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01:30  06 august  2021
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coronavirus in the West Indies: the AP-HP "Ready" to accommodate transfers

 coronavirus in the West Indies: the AP-HP transfers could take place in the next days © Jacques Witt / Sipa Martin Hirsch with Oliver Véran in 2020. SOLIDARITE - Transfers could To take place in the coming days Public Assistance-Hospitals of Paris ( AP-HP ) is "ready" to receive "very quickly" of the West Indian patients with the Covid-19 , said Thursday his managing director, Martin Hirsch.

  Olivier Véran alerte sur les hôpitaux, situation sous surveillance en Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes © Copyright 2021, Obs

visits at a hospital center of Aix-en-Provence, Minister of Health Olivier Véran S ' is again worried about the new profile of the CVIV-19 patients, " younger than in previous waves ", and relayed the concern of caregivers who fear the impact of the epidemic in hospitals.

"In resuscitation we find people who are a little younger than in previous waves, since very elderly people are massively vaccinated," he recalled " for the almost exclusive patient's exclusivity. Vaccinated , we also see people worsen faster than in previous waves ", an effect" no doubt "of the Variant Delta, he raised.

COVID-19. To disengor the hospitals of Martinique, three first patients transferred to Paris on Saturday

 COVID-19. To disengor the hospitals of Martinique, three first patients transferred to Paris on Saturday © Cedrick-Isham Calvados Hospital services are saturated in Martinique. (Picture of illustration) Three first patients hospitalized because of COVID-19 in Martinique will be transferred Saturday to Paris by a medical flight. While the fourth wave of Covid-19 engorges the hospitals of Martinique , a medical flight will carry three patients to the metropolis, "said Benjamin Garel, director of the CHU of Port-de-France.

The Constitutional Council validates the sanitary pass but censors the mandatory isolation

"The teams tell me that they feel a bit like a tsunami, that is to say when you feel that the Wave withdraws, that birds do not sing, that there is no more wind and waiting for the moment when the water is going to fall, "he reported.

"I obviously do not want it, the teams will do their utmost to cure all the sick," he continued.

Faced with the soaring of Covid-19, the white plan was activated in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (PACA) region, as well as in Occitania and Corsica, to mobilize health personnel and increase the number of beds in resuscitation.

Video: Olivier Véran announces 18,000 new cases of COVID contamination in 24h (Dailymotion)

The minister indicated during his visit also look "with concern the situation in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes", with a view to a possible white plan to come.

isère: a flock of sheep victim of two wolf attacks in one month

 isère: a flock of sheep victim of two wolf attacks in one month for the second time in one month, a sheep flock was the target of a wolf pack in the municipality of Cholonge (Isère) © Superstock / Superstock / Sipa a wolf (illustration) Predator - For the second time in a month, a sheep flock was the target of a wolf pack in the municipality of Cholonge (Isère) "At the next attack , I stop "Adrien Ravenat, cholonge breeder ( Isère ), is immersed in a deep disarray.

"A sanctuary"

A few hours before The decision of the Constitutional Council , which validated the law establishing the sanitary pass and the mandatory vaccination of caregivers (all in censors on certain points ), the Minister of Health stressed " Nobody will be deprived of care according to the sanitary pass ".

The Constitutional Council also validated the obligation of the health pass for visitors or non-urgent patients in health facilities and retirement homes as long as the health facilities are not "barrier to access to care".

"We want to make a sanctuary as in the EHPAD [...], that by all means the virus can not return," continued the minister while the opponents of the sanitary pass and the vaccine have been showing for several weeks throughout France .

"My father regularly treats us from collaboration": when vaccination fractures Families

Thursday morning, dozens of people demonstrated in front of the Hospital-University Institute (IHU) and North Marseille Hospital against the mandatory immunization of staff Hospitals at the call of the South Health Union joined by the CGT. There was a "democratic debate in the National Assembly and the Senate," replied the minister.

The number of hospitalizations continues to increase in France with 1,420 critical care patients Thursday, a week after the threshold of 1000 patients has been crossed in these services that treat the most serious cases, according to figures published by health public France. With 150 new admissions in 24 hours, critical care welcomed this Thursday 1,420 patients against 1,371 Wednesday and 1 015 a week ago. This indicator had passed below the threshold of 1000 on July 7, before starting a lift.

Olivier Faure will propose the candidacy of Anne Hidalgo for 2022 .
© Copyright 2021, the Obs it will not miss the congress of the Socialist Party in September. The duty-to-date activists will elect their first secretary on September 18 and 19 in Villeurbanne. And Olivier Faure, who will brigperate a new mandate, also intends to refer resolutely the debates towards the presidential election .

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