US News Skeptical on the effectiveness of the Chinese vaccine, North Korea refuses millions of doses

22:45  02 september  2021
22:45  02 september  2021 Source:   liberation.fr

North Korea refuses 3 million vaccines Covid-19 China, weighed down by the economic isolation!

 North Korea refuses 3 million vaccines Covid-19 China, weighed down by the economic isolation! © pixabay North Korea refuses 3 million Covid-19 China vaccines, leaded economy by isolation! While North Korea is not spared by the pandemic Covid-19 and its health system has failed, Pyongyang has refused to 3 million Chinese vaccine doses against the Covid-19, saying they should be offered to countries that would have greater utility.

Le vaccin chinois Sinovac. © provided by Liberation the Chinese Vaccine Sinovac.

Decidedly, North Korea will have stopped multiplying sibyllin messages on the coronavirus pandemic. Last episode, Kim Jong-One refused the 2.97 million doses of the Chinese Sinovac vaccine, through the COVAX system, the body responsible for distributing vaccines to the most disadvantaged countries. Last June, North Korea had already discarded 1.9 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, worry about possible side effects.

Doubts against the Chinese vaccine

This time, the Supreme Leader suggested that you return these Chinese doses "to the countries hardly affected given the limit of access to Vaccines against CVIV-19 and recent waves in some countries , according to a spokesman for UNICEF. Through this statement, North Korea seems likely to prove that it does not have an urgent need for doses of vaccines. Recent Celebrations of Youth Day, August 28, have gathered thousands of adolescents around Kim Jong one. Nobody drove with mask, as if there was a denial of pandemic.

Northern Korea refuses 3 million doses of Vaccines against COVID

 Northern Korea refuses 3 million doses of Vaccines against COVID North Korea refused COVAX proposal for three million doses of VVID-19 vaccine. © Yonhap News / Newscom / SIPA New refusal from North Korea.

According to the Institute for the National Security Strategy (ISSN), linked to South Korea's intelligence services, the country would seek to obtain other vaccines, such as those produced by Russia rather than China. The North Korean authorities would have issued doubts about the efficacy and safety of the Chinese Sinovac vaccine. "North Korea remains reluctant for vaccines made in China due to lack of confidence in drugs. It seems to positively estimate products manufactured in Russia, " indicates the Think Tank in a report. The think tanker has also pointed that, if North Korea managed to get pfizer or modern doses, it would have trouble respecting the cold chain. The country faces serious electricity shortages. Pyongyang said "Continue to Communicate" with COVAX in order to "Receive Covid-19 vaccines in the coming months".

BionTech Share Importable Fixed: EU Authority EMA checks Refreshing vaccination - Good protection for pregnant women

 BionTech Share Importable Fixed: EU Authority EMA checks Refreshing vaccination - Good protection for pregnant women The European drug authority EMA wants to complete its evaluation of a refresh vaccination with the Covid-19 vaccine from BIONTECH / PFIZER in the coming weeks. © Provided by Finanzen.net Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images The application for a third dose of vaccine six months after the second dose of persons over 16 years is accelerated, the EMA announced on Monday. The EMA also supports data for a third dose of one of the MRNA vaccines from BionTech and Moderna for heavily immunogally senses.

No case confirmed

from the beginning of the pandemic, North Korea has taken drastic measures, while proclaiming repeatedly not to be affected by the virus. No patient would have been declared, and the government hammered that there were no confirmed cases, which experts and observers have always strongly doubted. For example, in October 2020, on the occasion of a giant military parade organized in the capital for the seventy-five years of the workers' party, Kim Jong-one recalled that "not a single person" n had been reached by the coronavirus in his country. In a broadcast speech on state television, he wanted good health to the world.

But Kim Jong-one also had a little more isolated his citizens, closing his borders, and limiting trade with China. In April, the North Korean Olympic Committee decided not to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, so as not to expose its athletes to any contagions. If Kim Jong-one never appeared publicly with a mask, he recommended to the population to put one. And it is also a request to Covax, in order to benefit from the doses of vaccines. These provisions are justified by the lack of basic drugs and food products. The pandemic has also led to the departure of humanitarian workers.

In the month of June, several North Korean grades have been limited to , accused of an "serious incident" linked to the sanitary crisis and the state of epidemic emergency. These senior officials would have "caused a serious incident causing a huge crisis for the safety of the nation and his people". Not surprising, few details were disclosed.

China banishes "effeminate men" on television .
in order to refocus its youth on the vision of the Communist Party, China has decided to ban tele television the men deemed effeminate. Other measures have also been taken to limit the entertainment industry. © Reuters / Jason Lee // File Photo Chinese President launches a great campaign to promote China's power to young citizens. The goal is to refocus the public on the vision of the Communist Party, away from the public of everything that could distract them.

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