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20:50  05 september  2021
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350 migrants tries in vain to move from Morocco to a Spanish enclave

 350 migrants tries in vain to move from Morocco to a Spanish enclave © Jorge Guerrero / AFP The Melilla enclave. About 350 migrants have, in vain, tried very early Saturday morning to cross the fence separating Morocco from the Spanish enclave of Melilla, announced a spokesman for the Government of Spanish. Spanish border guards were alerted around 5:30 by their Moroccan counterparts that a group of 350 sub-Saharan Africans was trying to climb the barrier barrio Chino border.

  Maroc: les libertés individuelles, sujet confidentiel du débat électoral © AFP / Archives

e n election campaign, the majority of Moroccan political parties, all edges confused, silent the questions of individual freedoms, ignoring in particular the call d A collective to decriminalize sexual relations "out of wedlock", a subject clevy to the Morocco .

"That the policies ignore our call is disappointing but not surprising," says Sonia Terrab, co-founder of the collective of "outlaw", at the origin of the appeal.

"It becomes urgent that the political word on individual freedoms is released and in tune with the evolution of society," she says to the AFP .

in the kingdom, where Islam is religion of state, Article 490 of the Penal Code punishes "from one month to a year" in prison "all persons of different sex who, not being united by the links Marriage, have sex with each other ".

Germany. The candidate of the Party of Merkel passes to the offensive at one month of the parliamentary elections

 Germany. The candidate of the Party of Merkel passes to the offensive at one month of the parliamentary elections © EPA-EFE / Michael Kaple / Pool Armin Laschet tries to catch up on his opponents to take the succession of Angela Merkel. lagging behind in the polls, Armin Laschet, the candidate of Angela Merkel, took advantage of the television debate between candidates for the position of Chancellor to show pugnacity.

Other legislation sanctions adultery and illegal abortion from one to two years in prison and homosexuality from six months to three years.

These laws, which are not systematically applied, often unleash the passions.

The Progressive Camp has been campaigning for years for their repeal while the Conservatives oppose any relaxation of the morals.

"Liberticide laws"

The Federation of the Democratic Left (FGD, Left) and the Party of Progress and Socialism (PPS, Central Left) are the only political formations to have responded favorably to the call of "outlaws" "

But only the FGD included the decriminalization of "out of marriage" sex in its electoral program, "says Terrab.

In this regard, the Mohamed Tozy Politologist notes that during the election campaign, "Political parties avoid clevious topics such as societal debates".

Meeting canceled, manifestations ... In Canada, the very difficult campaign of Justin Trudeau

 Meeting canceled, manifestations ... In Canada, the very difficult campaign of Justin Trudeau The Canadian Prime Minister triggered early elections in mid-August with the ambition to regain a majority in the House of Commons. © AFP.com/andrej Ivanov Justin Trudeau triggered at mid-August 2021 anticipated elections less than two years after the last election. The election campaign is not rest for Justin Trudeau .

"Stopping political parties in election period is a way of drawing attention to these issues absent from the political debate," says Sonia Terrab.

The "out of the law" will launch a series of discussions on social networks under the theme "vote4Love" (vote for love) before the legislative and local elections of September 8th.

The collective formed in 2019 to protest against the arrest of journalist Hajar Raissouni, sentenced to one year in prison for "illegal abortion" and "sex out of wedlock". It was pardoned by King Mohammed VI .

At the time, a manifesto for the repeal of "liberticide laws" punishing prison as well adultery and abortion had been signed by hundreds of people who publicly declared themselves herself overlapped these prohibitions " obsolete ".

The affairs of morals regularly agitate public opinion.

Several human rights NGOs appear and urge to adopt laws in line with the evolution of society.

Morocco of Hakimi caught in an armed conflict in Guinea

 Morocco of Hakimi caught in an armed conflict in Guinea © provided by Sports.fr Ashraf Hakimi and the Moroccan selection are in the turmoil. The hour is not on football and its actors on the side of Conakry, where Monday had to be held a match between Guinea and Morocco counting for the qualifiers of the next World Cup in Qatar. This Sunday, an armed conflict broke out in the Guinean capital - a military coup attempt led by putschists affirming detaining prisoner the president Alpha Condé. "Moroccan officials work to evacuate the team today.

"Strengthening Freedoms"

An official institution, the National Human Rights Council (CNDH) also pleaded for the respect of individual freedoms in a memorandum addressed to parliamentarians in 2019, at the time of consideration of the draft reform. Criminal.

The CNDH advocated a decriminalization of sexual relations, including homosexuals, between adults consenting, and an expansion of the right to abortion, not only in the event that pregnancy is a danger to the life of the mother, but also in case threat to its "mental and social health".

Blocked in Parliament since 2016, the current version of the text has no changes on the issue of morals, except for a relaxation of the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, which would be allowed in case of rape, incest and malformation. Fetus, if the new law is voted.

According to the latest official figures, in 2019, Moroccan justice continued 15.192 people for "debauchery", 3.270 for adultery, 283 for homosexuality and 107 for abortion.

recently, an official report advocating a "new development model", sketching several trails of reforms, recommended "strengthening individual and public freedoms and their protection by the judicial system" as "a necessary condition for the creation of a climate of trust and the liberation of energies ".

"On individual freedoms, this report certainly presents an advance but does not say things clearly," regrets Sonia Terrab.

"One reason that led us to launch future consultations on these issues that will be reported," she says.

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