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17:05  10 september  2021
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In the upcoming federal election there are more election options than ever. Experts expect a high absorption participation due to the Corona Pandemic.

Die Wahlplakate von Olaf Scholz (SPD), Armin Laschet (CDU) und Annalena Baerbock (Die Grünen) © Photo: Arne Dedert / DPA The election posters of Olaf Scholz (SPD), Armin Laschet (CDU) and Annalena Baerbock (the Greens)

four years after the last general election is the same: On September 26, the 20th. Bundestag in the history of the Federal Republic. The upcoming federal election breaks in many areas of records: Never before, as many parties, candidates and women played on how 2021. the break in numbers.

How many candidates occur in the general election 2021?

With 6211 applicants, as many candidates occur as never at a general election. In September 2017, 4827 candidates had advertised.

Election O-MAT: The decision help for undecided is online

 Election O-MAT: The decision help for undecided is online of the election O-MAT for the general election is online! Three and a half weeks before the inlet on September 26, voters and voters can check with the tool how much agreement they have with the election programs of the parties. These are the most important info. © Multitel / Shutterstock.com The Berlin Reichstag is the center of political power in Germany.

Which party has the highest female quota?

with 33 percent apply as many women as never before. In the 2007 general election, 29 percent of candidates were female. The highest is the proportion of women this time with 54 percent in the Greens, at the lowest falls at the AFD at 13 percent.

How many parties are the election on the 26th of September?

at the election take 47 parties part - a record since reunification. 40 parties participate with state lists that can be ticked by the second vote. Seven parties send only applicants in certain constituencies into the race.

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What percentage of Germans may choose ?

With 60.4 million voters, there are a good one million people less than in 2017, which are called to election. According to Federal Electoral Leader, 31.2 million of voters are women and 29.2 million men. About 2.8 million citizens may give their vote on the election on September 26th.

Bundestag election: Saskia Esken calls by coalition partners Confession to NATO

 Bundestag election: Saskia Esken calls by coalition partners Confession to NATO Madtically red-green-red is currently a realistic option after the general election. However, the SPD chairman Esken makes such a alliance to a commitment to NATO. The left rejects that. © Fabian Sommer / AFP A good three weeks before the federal election, neither SPD Chancellor Candidate OLAF Scholz nor green chancellor candidates Annalena Baerbock has generally excluded a possible left alliance. However, the external policy price of the left ensures discrepancies.

How many constituencies are there in Germany?

is selected in 299 constituencies. Most there are in North Rhine-Westphalia (64) and Bavaria (46); The lowest figure in Bremen (two) and Saarland (four).

Who is one of the voices in the general election?

In use, around 650,000 volunteer election helpers are used. This is about the same as many as in 2017. The exact number will be fixed until the election day.

What was the letter voting participation in previous federal elections?

The proportion of people who vote by postal election and not in the electoral station is steadily rising since reunification. In 1990, only 9.4 percent of voters gave their voters in this way, it was already 28.6 percent in 2017. Also because of the Corona pandemic this time a new record is expected.

When was the highest turnout?

The previous investment record at a federal election was 91.1 percent in 1972. At the office in 2017, it was 76.2 percent. The lowest turnout was reached at 70.8 percent in 2009.

Survey on the general election in Bavaria: CSU slips under the brand of 30 percent

 Survey on the general election in Bavaria: CSU slips under the brand of 30 percent the Union sinks in the electioner - and that affects the CSU in Bavaria. Only 29 percent wanted to give her the voice in a survey. © Photo: DPA / Sven Hoppe Markus Söder, CSU boss and Prime Minister of Bavaria The CSU is a new survey on the federal election under the 30 percent mark. According to the recent "votercheck" of the program "17:30 Sat.1 Bayern" only 29 percent of the respondents in the Free State said that they would choose the Christian Social with the general election.

How many deputies draw into the Bundestag?

provided by law is a number of at least 598 deputies mandates. How many will be accurate is unclear. Reason are overhanging and compensation mandates to prevent distortion when a party gets more direct mandates in the electoral circles when they are due to the number of second votes. In the outgoing Bundestag therefore sat the record number of 709 people's representatives. This time it could get much more.

According to

of the Federal Center for Political Education, the federal election in 2017 was at 76.2 percent in 2017. At that time, the CDU won the most votes with 26.8 percent. After that, the SPD followed, which could unite 20.5 percent of the electorate behind. Five other parties managed to jump over the five percentages: The AFD received 12.6 percent of the votes, the FDP 10.8 percent, the left 9.2 percent, the green 8.9 percent and the CSU 6.2 percent. In total, 42 parties were registered for election 2017. Of these, 34 parties involved with state lists. (AB Together with AFP)

Property judgment for the freedom of press: Spahn has false ideas of transparency .
in the CDU mask affair, the ministers had to ask Members of Members for weeks before he published name. That was only necessary to delay information © Photo: Federico Gambarini / dpa Jens Spahn (CDU), Federal Health Minister, lay with his legal view next to the Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) has apparently with his weekly rounds at deputies in March and April the clarification of the CDU mask affair is legally demonstrated inadmissible manner.

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