US News Twenty years later, America pays tribute to the 3,000 deaths of 11-September

08:45  11 september  2021
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United States. The trial of the alleged brain of the 11-September resumbs up

 United States. The trial of the alleged brain of the 11-September resumbs up © AFP Photo / Michelle Shephard / Toronto Star The American Detention Center "Camp Delta" at the US Naval Base of Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, October 18, 2012. Photo Stock Illustration. While the United States is preparing to collect to commemorate the twenty years of September 11, the trial of the alleged brain of attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and four accused resumes Tuesday, September 7th.

  Vingt ans après, l'Amérique rend hommage aux 3.000 morts du 11-Septembre © AFP

The America commemorates Saturday the twenty years of the 11-September during memorial and solemn ceremonies of tribute to some 3,000 deaths Attacks of al-Qaeda , in an atmosphere increased by the Chaotic American withdrawal of Afghanistan .

In two decades, the time of a generation, the most deadly jihadist attacks of history are now anchored in the political history and the collective memory of the United States , but the pain of the families of victims and the survivors remains extremely lively.

President Joe Biden , weakened by the debacle in Afghanistan, will silently preside over the tribute to the 2,977 dead (including 2,753 in New York) since the impressive Manhattan memorial built at the foot of new skyscrapers, on "Ground Zero ", where the twin towers of the World Trade Center (WTC) were rising.

"I love you and I will always love you": The upsetting tribute of Loïc (Koh-Lanta, Legend) in Bertrand-Kamal, one year after his death

 © Instagram Loic Koh-Lanta "I Love and I will always love you ": the upsetting tribute of Loïc (Koh-Lanta, Legend) in Bertrand-Kamal, one year after his death on September 9th 2020, died Bertrand-Kamal, iconic candidate of Koh-Lanta : The 4 lands, cancer suites. A year just after her disappearance, her friend Loïc made her upsetting tribute on Instagram.


at 08:46 (12:46 GMT) Saturday, the time when the first plane pirated by five of the 19 jihadists had hit the North Tower of the WTC, a minute of silence will be observed at the memorial.

Five other minutes of silence and musical homage will follow one another until 12:30 (16:30 GMT) to mark the tragedies of this fatal morning from Tuesday, September 11, 2001: for the collapse of New York Tours, the attack on the Pentagon Near Washington and Crash of an aircraft in Shanksville (Pennsylvania).

As every September 11, three hours, will be read at the New York Memorial the names of nearly 3,000 deaths. Huge beams of vertical lights are already standing since the two huge black basins that have replaced the basis of the towers.

on Times Square, in the heart of Manhattan, the economic lung of the first world power where the victories of America are traditionally celebrated, a gathering and moments of recollection are also planned.

"Massoud, the inheritance", on History TV: What remains "Che" Afghan, twenty years after his death?

 On September 9, 2001, Ahmed Chah Massoud, said Commander Massoud or the Lion of Panchir, was murdered by Al-Qaida. In 2021, the return of the Taliban to power seems to sound the gla of its memory. History TV - Thursday 9 September at 8:50 pm - Documentary and special evening The Taliban are back in power in Afghanistan.

Video: Twenty years after the 11-September: The 2 hours that have changed America (AFP)


Each American, victim or witness of September 11, is also preparing for to pay tribute to a disappeared near. Frank Sailler went further. This brother of a Brooklyn firefighter dead at the WTC has "Market 537 miles (864 km between Washington and New York) from the Pentagon in Shanksville to + Ground Zero +" and harvest funds to support families of victims.

"America has never forgotten Pearl Harbor, she will never forget on September 11," says Mr. Sill at AFP.

In fact, the researchers, the cataclysm of September 11 upset the company and the American politics and has become a generation a history chapter inscribed in the country's memory. Like Pearl Harbor, the landing or the killing assassination.

This particularly commemoration of September 11, Joe Biden, 78, has undoubtedly have been prepared since his victory in November against Donald Trump that he accused of weakening and fractured America.

11-September: "It haunts us", twenty years later, the inquiry faults still torment the old right arm of Bush

 11-September: "Would we have known that it was going to happen? The former house head of the house White still wonders if the American authorities, being more vigilant, could have avoided the most deadly attacks in the history of the United States. © provided by FranceInfo His testimony is rare. Andrew Card is the man who has whispered in George W. Bush on the September 11, 2001 to announce the World Trade Center Attacks in New York.

In a video message broadcast on Friday night, the Democratic President has just called "unity, our greatest force".

But after eight months of mandate, he is very criticized for the debacle of the end of the military intervention in Afghanistan, Washington having been taken short by the expanding advance of the Taliban.

In 20 years, the United States lost 2,500 soldiers and spent more than $ 2,000 billion in Afghanistan. At the end of August, they abandoned the country to Islamist fundamentalists that they had hunted from Kabul at the end of 2001 by accusing them of sheltering the leader of Al Qaeda Osama Bin Laden, finally killed in 2011 in Pakistan.

Generation 11-September

and the attack of August 26, claimed by the Afghan branch of the Islamic State group, which killed 13 young American military at Kabul airport - in full evacuation operation - ulcerated a part of public opinion. These young women and men in uniform were for the most part of the children on September 11, 2001.

Their death reminds that America is at a cesure: between the always keen remembrance for tens of millions of American adults and a historical consciousness more partial for young people born since the 1990s.

It's "important that they know what happened that day, because there is a whole generation that does not really understand it", MONICA IKEN plead -Murphy, widow of a trader who worked in the South Tower of the WTC.

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fifty-five countries still have the death penalty in the world .
© Provided by Liberation in its Last report , Amnesty International notes that the year 2020 has once again been marked by a sharp decline in executions in The world: At least 483 people have undergone the death penalty, a decrease of 26% compared to 2019 which confirms the trend since 2015. This decrease is partly explicable by the CVIV-19 crisis, which suspended for a time the use of the death penalty in many countries.

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