US News Greece: villages surrounded by flames on the island of Evia, a fire near Olympia site

04:45  05 august  2021
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Olympia: Brutal Crash at BMX Training

 Olympia: Brutal Crash at BMX Training A bad-looking accident on the Olympic BMX route in the Ariak Urban Sports Park of Tokyo is apparently driven by glimately. © Provided by sport1.de Olympia: Brutal Crash at the BMX Training A bad-looking accident on the Olympic BMX route in the Ariake Urban Sports Park of Tokyo is apparently reasonably greasy. The Dutch driver Niek Kimmann rushed into a full pace on Monday in a full pace in an official, who wanted to cross the course in a lowering of the straight line.

Villages on Evia are evacuated as blaze rages across the island , and fires also threaten suburbs of Athens and historic Olympia . At least 150 houses have been destroyed by a raging fire that surrounded a monastery and a dozen villages on the Greek island of Evia , one of over 100 blazes burning in the country. Firefighters were also continuing to battle a blaze near Athens on Thursday morning, while the mayor of Olympia , the birthplace of the Olympic Games, pleaded for help as flames threatened the site .

The village of Rovies in Evia has been evacuated due to the fire that broke out in the region on Tuesday, and residents and tourists have been ordered to rush to the beach near the village in order to be rescued. Fishing boats, vessels of the Hellenic Coast Guard, and ferry boats alike have The worst cases were seen in Varympompi, Athens, on the islands of Evia and Kos, as well as near Evzones at the border of Greece with North Macedonia. The extremely high temperatures that have been prevailing in Greece for days along with locally strong winds have caused a dangerous cocktail of hot and dry

Les flammes ravagent une forêt près de l'ancienne Olympie. AFP © STR Flames ravage the forest near Ancient Olympia. AFP

A dozen villages were surrounded by the flames Wednesday on the island of Euba, 200 km from Athens, in the most violent of the multiple fires that strike Greece under the effect of an exceptional heat wave. The immense flames emerging from the forest and visible from the sea testified to the virulence of the incident which seemed uncontrollable, according to the firefighters, because of the rugged terrain and the lack of visibility.

While Rovies and threatened villages and hamlets have been evacuated, some 85 people gathered Wednesday afternoon on the beach. Five boats were made available to them. Three firefighters were slightly injured by fighting against the flames, according to the authorities.

double coup! ZVEREV maintains medal elevations

 double coup! ZVEREV maintains medal elevations Alexander Zverev and Jan-Lennard Struff celebrate a success at the Olympics in Tokyo. © Provided by sport1.de double coup! ZVEREV maintains medal elevations Germany's Top Player Alexander Zverev continued to have chances of two medals at the Olympic Tennis Tournament in Tokyo. After the eighth finish in the individual, the Hamburger reached the quarter-finals on Tuesday in double.

Scores of people on the Greek island of Evia were forced to flee by boat as wildfire spread rapidly, destroying homes in its wake. The blaze on the island , north of Athens, forced villages to be evacuated. Fires also threatened the outskirts of Greece 's capital. Video, 00:00:57Wildfires force people to flee Greek island by boat.

The fire started near a thickly forested nature reserve and protected wildlife habitat on the island of Evia , north of Athens. More than 220 firefighters were sent to tackle the blaze alongside five water-dropping planes and six helicopters in the early hours of this morning. A fire brigade vehicle sprays water at the forest fire in Makrimalli village , on the island of Evia . Four villages and a monastery were evacuated. Hundreds of villagers have been evacuated after a wildfire ripped across a popular Greek island including residents in Kontodespoti. People wait to be evacuated from the Psachna village .

"A titanic struggle" 118 fires in 24 hours

One hundred firefighters, aided by seven helicopters and water-bombing aircraft were mobilized to fight against the fire, whose forehead was estimated at twenty kilometers , according to civil protection. But "we are completely unable to intervene or by the Earth," said the vice-governor of the region, Dimitris Vourdanos. "There are two main fronts that are uncontrollable and several smaller ones," said he told the daily Kathimerini.

Under the effect of an exceptional heat wave, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees, Greece had to face in the last 24 hours at 118 fires, according to Deputy Minister of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias. "We are leading a fight from Titans! "Said Wednesday at a press conference the minister, who also said that" the worst was yet to come. "

France fails after pack

 France fails after pack Brazil, Spain, the Ivory Coast, South Korea and New Zealand have qualified for the K.O. Round of the Olympic football tournament. © Provided by Sport1.de France fails to pack Spain trembles in the quarterfinals, Brazil moves sovereign in the co-phase - France, on the other hand, goes home as Germany striking home: At the Olympic football tournament in Japan, the group phase Rows of supposed favorites.

