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19:00  06 september  2021
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Brigitte Macron Fusional with her husband: his parents were "such"

 Brigitte Macron Fusional with her husband: his parents were © Stephane Lemouton / Bestimage Brigitte Macron Fusional with her husband: his parents were "same" in his book on Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron, the writer Gaël Tchakaloff made unexpected revelations on the presidential couple. The Literary Back has started and a book is already not bad about him. In so many, the Author Gaël Tchakaloff tries to tell the love story between Brigitte Macron and the President of the Republic . An idyll that remained intact facing power .

SPD candidate Scholz strokes his European competence at the meeting with France's head of state. On Wednesday his competitor is lashed on the series.

Faustgruß im Elysée-Palast. SPD-Kanzlerkandidat Scholz (l.) und Frankreichs Staatschef Macron am Montag in Paris. © Photo: Federal Ministry of Finance / DPA Faust Greetings in the Elysée Palace. SPD chancellor candidate Scholz (l.) And France's head of state Macron on Monday in Paris.

Many ways lead to the chancellery. That a detour to France, the most important partner in Germany in the EU, can not harm in the election campaign, both OLAF Scholz and Armin Laschet is aware. An appearance together with the French President Emmanuel Macron - that testifies to chancellor's suitability. At present, Scholz currently not only in the surveys the nose in front , but also in the appointment in the Elysée Palace. The SPD candidate was received on Map Macron, the journey of the Union-lace man lashed to Paris is planned on Wednesday.

"Wrapped wrong": boldly folds at Anne wants CDU-General Ziemiak Together

 in the talk of Anne wants to clarify SPD politician Kevin Kühnert, which specifies him at the Union election campaign. A settlement followed. © Photo: Promo SPD Vice Kevin Kühnert It's Rote Socks Time again at the Union. Top candidate Armin Lashet stands in the surveys with the back to the wall, or now behind the already dead spd. and in the Konrad Adenauer house, the CDU headquarters, one will obviously become increasingly nervous.

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two things should have helped That Scholz was the first to receive an appointment with the head of state. The Finance Minister had the question two months ago with a television debate two months ago, where his first foreign trip would lead himself as Chancellor, answered clips and clearly: "According to Paris." On the other hand, Lashet had responded to decide this only at the given time.

is more important, however, is the fact that Scholz is perceived in Paris as the one who, last year in Berlin, contributed significantly to the conclusion of the EU Corona Fund with a volume of 750 billion euros. France receives around 40 billion euros from the reconstruction fund and is thus the third largest recipient country and Spain.

Political Animal: The SPD really wants to be in

 Political Animal: The SPD really wants to be in in the chancellor's office with Scholz and if necessary with the left. And the left in the party will also demand your prize. A comment. © Photo: Imago Images / Political-Moments will demand its pay for unity: Kevin boldly with SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz. So, that's time: the SPD wants to go to power. She did not always want that, which is why it always gave up to the new cabal and bat; Her peak people could be sure not to be supported by all left hearts.

Scholz: It's about the "Sovereignty of Europe"

Video: Lashing for fast end of Corona Economic Aid (Glomex)

after the one-hour conversation with Macron affirmed Scholz that the joint response of the Europeans in the face of the Corona crisis a great Progress was "no one of the European Union had expected many years ago". Germany and France also played a crucial role in the future in order to secure the "sovereignty of Europe", said Scholz.

The Corona crisis has also led that the debt rules of the Stability and Growth Pact were temporarily suspended within the EU. When asked if he would use in the sense of France for further easing the stability pact, Scholz responded on Monday in Paris that existing debt rules are already presuming a great deal of flexibility. With this range of motion and a common strategy, it must be ensured that the growth options of the EU countries would not be endangered, he said.

Marseille: In a video tour in a school, Emmanuel Macron pays tribute to Samuel Paty

 Marseille: In a video tour in a school, Emmanuel Macron pays tribute to Samuel Paty "I have a special thought for the parents and colleagues of Samuel Paty," said the head of state in a short published on social networks © AFP Emmanuel Macron in a school in Marseille for the start of school 2021.

SPD candidate promotes its idea from the Climate Club

The SPD Chancellor's candidate also described climate change as a "top topic" for politics in Germany and France. He talked to Macron about how to avoid competitive disadvantages for those countries with the help of an international Climate Club, which have committed to climate neutrality. One should not allow imports to Europe endanger success in the energy transition, because elsewhere in the world "among other standards" is produced. The concept of the Federal Government for a Climate Club, which goes back to the initiative of Scholz, is "an invitation to be included" in accordance with the words of the Minister of Finance.

also Laschet is not unknown in Paris

Meanwhere is also Laschet, who now wants to emanate his European competence two days after Scholz in the French capital, in Paris no unknown in Paris. Since 2019, the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister authorized representative of Germany for cooperation with France in the cultural sector is. And when the "Corona crisis" was honored in Paris last year, the "Heroes of the Corona Crisis" was also Laschet among the guests.

Baerbock renounces Paris Travel

Annalena Baerbock, however, dispenses to supplement their election campaign program through a tour to Paris. This week, Among other things, the green top candidate takes dates in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main and Halle. Instead of a state-owned performance in France, the eco-party in these days is primarily about losing the connection to the Union and the SPD in the surveys. Anyway, the Greens politician and Macron already know: Baerbock had met the French head of state together with their Co-party chairman Robert Habeck in February of last year on the edge of the Munich Security Conference.

Second Round in TV Triple: Significant debate: Loading against red-green .
at the first statement of green chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock rumbles violently in the background. "Huppala, the studio already falls together," she says and can not be made of the concept. "I fight for a government under the leadership of the Greens," she says. Nevertheless, the second TV triple quickly turns to a dispute between the Chancellor's candidates of SPD and Union, Olaf Scholz and Armin Lashet.

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