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03:15  05 august  2021
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new drama in the Mediterranean, nearly 60 dead migrants drowned

 new drama in the Mediterranean, nearly 60 dead migrants drowned © Anne Chaon dozens of rescued migrants during an operation in the Mediterranean on 11 August 2019 nearly 60 migrants seeking to reach Europe, including women, among whom women And children, died drowned Monday in a shipwreck off Libya, a new drama of illegal immigration in the Mediterranean, reported the International Organization for Migration (IOM). © Sophie Ramis Tunisia: Shipwreck migrants "At least 57 migrants have drowned in a shipwreck off Khoms today," IOM clarified.

6. you feel dizzy and nauseous. One of the biggest red signs I’ve noticed in over- exhausted people is constant dizziness and nausea. Whenever a person experiences a mental breakdown this naturally manifests physically as well. However, you should prevent it before it’s too late. When we ’ re exhausted both physically and mentally, we pretty much lose the strength to cope with challenging situations, and regular day-to-day stress is intensified. The only mechanism our body and soul use for cleansing is crying. 8. you start to feel detached. And after a while, you end up being

Emotional exhaustion is a feeling you get due to excessive stress and pressure on you by different circumstances. Constantly working and never doing things that help you relax, and unwind can lead to emotional exhaustion . Added conditions like personal problems that include your family or friends may further worsen the conditions. You start to feel emotionally and mentally numb, and you don’t get affected by anything, even something big which may have worried you immensely before, but now you don’t react. People have started to feel that you ’ve become apathetic.

Not only our body comes from time to time and at its stress limits. When we feel mentally exhausted, it's time for a break. Which signs suggest that it is the highest railway, explains our author.

  Kaputt und ausgelaugt? : Anzeichen, dass du emotional erschöpft bist © Getty Images / Rafa Elias

"You know, it's not so that I feel physically so smart, but rather totally exhausted. So burned out. And although I actually did not do so much out of home office. "

sets that I currently heard very often, from friend: inside, colleag: inside, people at the supermarket fund and analyzing foreign calls in the subway. Corona aftermath I call the secretly. And I know it too, this funny mixture of tiredness and inner emptiness. If you are sitting at the kitchen table in the evening and staring at the wash half an hour, because you just feel too exhausted to do that now. The last year was much ready for us, but little for refueling and efforts.

Cécilia Siharaj (moms and famous) gives news from his hospitalized daughter

 Cécilia Siharaj (moms and famous) gives news from his hospitalized daughter © Instagram Cécilia Siharaj Cécilia Siharaj (moms and famous) gives news from his hospitalized daughter the daughter of Cécilia Siharaj, a well-known face of moms viewers And famous on TFX, was hospitalized this weekend. The candidate gives news to his followers, on his Instagram account.

If you ’re emotionally exhausted as a result of unrelenting stress, it’s likely that your major stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) are kicking into high gear much of the time. On the relationship front, the biggies like break -ups or divorce, the death of a loved one (pets included), caregiving for someone who’s sick, or having a baby can all be contributors. But even lesser relationship stressors — like doing most of the emotional labor in a romantic partnership — can help edge you toward exhaustion territory.

Long-term insomnia. If you are noticing signs of a lack of sleep, try to empty your mind of worries and try being more active during the day to fall asleep at night. Remember, a minimum of at least 7 hours is needed to keep your body function properly and to its full potential. Nausea and fatigue. You are worn out. You tried numbing your emotions; you tried not doing anything and let time heal you , but sometimes it’s the action and the freshness only change brings up that you need.

Highest time for a break

in our everyday life we ​​work. Our life has processes that repeat each day, to do lists that want to be done, jobs we make and families and friendships we want to take care of. It can easily happen that we sometimes simply do not even notice how broken we are actually and urgently press the pale button. It is all the more important to have the signs in view.

emotional exhaustion, what is it?

that you feel tired after a busy day, is normal. But what if one is tired and exhausted? At the latest then you should check your emotional resources, because emotional exhaustion is a feature of burnout.

signs of emotional exhaustion

You have difficulty inhabitually inserting and / or faster inhibited occurrences bring you quickly from the socket and give you the feeling of losing control of losing themselves constantly, so that you do not have to deal with your problems Musstu you feel tired and leached, but still do not come to rest, if you lying in the evening in bed you can no longer enjoy things that could be enjoyed otherwise Habendu drinking excessive alcohol, excessive sports or have eating saddles to come down to come to come much more negative than else criticism developed from the Bahndu fears or have Panikatackendu are tense, irritated and driving fast from the skin doubles can concentrate badly, because your head all the time in thought spirals feeled helpless in your situation and have the feeling not to find a way out

Panic, but caring

Laetitia Casta at the head of a tribe of 4 children: "I learn so many of them"

 Laetitia Casta at the head of a tribe of 4 children: © Jacovides-Borde-Moreau / Bestimage Laetitia Casta at the head of a tribe of 4 children: "I Learn so much of them " mom filled with four children, born between 2001 and 2021, Laetitia Casta came up with tenderness on her daily life and the privileged relationship she has with them, the time of an interview with Marie Claire magazine. your browser does not support this video mom's daily is not always the most relaxing. And it's not Laetitia Casta who will say the opposite.

Monitoring your mental health is important to do, especially right now. Harbor Health’s behavioral health team wanted to share 8 warning signs that you may be mentally and emotionally exhausted . When you know the signs , you can help a family member, child, and yourself find support. If you are … Easily irritated. Feeling completely unmotivated – even to do things you normally enjoy. Having anxiety or panic attacks. Having trouble sleeping. Either it takes you hours to fall asleep or your sleep is broken all through the night. Finding your self being short with colleagues and family – you have almost no

When you feel mentally and emotionally exhausted , you might not always know it, but it will manifest in the form of a few warning signs . You will feel extremely tired and overwhelmed most of the time, but you will go on because isn’t that what life is ? No matter what happens, you have to “power through”. Do you feel easily fatigued? Are you sleeping too much or too little? Do you wake up every morning tired and exhausted even though you ’ve slept well? When we are living a busy and stressful life, it can often feel overwhelming. We hope that our life will change for the better but instead, things seem to

these symptoms are natural Pretty nonspecific. If you have a bad day and enjoy a glass of wine with chips and chocolate in the evening, that does not mean that you are endangered burnout. Nevertheless, these symptoms also indicate heavier mental illness, which we absolutely want to prevent. If you are not feeling more frequently, it is high time for the tear. Take care and look at help with Freud: inside, family or professionals.

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