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Thuringia: Value Union for the election of a CDU head of government with the Voices of the AFD

 Thuringia: Value Union for the election of a CDU head of government with the Voices of the AFD in Thuringia failed a fond of afd against head of government Ramelow - also because the CDU did not join. The ore-conservative value union now shows less touch. The party is horrified. © Hoffmann / Imago Images The value union calls for the establishment of an CDU candidate for the Office of Prime Minister in Thuringia .

Wide-ranging threats outlined. The UN chief outlined eight ways COVID-19 could undermine global peace and security, beginning with a further erosion of trust in public institutions if people perceive that their authorities had mishandled response or were not transparent. Stressing that "this is not a time for political opportunism", the Secretary-General also feared electoral processes could be affected as postponing or proceeding with votes could spark political tensions and undermine legitimacy.

The FBI is warning police nationwide to expect an increase in election -related threats — and, potentially, violent attacks — from domestic extremists, according to a recent bulletin reviewed by Yahoo News. The FBI document says that as of the beginning of August, the bureau has observed violent extremists “threatening 2020 political candidates or events, including threats against current candidates for President, presidential conventions, and counter protestors at campaign rallies, as well as individuals committing arson or sending threatening packages targeting political party offices.”

, the Country Government Chiefs of the SPD turn into contact with Spahn's proposals, the Union contradicts demands of Social Democrats. The mood is irritated.

Manuela Schwesig, Ministerpräsidentin von Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, und weitere Regierungschefs wenden sich gegen die Union. © Photo: Stefan Sauer / DPA Manuela Schwesig, Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and further leaders turn against the Union.

A good seven weeks before the federal election show itself Union and SPD unins in the Corona policy: Country government leaders of the Social Democrats turned against the proposal of Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU), to decide only for unbeared . At the same time, in the Union, there was a contradiction to extend the SPD to extend the epidemic situation of national scope in the Corona Pandemic .

Woidke informs about water tourism in Brandenburg

 Woidke informs about water tourism in Brandenburg As part of the traditional tourism press journey, Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) wants to inform about the water tourism in Brandenburg today. This division has experienced a boom during the Corona Pandemic. The providers of boat tourism had already reported a great crowd in early summer than the camping industry. © Bernd Settnik / DPA central picture / DPA / archive image Dietmar Woidke (SPD) speaks in the state parliament.

Germans are voting in two state elections this Sunday, and the party of Angela Merkel may lose both of them, potentially setting the stage for defeat in September’s general election that will determine the next chancellor. Merkel will not be running for a sixth term as the leader of the German government, but her center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party is yet to choose their candidate. The CDU is suffering from a plunge in support due to the worse-than-expected rollout of Covid-19 vaccines and a recent corruption scandal involving party MPs. The regional election in Baden-Wuerttemberg and

(CNN) Russia is Britain's top security challenge, the UK will build more nuclear weapons and London will expand its presence in the high-tech realms of space and cyberspace, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Tuesday in a sweeping review of British military and foreign policy . "By strengthening our armed forces we will extend British influence while simultaneously creating jobs around the United Kingdom, reinforcing the union and maximizing our advantage in science and technology," Johnson said.

to Spahn's Proposal for Conditions for Unstopped said Mecklenburg-Vorpommern's Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig (SPD) of the "Image" newspaper from Thursday, it was important that more people were vaccinating. But did not continue "threats". "We have to convince."

Bremen's mayor Andreas Bovenschult said the newspaper: "I think it's wrong and legally inadmissible to exclude unburping from public life." Nobody should be "excluded from public life," Brandenburg's Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke demanded (both SPD).

The Federal Ministry of Health had suggested in a strategy paper contact restrictions on unvaccinated . Also, they could be excluded from events and gastronomy.

Federal Minister of Survey Spahn also stimulated according to a report by the Editorial Network of Germany (RND) not to extend the epidemic emergency of national scope. The epidemic location of national scope adopted by the Bundestag expires at the end of September - if it is not renewed until then. A number of anti-corona measures are coupled to the finding.

Bundestag election: Approval for Armin Laschet drops

 Bundestag election: Approval for Armin Laschet drops Election campaign between flood catastrophe, pandemic and plagiarism: No one really convinces in the competition for the Chancellery. Especially the approval for Armin Laschet is low. © Marius Becker / DPA Annalena Baerbock, Armin Lashet and Olaf Scholz want to the Chancellery - but their popularity with the electorate is manageable. Especially for Union candidate Laschet looks bad.

Counterintelligence official Bill Evanina warned President- elect Joe Biden that China poses a “more severe” threat to America than any other foe. Joshua Roberts/Reuters. “China continues to engage in a highly sophisticated malign foreign influence campaign against America because we are a democracy, and democracy is bad for China,” Evanina said. “I think the challenge for the Biden administration will be to understand the scope and scale of some of the Chinese threats in the American landscape, domestically, and what is the best course to defeat that,” Evanina continued.

On January 31, following thousands of arrests at opposition protests in support of the jailed opposition figure Alexey Navalny, dozens of scientists and scholars from institutes and universities across Russia and the West endorsed an open letter condemning the treatment of Navalny and his supporters and warning that the authorities risk a “catastrophe” if they cannot reconnect with society. Echoing Andrei Sakharov’s plea for unity of “peace, progress, and human rights,” the signatories say the Russian government is running out of time. Meduza republishes the text below.

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Spahn said according to the RND with a special session of the Bundestag Health Committee on Wednesday, from his point of view, all necessary connection regulations have already been taken for the fall of leaks. If further measures may be necessary, they could be decided at country level. Dropning the emergency status has called Spahn as a "political signal".

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health said about the report, a possible extension of the epidemic situation decides only the Bundestag. "The regulations for vaccination, testing, entry and the DIVI register have already been deducted from Parliament on our proposal anyway."

No overloading of hospitals, no extension?

The Chairman of the Bundestag's Health Committee, Erwin Rüddel (CDU), pledged to leak the current status. "The so-called epidemic situation of national scope on which our corona policy is based is tied to a possible overload of our hospitals," he said the "picture" newspaper. But he could not imagine that the situation changes once again so dramatically, "that the overload of health care threatens". This eliminates the justification for an extension.

Careful commented CSU country group boss Alexander Dobindt. "We look at the infection events in the coming weeks and then decide on the appropriate measures in the Bundestag," he said the news agency AFP. An automatism does not give it. In contrast, Spd Chancellor's candidate Olaf Scholz had pronounced to extend the emergency. "That will have to be when you ask me," Scholz said at a RND event. Necessary are still certain rules for protection against Corona. "And for that we need a legal setting," he stressed. It would have to be "a few precautions for a long time". For this purpose, for example, the mask wearing in public transport. (AFP)

CDU survey values? Soon Isch Over: Loses loses only one point, Söder Ran .
may not guarantee the governance, he does not need to compete anymore. Then he can leave the field equal to Söder. A comment. © Photo: Michael Kappeler / DPA The man in the background should be in the foreground. Markus Söder and Armin Lashet at a press conference on the auditorium of the Union faction in April. There are moments, and then there is a momentum. This is in politics as in true, in real life.

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