US News Mali: two Moroccan truckers killed during an attack at Didiéni

06:40  13 september  2021
06:40  13 september  2021 Source:   rfi.fr

Mali: a police chief charged for "murders" released under the pressure of the police officers

 Mali: a police chief charged for © Michele Cattani, AFP strong tensions between the anti-riot police and the protesters in Bamako on 11 July 2020 who had made several deaths. In Mali, the government denounced on Saturday night a demonstration of police officers in arms the day before. Members of the police have released "to the Forcing" the head of the counter-terrorist forces, incarcerated for his presumed role in the bloody repression of the protest of the summer 2020.

Plusieurs attaques sont survenus sur un axe routier dans la commune de Didiéni, dans l'ouest du Mali (Image d'illustration) © Creative Commons 3.0 Several attacks have occurred on a road axis in the municipality of Didiéni, in western Mali (image of illustration)

men Armed have led at least two attacks Saturday in western Mali in the commune of Didiéni. During the first attack, two Moroccan truckers were killed. And during the second attack, it is a convoy of Malian passengers which was intercepted and momentarily retained.

with our correspondent in Bamako, Serge Daniel

video: when your plane makes sparks at the landing - Royal Air Maroc B737-800 (Dailymotion)

All testimonials match: Among the armed men in question, some were Cagold, others wore bullet vests, and in the group at least two people had in hand communication devices, talkie-Walkie.

Morocco of Hakimi caught in an armed conflict in Guinea

 Morocco of Hakimi caught in an armed conflict in Guinea © provided by Sports.fr Ashraf Hakimi and the Moroccan selection are in the turmoil. The hour is not on football and its actors on the side of Conakry, where Monday had to be held a match between Guinea and Morocco counting for the qualifiers of the next World Cup in Qatar. This Sunday, an armed conflict broke out in the Guinean capital - a military coup attempt led by putschists affirming detaining prisoner the president Alpha Condé. "Moroccan officials work to evacuate the team today.

These are the Moroccan truckers who came from Senegal towards Bamako who were attacked. Two were killed, another wounded. The attackers have carried out the trucks or their contents.

A few moments later, it is a convoy of vehicles carrying Malian civilians borrowing the same road axis that has been targeted. Among the passengers, at least one magistrate. He is formal: the attackers - more tens and heavily armed - were jihadists. The convoy stopped, the latter requested the passage parts. The tone is mounted. And finally the whole group was allowed to leave.

Several questions: were the two Moroccans killed targeted? A very visible copy of the Koran in a vehicle of the convoy of Malian civilians played in their favor? Investigations continue. Elements of the security and defense forces were dispatched to the scene.

Mali: The transition adopts two amnesty laws for the Putschists .
© Annie Risemberg / AFP assimilated Goict, at the head of the Malian transition. The texts concern the coup d'état of August 2020, against the president of the time, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, and the coup de force of May 2021 against the president of the transition Bah N'WWW. In concrete terms, this means that the putschists of the junta, in the first place assimi goict, can no longer be pursued by justice for their actions against the authorities in place at these two periods.

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