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02:05  05 august  2021
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Seehofer points out questions about catastrophe protection

 Seehofer points out questions about catastrophe protection Since the devastating flood, the disaster protection is massive in criticism. In the case of a special session, Federal Interior Minister of Seehofer must face the deputy in the interior committee. © Michael Sohn / AP Photo / Picture Alliance Provided by Deutsche Wave After the storm disaster, the interior committee comes together in the Bundestag a special session.

Election campaign between flood catastrophe, pandemic and plagiarism: No one really convinces in the competition for the Chancellery. Especially the approval for Armin Laschet is low.

  Bundestagswahl: Zustimmung für Armin Laschet sinkt © Marius Becker / DPA

Annalena Baerbock, Armin Lashet and Olaf Scholz want to the Chancellery - but their popularity with the electorate is manageable. Especially for Union candidate Laschet looks bad.

In a representative survey of the opinion research institute Civey for the mirror, around 17 percent stated that they would chance to chancellor's office in a direct election Armin Lashet. That's the lowest value since mid-May.

NRW Landtag: Lashet wants special sessions to flood and pandemic

 NRW Landtag: Lashet wants special sessions to flood and pandemic because of the flood disaster and the Corona pandemic is to meet North Rhine-Westphalian Landtag next week to two special sessions. In a letter sent on Monday to Landtag President André Kuper, which is the German Press Agency in Düsseldorf, Lashet wrote to make the state government from their right to apply for immediate convocation of the state parliament.

Read here more to the Civey methodology.

This is the candidate of CDU and CSU behind green chancellor candidate Baerbock: 21 percent would be right in a direct election for you. As already in Previous Week is SPD -kandidat Scholz front, it comes to 25 percent. However, there is also plenty of potential for him: 38 percent stated that they would not vote for any of the three candidates or are still undecided.

is considered the approval values ​​of the candidates in time, the trend only for Scholz is up: Compared to a month ago, its approval values ​​have increased by around 5 percentage points. By contrast, Baerbock's values ​​were almost 30 percent.

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and Laschet had finally fought to the top of the popularity scale - only to enter the worst value since its list as a Chancellor's candidate of the Union.

DAUL calls CDU / CSU "Climate Risk" for Germany: Laschet leans green demand according to Climate Protection Ministry from

 DAUL calls CDU / CSU Union Chancellor's Candidate Lashet does not believe from the veto right of a possible climate change. Green co-boss Robert Dabeck speaks of the "Climate Tüv". © Photo: DPA / Marius Becker Armin Laschet, Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Federal Chairman and Chancellor's Candidate of the CDU CDU-Chief Armin Laschet has given the demand of the Greens according to a climate change subsidiary at the federal level a cancellation.

lashes Misere continues even with its own clientele. Just under half of the persons who are increasing CDU or CSU, the NRW Prime Minister also wishes as Federal Chancellor.

For comparison: around 79 percent of the green voters and voters are for Annalena Baerbock as Chancellor. And about 87 percent of the SPD electorate are behind their top candidate.

so comparatively positive Scholz 'personal survey values ​​may be as little as little, he can overcource their own popularity in greater approval for his party. As in the previous week, the SPD remains significantly behind the Greens (21 percent) and the Union (25 percent) in the Sunday question with 17 percent.

, however, the trend of CDU / CSU shows a good three weeks after the flood. Thus, almost 50 days before the general election, the distance to the competition decreases again.

little change is available at the remaining parties: The FDP easily improves to 12 percent, the AFD stagnates at 10 percent and the Left commutes in the favor of the choosing ends between 6 and 7 percent. The fault tolerance of the survey is 2.5 percentage points.

mathematically, only alliances from at least three parties would be possible: a traffic light from SPD, FDP and Greens, a Germany coalition from Union, SPD and FDP or a black-green Jamaica coalition.

after participation in climate protest: Left Deputy because of trendy friction condemns to fine .
The left-Bundestag deputy Lorenz Gösta Butin is convicted of participation in a protest action - and sees a "political scandal". © Photo: Imago The Lower Bundestag MP Lorenz Gösta Beutin The left-Bundestag deputy Lorenz Gösta Butin has been sentenced to a fine because of trend. This decided the district court Recklinghausen on Thursday.

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