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21:55  03 august  2021
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Macron denounces "irresponsibility" and "selfishness" of the antivaccins

 Macron denounces © Copyright 2021, Obs "It's not freedom, it's called irresponsibility, selfishness," Tuning the head of state, believing that freedom is based on "a sense of reciprocal duty". on the move in French Polynesia , Emmanuel Macron urged the Polynesians, but also all the French, to be vaccinated, visiting the main hospital of the archipelago immediately after arriving in Tahiti Saturday night (Sunday morning in Paris ) He took the opportunity to send a severe message to the AntiVaccines.

  ARN messager, risques du vaccin… les réponses de Macron aux questions posées sur TikTok et Insta © Copyright 2021, the Obs

Emmanuel Macron Voluile Its costume of chief epidemiologist. The head of state seized of Instagram and Tiktok to answer the questions still the French on vaccination. This Tuesday, August 3, he boasted the technology of the messenger RNA and the French origin of the vaccines.

What to answer to your aunt who thinks he has a lot of good arguments not to be vaccinated?

To those who wonder about the safety of vaccines, Emmanuel Macron responds: "The vaccine, first of all, it's French, it's Louis Pasteur, it's been a while," and it has eradicated Number of diseases, including smallpox.

Macron French Origins of the

Cap of the 40 million Primo-vaccinated Franchi, Announcement Macron calling to "Continue"

 Cap of the 40 million Primo-vaccinated Franchi, Announcement Macron calling to © Stephane de Sakutin / AFP The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron indicated on his Twitter account on Monday that the Cap of the 40 million Primo-vaccinated people had been crossed. He also called on to continue vaccination while the number of people infected with coronavirus increases considerably in recent days. "It is all together that we defeat the virus.

Vaccine As for the RNA Messenger : "In the new French discovery, it is not yesterday, it is 1961," he says, with reference to researchers of The Pasteur Institute of Paris Jacques Monod, François Jacob and François Big who had then demonstrated the existence of this RNA.

It is, however, the Hungarian Katalin Kariko who will work on this technique for therapeutic purposes and will become, with the American Drew Weissman, the first to master the immune reactions related to the transcription of the messenger RNA.

and Emmanuel Macron de Hammeler:

"It has been doing so for fifty years that scientists around the world work on this technology, to fight against cancers against viruses and we must congratulate that humanity has achieved a feat during this Covid-19

. Developing in record time, in less than a year, a vaccine through this technology that has been known for fifty years, because we have invested massively, because scientists have done a great job.

Emmanuel Macron does not want to see the wind projects "damage the landscape"

 Emmanuel Macron does not want to see the wind projects in an interview in Franceinfo, the head of state, currently on the move in French Polynesia, advocates the "case per case" for wind projects. © Ludovic Marin / AFP The French President Emmanuel Macron, covered with garlands, pronounces a speech after his arrival on the atoll of Manihi, in the archipelago of the Tuamotu, in French Polynesia, July 26, 2021 of pragmatism, not of jostling ... Emmanuel Macron wants to avoid crumpling people and the landscape with respect to wind and solar projects.

The head of state also recalled that since 2018, 11 vaccines are mandatory for children.

Video: Have vaccines been developed too quickly? Gabriel Attal responds (Le Figaro)

"Take care of others"

In another video, it answers questions about the need to be vaccinated when you do not think to be at risk: " Never is sure, "he retorts, referring to healthy young people who have ended up in the emergency room or the consequences of the Long COVID.

"I forget everything, I'm as amputee of myself": the nightmare of the Long Covid

"If you do not just do it for you, do it for your loved ones, he asks. Because you are vaccinating is to reduce the risk of contaminating others, especially in your family, it's taking care of others, your parents, your grandparents, your friends.

on the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine, it recalls that "the vaccine has been approved by independent authorities of health experts" around the world. It also emphasizes that currently, "85% of hospitalized people are people who are not vaccinated."

Death of Maxime Beltra, 22, in the Hérault: What we know

 Death of Maxime Beltra, 22, in the Hérault: What we know © Google Street VIEW The Montpellier Prosecutor's Office (here the new courthouse) has opened judicial information to determine the causes of the Death of Maxime Beltra. Maxime Beltra, 22, died on July 26, 2021 in Sète (Hérault), after an allergic shock, a few hours after being vaccinated against CVIV-19. The Montpellier's prosecutor has opened judicial information "looking for causes of death" and ordered an autopsy.


"It's true that zero risk does not exist, but when you are vaccinating, you greatly reduce the risk of catching CVIV-19," he says.

More than 50% of the French totally vaccinated

in the comments of these videos, the reactions are shared: some greet this "war against misinformation", while others make their compotive opinions , persuaded that "behind The virus there are many other issues. "

The initiative of the Head of State intervenes, while the third consecutive Saturday of manifestations against the Sanitary Pass was marked by increased mobilization, more than 200,000 people, at the heart of the summer holidays.

"Vaccination becomes a kind of political marker": Will the extension of the sanitary pass will be effective? A total of 42,895,720 people received at least one injection (63.6% of the total population) and 35,738,643 people now have a complete vaccination scheme (

53% of the total population ), according to the figures from the Ministry of Health Monday.

For more answers to your questions about the VVID-19 vaccine, you can also find

our interview below with Vaccinologist Marie-Paule Kieny, research director at INSERM:

Emmanuel Macron will go to Iraq at the end of August .
© AFP / Stephanie Lecocq Emmanuel Macron, here in press conference in Brussels on June 25th, will visit Iraq at the end of August for a regional conference in Baghdad. The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron will participate in the end of August at a regional conference in Baghdad. It will be his second visit to Iraq in less than a year.

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