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03:22  06 august  2021
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COVID-19: The Sanitary Pass wins the land in Europe

 COVID-19: The Sanitary Pass wins the land in Europe © Jean-Christophe Verhaegen / AFP already in force in Denmark, France and soon in Italy, the "Pass sanitary" is gaining ground in Europe. already in force in Denmark, France and soon in Italy, the "sanitary pass", which reserves access to certain public places to people vaccinated, cured or negative tested, gains ground in Europe. - Denmark and Hungary Pioneers - In the spring, Hungary and Denmark were among the first European countries to launch their sanitary passenger.

The Italian government ruled on Thursday that teachers must have proof of immunity from COVID-19 before entering the classroom, and also made the so-called Green Pass mandatory for travellers on trains, planes, ships and inter-city coaches. Italy is following in the footsteps of France, which was the first European country to say it was making proof of immunity mandatory to access a range of services and venues. The move by President Emmanuel Macron triggered larger protests than those that have been seen in Italy .

Italy has extended its lockdown through April. (Davide Bertuccio for The Washington Post). Still, it had been San Marino’s intent — at least initially — to rely entirely on Italy for its vaccines. In January, it signed a deal in which Rome agreed to redirect one of every 1,700 Europe-supplied doses. Igor Pellicciari, a professor at the University of Urbino in Italy , who is also a San Marino ambassador and consulted on the Sputnik V deal, said Moscow is deploying the vaccine “as a soft power tool,” using exports to expand its influence, including in places where it is viewed warily or under sanctions.

Le passe sanitaire sera désormais obligatoire pour aller au restaurant en Italie, a annoncé le gouvernement jeudi 5 août. © Tiziana Fabi, AFP The sanitary pass will now be mandatory to go to the restaurant in Italy, announced the government on Thursday 5 August.

As in France, Italy has decided to extend the use of the sanitary pass, announced the government on Thursday. It will now be necessary for teachers but also in transport and cafes and restaurants.

The Sanitary Pass will now be mandatory for teachers in Italy, as well as for public transport users and restaurant customers, announced the government on Thursday, August 5.

in the image of France where the sanitary pass will be extended from 9 August, the "green pass" , extension of the European Union's digital Covid certificate, will be mandatory on Friday to enter the rooms of Cinema, museums and gyms, or to eat at the restaurant inside the property.

Tourism: France expects 50 million foreign visitors This summer

 Tourism: France expects 50 million foreign visitors This summer © Anyaberkut / iStock.com France hopes to receive this summer 50 million foreign visitors, mainly from Europe. France hopes to receive this summer 50 million foreign visitors, mainly from Europe while the international "distant" clientele should remain largely absent, affirms the Secretary of State for Tourism Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne in an interview. Sunday newspaper. "This year, we hope to accommodate 50 million foreign tourists, against 35 million last year, and 90 million in 2019.

Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini ( Italian : [beˈniːto mussoˈliːni]; 29 July 1883 – 28 April 1945) was an Italian politician and journalist who founded and led the National Fascist Party.

especially their teachers . Teachers feel largely unprepared to identify and respond to student mental health needs in. usual times (Reinke et al., 2011; State et al., 2011), but these skills may be even more challenging in this most unusual. They also encountered difficulties above their role, which had to do with the general impact of the extended sanitary crisis on the emotional state and perceptions of the members of the school community. The results of the research have implications for the policy that is applied in schools in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pass will prove that its holder has, was vaccinated with at least one dose, or has been restored after being ill from COVID-19 in the last six months, or has been negatively tested in the last 48 hours.

Sanitary Pass in Schools

School and Universities staff, as well as university students, will have to be equipped with the health care.

Video: France: The Sanitary Power Extended to Recreation and Culture Places (France 24)

Teachers who do not have the healthcare for five days in a row will be suspended and salary will be frozen , highlighted the Italian media.

The Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi said at a press conference that more than 86% of school staff had been vaccinated and that figure should approach 90%.

sanitary pass. In Caen, employees of the memorial treaties of "collaboters"

 sanitary pass. In Caen, employees of the memorial treaties of © Antoine Soubigou, Archives West-France Some employees of the Caen Memorial have been treated from "collaborating" since the establishment of the sanitary pass in the museums on Wednesday 21 July 2021. A low minority of visitors treated the employees of the Caen Memorial of "Collab" since the establishment of the sanitary pass in the museums, Wednesday, July 21, 2021. Stéphane Grimaldi, the Director, condemns these remarks.

The necessary sanitary precautions such as masks and distancing were taken and students who could not attend last minute were offered a full refund. One thing you must know before sending in your application is how competitive the universities you have chosen are, especially for non-EU students. There is no fixed IMAT passing score, because it all depends on how many students apply to the same university as you, how many places the university offers and how well the candidates perform on the IMAT.

Italy ( Italian : Italia [iˈtaːlja] (listen)), officially the Italian Republic ( Italian : Repubblica Italiana [reˈpubːlika itaˈljaːna]), is a country consisting of a continental part, delimited by the Alps

The Minister of Health Roberto Speranza called families to vaccinate children over the age of 12, and indicated that teenagers would have access to fast price detection tests.

The "green pass" will be mandatory for the passengers of the interior flights, long distance trains and some ferries from September 1st.

"Avoiding closures"

Roberto Speranza said the health care, which has generated protest movements in some neighborhoods, was crucial to curb the number of contaminations and called the Italians to be vaccinated.

"The numbers are encouraging, with 70 million doses administered" , said the minister. The recourse to the health care "will avoid closures and protect freedom," he argued.

The isolation period imposed on those who have been tested positive or have been in contact with a CVIV-19 patient is reduced from 10 to 7 days for those who have been vaccinated. Italy was the first European country to compel physicians and the caring staff of the public and private sectors to be vaccinated. The non-vaccinated are prohibited from working in contact with patients. A group of 300 Italian caregivers have justted to try to obtain a cancellation of this obligation.

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Sanitary Anti-Pass Events: The Group Recognizing Yellow Vests Resumes Service .
© Geoffroy van der Hasselt / AFP protesters in Paris on August 7, 2021. According to the numbers of the Ministry of the Interior, They were 237,000 to beat the pavement throughout France on August 7th for the fourth Saturday of anti-passenger anti-plan. And as for each new mobilization, critics fuse to the announcement of the protesters identified by the authorities.

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