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08:25  13 september  2021
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Why do you have to promote rapeseed oil in the kitchen?

 Why do you have to promote rapeseed oil in the kitchen? © PEXELS Healthy eating has become a priority for many French. To help you in this choice, Laurent Mariotte and its columnists explain to us why you have to privilege the rapeseed oil in our dishes in the show the Table des Vouchers living on Europe 1. 68% of the French cook at the oil olive against 29% in butter. It is therefore an undeniable fact, the oil is present in our daily life for its nutrient benefits.

Le leader travailliste Jonas Gahr Støre, millionnaire de 61 ans qui a fait campagne contre les inégalités sociales, semble bien placé pour succéder à Erna Solberg. © Marit Honedal / NTB / AFP The Labor Leader Jonas Gahr Støre, 61-year-old Millionaire who has campaigned against social inequalities, seems well placed to succeed Erna Solberg .

Norwegians vote on Monday in the framework of legislative elections that should influence the fate of oil activities in the country, largest hydrocarbon producer in Western Europe.

The Norwegian vote on Monday in the framework of legislative elections that should crown the "green red" opposition and potentially influence the fate of oil activities in the country , largest hydrocarbon producer in Europe. Where is.

According to polls, a clear majority is emerging to dislodge the right center government of Erna Solberg, including a power of power after eight years at the head of the Nordic Kingdom.

Local and Legislative Elections in Morocco: Electoral Soking for the Justice and Development Party

 Local and Legislative Elections in Morocco: Electoral Soking for the Justice and Development Party © AFP - Fadel Senna Journalists follow the announcement of election results in Morocco, September 9, 2021. Electoral slap in Morocco for the PJD, The Justice and Development Party, the majority for ten years in Parliament and the head of the outgoing government is not even in the top trio after the legislative of yesterday, Wednesday, September 8.

42.3% of the Norwegians used the Early Voting

the Labor leader Jonas Gahr Støre, a 61-year-old Millionaire against social inequalities, seems well placed to succeed him, but the contours of his future coalition, including The weight of the environmental forces are outstanding.

his party and his privileged allies, the party of the center (agrrain) and the socialist left, will they obtain a parliamentary majority to them three or will they have to obtain the support of two other opposition forces, the Ecologists of MDG and / or the communists of Rødt, which would further complicate the negotiations?

"I have good feelings," said Mr. Støre by submitting his newsletter in a Sunday Oslo School, the ballot has opened one day earlier in big cities.

elections in Morocco: The PJD heavily sanctioned by residents disappointed

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Friday, more than 1.6 million Norwegians, or 42.3% of the electorate, had also made use of the anticipated vote.


The "Red Alert for Humanity" launched in early August by the UN experts on the climate (IPCC) placed the issue of warming at the heart of the election campaign and forced the country to a reflection on the out of the oil activities that made it immensely rich.

The report has boosted those who, on the left and, to a lesser extent, right, want to finish with oil.

MDG, the Pointe Party, claims the immediate stop of any oil exploration and that of the operation in 2035, an ultimatum rejected by Mr. Støre, a graduate of Sciences Po Paris and Minister of Jens Stoltenberg between 2005 and 2013.

As the Conservatives, the other dominant force of the kingdom, the Labor Party excludes to give up the oil manna and advocates a gradual disconcutment with black gold.

14% of the GDP

in Norway, the oil sector represents 14% of the gross domestic product, more than 40% of exports and 160,000 direct jobs. Black Gold has also allowed the Kingdom of 5.4 million inhabitants to raise the largest sovereign fund in the world with nearly 12,000 billion asset wreaths (1.166 billion euros).

Legislative Elections in Norway Threatened

 Legislative Elections in Norway Threatened Norv-Ge-Elections: Legislative Elections in Norway, The Outgoing Majority Threatened © Reuters / Gwladys Fabric Legislative Elections in Norway, the outgoing majority threatened Oslo (Reuters) - the Norwegians have begun to vote on Sunday for legislative elections that could redefine the political landscape, the opposition "red-green" block ahead of the surveys the right coalition of Conservative Premier Erna Solberg.

"The demand for oil is on a downward slope. This happens for oneself, by the law of the market. We do not need to decreet it (...) But to build bridges to future activities, "said the Labor leader of energy issues, Essen Barth Eide.

"We will continue to have oil activities but we must admit that the best oil years are behind us," he said.

finished prospecting in the Arctic?

according to the number of observers, a compromise will depend on the electoral weight of the parties to the ecologist fiber and could go through the closure of certain waters to oil prospecting, particularly in the Arctic.

"I think a gentle conversion is very important to maintain the skills of the oil industry as part of a green transition to renewable energies," says Fridtjof Elgem, a 29-year-old Oslolace.

For Camilla Larsson, 33, the next government will need to reduce oil production to achieve climate goals. "This will have an impact on taxes, on how we live in Norway but (...) we are super privileged and we have to make concessions for the climate," says this nursery employee.

After eight years of power, a record for Norwegian Conservatives, and multiple crises (migrants, drop of the barrel, Covid-19 ...), Mrs. Solberg is likely to pass the relay. The 60-year-old executive should deposit his election in the middle of the morning in his hometown of Bergen (West).

"We must always govern as if we had to stay in place for eternity and design great projects because that's the task of a prime minister," she said Sunday at the microphone of the NRK channel .

The first provisional results will be known at 21:00 (7:00 pm GMT).

Elections in Russia: Putin's hand parliament, the opposition denounces massive fraud .
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