Kingdom Epidemiologists tear the hair. In the United Kingdom, the number of daily cases decreased yesterday for the tenth consecutive day.

In late July, the Variant Delta was not majority in overseas but according to specialists, it will become it because it is more competitive (it is the term scientific): 60% more than beta and 30% more than gamma. The vaccine coverage is also always insufficient in these territories: only 20% of the population received a first dose in Martinique and Guadeloupe, 25% in Guyana and Mayotte, 41% at the meeting on 1 August 1 figures of the Ministry of Health. More reinfection cases with Delta The

increase of hospitalizations in France is certainly due to the delta variant, since it is an varying more transmissible than all the others. Infectiologists estimate that the viral load presents in the nose and throat of people infected by Delta is more important. British, Canadian and Singaporean data show that this variant causes an increased risk of hospitalization and severe forms. There is also more cases of reinfection. An English study shows that this happens especially when the initial infection goes up more than six months. Complete vaccination (two doses, or only one for the Janssen or for people who have had COVID-19) protects against the Delta variant. Pfizer and AstraZeneca are effective at 79% against symptomatic forms, and 94% against serious shapes. Public health France concludes that the Delta variant represents a "major threat". To contain it, everything will depend on the speed and magnitude of the vaccination.

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Marseille: Several positive COVID cases detected on a cruise ship .
All these people had been negatively detected by antigenic tests when embarking © SOPA Images / SIPA Several positive cases at CVIV-19 and contact cases have been detected on a cruise ship that gave Sunday in Marseille.

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