US News Macao: The legislative elections should still make the part of the pro-Beijing

19:05  12 september  2021
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Des citoyens de Macau font la queue pour voter aux élections législatives, le 12 septembre 2021. © AP of the citizens of Macau queues to vote in the legislative elections, on September 12, 2021.

It was the day of parliamentary elections, this Sunday, September 12 in Macao. The former Portuguese colony, made to China in 1999, is much less active politically than its neighbor Hong Kong: she has never experienced the demonstrations pro-democracy monsters of 2019. And Beijing makes sure that it continues.

Even before the ballot, the Macao Electoral Commission had declared 21 "ineligible" pro-democracy candidates: they would not have complied with the law of the administrative region and would not have been "loyal" to its government. A confirmed decision on appeal last August. The European Union then requested that the rights of the candidates be respected, attracting the Fouzres of Beijing. China had accused the EU to "interfere in its affairs."

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However, the island of 650,000 inhabitants, known for its casinos that attract tens of thousands of Chinese tourists every year, has never been politically active as Hong Kong. Few pro-democracy candidates have been elected in recent years in a political system that, anyway, largely promotes pro-Beijing : out of 33 deputies, only 14 are elected by direct suffrage. The 12 independent elected representatives represent widely acquired professional sectors to China. And finally, the last 7 are appointed by the chief executive set up by Beijing.

Moreover, if since last year, Beijing silences any discordant voice at Hong Kong with its "National Security Act", Macao has already had one since 2009.

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