US News in pictures. September 11: 20 years after the United States pay tribute to the 3000 victims

18:55  11 september  2021
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Opiates: Justice validates the bankruptcy of the Purdue laboratory, partial immunity for the Sackler

 Opiates: Justice validates the bankruptcy of the Purdue laboratory, partial immunity for the Sackler family © Eric Baradat of Oxycodon tablets in Washington, September 18, 2019 An American judge approved Wednesday the bankruptcy plan proposed by Purdue , laboratory accused of contributing to the opioid crisis in the United States, which agreed to pay $ 4.5 billion to victims and institutions affected in exchange for a certain immunity for its owners, the Sackler family.

A ceremony started at the Manhattan Memorial, where the Twin Tours of the World Trade Center stood up to the Father Morful morning of the World Trade Center.

Cérémonie au mémorial du 11 septembre, commémorant le 20e anniversaire des attentats terroristes du 11 septembre contre le World Trade Center, à New York. © Craig Ruttle / AFP Ceremony at the September 11 Memorial commemorating the 20th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center in New York.

America collects this Saturday for the 20th anniversary of September 11 during tribute ceremonies for some 3000 deaths of al-Qaida attacks, in an atmosphere weighted by the Chaotic American withdrawal from Afghanistan. In two decades, the time of a generation, the most deadly jihadist attacks in history are now anchored in the political history and collective memory of the United States, but the pain of families of victims and survivors remains extremely Long live.

9/11: So New York City has changed after the attacks

 9/11: So New York City has changed after the attacks Where were you on September 11, 2001? What did you do at that time? Two questions that every person can respond without being superior for a long time. Almost 3,000 people came to life on that day, when Al Qaeda terrorists with two passenger aircraft raced in the World Trade Center twin towers in New York. Two other machines crashed into Pentagon and above the US state of Pennsylvania. 9/11 has added new york deep wounds, which are not healed for 20 years later.

The ceremony at the Manhattan Memorial where the two twin towers of the World Trade Center (WTC) destroyed by al-Qaida jihadist attacks. US President Joe Biden chairs this ceremony and stands alongside her predecessors, including Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

Reading the names of the 3000 dead

One minute of silence was observed at 8:46, exactly twenty years after the first hacked plane hit the North Tower. Five other minutes of silence and musical homage will succeed until 12:30.

The reading of the names of the 2977 people killed that day on the three sites of the attacks (including 2753 in New York) started, under flute tunes. It will be punctuated all the morning by homage in music, including a song at the American Star Bruce Springsteen.

Who governs America? Despite its majority, Biden flange against the Conservative States

 Who governs America? Despite its majority, Biden flange against the Conservative States © Sergio Flores a young man in front of the Texas Capitol, in Austin, January 17, 2021 Promise to protect the freedom to abort, access to vote or strengthen The laws framing firearms: even if he controls the major levers of power in Washington, Joe Biden faces, to implement his program, to a conservative offensive launched from powerful American states.

Other minutes of silence will follow: for the collapse of the Tours of New York, the attack on the Pentagon near Washington and the crash of one of the planes in Shanksville (Pennsylvania).

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on Times Square, in the heart of Manhattan, the economic lung of the world's first power, where the victories of America, a gathering and moments of recollection are traditionally celebrated are also planned.

In the country's memory

each American, victim or witness of September 11, is also preparing to pay tribute to a disappeared close. In fact, the researchers, the cataclysm of 11-September upset the American society and politics and has become a generation a chapter of history inscribed in the country's memory. Like Pearl Harbor, the landing or the killing assassination.

This particularly commemoration of September 11, Joe Biden, 78, has undoubtedly have been prepared since his victory in November against Donald Trump that he accused of weakening and fractured America. In a video message broadcast on Friday night, the Democratic president has just called "unity, our greatest force".

"Belmondo is a little better": Emmanuel Macron welcomes the memory of Jean-Paul Belmondo

 This Thursday 9 September, Emmanuel Macron made a vibrant tribute to the life and career of Jean-Paul Belmondo , died on Monday at 88 years old. © ABACA Thursday, September 9, Emmanuel Macron made a vibrant tribute to Jean-Paul Belmondo's life and career, died on Monday at 88 years old. The emotion was palpable in the court of the invalids. At a ceremony organized this Thursday, September 9, Emmanuel Macron went from his warm tribute to Jean-Paul Belmondo.

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but after eight months of mandate, he is very criticized for the debacle of the end of the military intervention in Afghanistan, Washington having been taken short by the dazzling advance of the Taliban . The former Republican President Donald Trump denounced Joe Biden Saturday, including the management of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan has "passed for an idiot", in a video message recorded for the twentieth anniversary of September 11th.

In 20 years, the United States lost 2500 soldiers and spent more than $ 2,000 billion in Afghanistan. At the end of August, they abandoned the country to Islamist fundamentalists that they had hunted from Kabul at the end of 2001 by accusing them of sheltering the leader of Al-Qaida Osama Bin Laden, finally killed in 2011 in Pakistan.

Generation 11-September

and the attack of August 26, claimed by the Afghan branch of the Islamic State group, which killed 13 young American military at Kabul airport - in full evacuation operation - ulcerated a part of public opinion. These young women and men in uniform were for the most part of the children on September 11, 2001.

Their death reminds that America is experiencing a cesure: between the always remembrance always for tens of millions of American adults and a historic consciousness more Partial for young people born since the 1990s.

"We will never forget. We will always fight for freedom," wrote President Emmanuel Macron on Twitter.

Queen Elizabeth II also paid tribute this Saturday to the victims of 11-September, as well as "the resilience and determination of the communities that had united to rebuild" after these attacks.

"engraved in my memory": the tribute of Queen Elizabeth II to the victims of September 11, .
© Getty Image The sovereign commemorated the attacks of September 11, 2001. (Edinburgh, June 28, 2021.) in a Message Addressed to US President Joe Biden , this Saturday, September 11, Queen Elizabeth II paid tribute to the victims of the attacks committed twenty years ago. "My thoughts and prayers - and those of my family and the entire country - remain with the victims, survivors and affected families, as well as for first responders and rescuers," said the Queen on social networks .

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