A large fire broke out in the region surrounding Ancient Olympia in the Peloponnese, Greece on Wednesday. Residents in five of the surrounding areas They are fighting to keep the flames from spreading toward residences and the ancient site , which was the home of the Olympic Games in antiquity. Fire breaks out near Ancient Olympia as much of Greece burns. Tuesday was one of the worst days of this summer in terms of fires in Greece , with massive wildfires raging in Varympompi, Athens, on the islands of Evia and Kos, as well as near Evzones at the border of Greece with North

Scores of people on the Greek island of Evia fled to the shore to be evacuated by boat on Wednesday as a rapidly spreading wildfire tore through surrounding pine forests, leaving gutted buildings in its wake. The fire , worsened by changing winds, has forced authorities on the island near Athens to Fires that had threatened houses on the northern outskirts of Athens on Tuesday eased slightly. But with Greece facing its most severe heatwave in 30 years, the risk remained high for the next few days in most parts of the country, authorities said. Temperatures hovered above 40 degrees Celsius (107

near the former Olympia, protect the heritage

video: Greece: a monastery and several villages surrounded by the flames on the island of Euba (AFP)

Your Browser does not support this video a fire took near the Village of Old Olympia west of the Peloponnese Peninsula, according to firefighters. "Everything that can be done to protect the flames the museum and the archaeological site where the Olympics began, is done," said Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni Wednesday night.

Flames are dangerously closer to the archaeological site of

#Olympia in the Peloponnese. The Academy and the Olympian Museum are threatened. Firefighters struggle to control the fire from the dark and the winds # Greece #Greece #incendies pic.twitter.com/pa9YOLzkKr - Alexia Kefalas (@alexiaKefalas)

August 4, 2021, A hundred soldiers of fire are mobilized, helped three helicopters and two planes. The mayor of the former Olympia, Giorgos Georgopoulos, also denounced on Open TV the lack of means: "We need more air support".

heavy falls overshadow BMX race - Olympic champion affected

 heavy falls overshadow BMX race - Olympic champion affected The semi-final runs of the BMX races in Tokyo occurs twice to heavy falls. Even an Olympic champion is injured - and must give up. © Provided by sport1.de heavy falls overshadowed BMX race - Olympic champion affected Two heavy falls have overshadowed the BMX races in the Olympics in Tokyo. In the semi-final runs on Friday, Rio Olympic Champion Connor Fields injured from the USA and the Australian Saya Sakakibara is apparently heavier. Both had to be brought away with a stretcher.

Flames have engulfed homes in Greece while crews are battling 200 infernos in Portugal as wildfires continue to hit Europe. Campsites and an entire village were evacuated as a fierce blaze ripped through undergrowth near Athens. On the Greek holiday island of Zakynthos, authorities have Firefighters and civilians battle with a wildfire which has been continuing for two days, in Varnava region (pictured) of Greece . High winds are driving wildfires near the capital Athens, forcing residents and holidaymakers to flee. Firemen are pictured trying to extinguish a wildfire burning in a forest near

Firefighters on the Greek island of Evia were still battling Wednesday to contain a fire that has caused massive damage to a pristine mountain wildlife habitat after threatening four communities. Pictured: A fireman stands in front of flames rising from a forest fire in Makrimalli village . The fire that broke out in the early hours of Tuesday on Greece 's second-largest island prompted the evacuation of three villages and threatened the town of Psachna during the night, officials said. 'From Psachna to Kontodespoti and Makrymalli everything has been burned down. 'It's fortunate that we do not have

As part of the civil protection mechanism the EU, two planes of fight against fires from Cyprus and two from Sweden should support Greece.

Other fires were ongoing chalcidic (north) and in southern Peloponnese (West). On the island of Rhodes, the disaster has been mastered on Wednesday.

Athens, difficult breathing

A fire that was said Tuesday at the gates of Athens was about to be mastered Wednesday after destroying nearly 1 250 hectares of pine forest at the foot of Mount Parnitha, as Minister-Assistant to Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias. Firefighters will stay present in the night on Wednesday on Thursday to avoid any recovery, he noted.

Athens, authorities recommended all to stay as possible inside or wear a mask to protect ash and particles. Dozens of people with respiratory problems have used emergencies, according to health services.

Reception of our Olympic Heroes: Special Honor for Medal Winner .
The Olympic Games are over and the Team Germany is back home. In Frankfurt, the athletes are welcomed. There is a special honor for the medal winners. © Provided by sport1.de Reception of our Olympic heroes: Special honor for medal winners Several hundred fans have brought the last returnees from the German Olympiamanship on Monday an atmospheric welcome.

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