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14:35  13 september  2021
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inhuman conditions for children in Al-Hol and ROJ

 inhuman conditions for children in Al-Hol and ROJ The auxiliary organization Save the Children complains that in particular Western states cancel the children in northern syrolic refugee camps. They are exposed to violence and diseases every day. © Getty Images / AFP / D. Souliman in the camp Al-Hol (archive picture) Many children in Al-Hol and Roj feared their lives, it says in a new report of the human rights organization Save the Children.

Le camp d’al-Hol, dans le nord est-du pays, est placé sous contrôle des forces kurdes. camp © Murielle Paradon / RFI The Al-Hol camp, in the north and country, is under control of the Kurdish forces.

The Al-Hol camp brings together the families of the imprisoned Islamic state, but also displaced war. More than 60,000 people, mostly Syrian and Iraqi, live there in very difficult sanitary and safe conditions. Crimes multiply.

of our special envoys at the Al-Hol camp, in the north-east of Syria,

authorizations, excavations to the body ... To enter the camp of Al-Hol, you have to show white paw. And we can not go very far, just at the market at a hundred meters away. "Afterwards, it's too dangerous," says the Kurds guards loaded with security. Murders take place every day under the tents that extend as far as the eye can see. Inside this camp, which houses families of jihadists and displaced war, we can circulate freely, but we can not go out.

Syria: Vladimir Putin received Bashar Al-Assad in Moscow

 Syria: Vladimir Putin received Bashar Al-Assad in Moscow © Mikhail Klimentyev Bashar Al-Assad and Vladimir Putin in Kremlin on September 13th. AFP / Sputnik News / Mikhail Klimentyev Same suit, even tie, even intransigence. Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin received the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in Kremlin. The first assured the second of its support by criticizing the presence of foreign forces deployed in Syria without a decision of the United Nations.

around us, in the middle of dust and heat, a crowd of women in black is formed. All wear a niqab and gloves, leaving only their eyes. They challenge us. "The living conditions are very difficult. We are mistreated, they hold back here with this heat, without water. There is a lot of garbage around tents. We walk for kilometers to have water, "launches one of them while another, sobs in the voice, begs," By God, go see the situation in the camp! Poverty, sick children ... We sell food supplied by NGOs to get money. We do not have enough to eat. Everything is expensive, we are tired! "

"We are all Islamic state in this camp!

These women come mainly from Iraq. They tell you joining Syria to flee Shiite militias in their country. They would have found, in spite of them, in the midst of the fighting between the Syrian democratic forces and the Islamic state, before being taken to this camp. But after a few minutes, some admit their membership of the ideology of the EI. "Under the laws of the Islamic state, at least we lived safely. They did not hurt us. They followed the rules of the Koran and the Sunnah and the laws of the Prophet Mohamed! "Lance a woman. A dispute bursts. "Stop saying that, otherwise we will never come out here! "When you were in Baghouz, you said that you were with the Islamic state, now you say the opposite? retorts the first woman. We are all Islamic state in this camp! »

Syria "ready" to help Lebanon in its imports into energy

 Syria © AFP L E Syrian Government will help the Lebanon in crisis by authorizing the transit on its territory of its imports into gas and electricity On Saturday indicated a senior Lebanese official after the visit to Damascus of a large Lebanese delegation, the first in ten years. In the middle of economic collapse, Foreign currency, Lebanon is experiencing serious fuel shortages and electricity cuts that largely paralyze the services and activities of hospitals, restaurants, shops and industries.

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Insecurity is total in Al-Hol

Some of these women were married to fighters from the 'Ei, killed during the final assault on Baghuz in 2019. Other men died in Al-Hol camp. Insecurity is total.

A young woman takes us away from the crowd: "There are murders, assassinations several times a day. I spend my nights without sleeping, because I'm afraid of assassinations and also patrols, says it. My husband was killed in the camp. He worked as guardian at the market and he was killed here. Men who accept a job offered by Kurdish forces, in charge of the camp, are often considered traitors and risk death, we explain.

of the escapes for a few thousand dollars

for the 40,000 Iraqis who populate the majority of the Al-Hol camp, returns to the country have begun to be organized, but in the dropper. So some dream of escaping. For a few thousand dollars, we can pay his ticket for freedom. "If I had enough to pay, I would pay thousands of dollars, but I do not have them, affirms an old man. And you can ask everyone here, smugglers receive a lot of money from Iraqis. But freedom is not guaranteed. "Sometimes they manage to get out of the camps, but they are arrested just after and put back in the camp and beaten.

The situation in the Al-Hol camp is untenable and particularly worrying for young people. "We have two sons of 12 and 14 years old. We are very worried about them because if they grow up in this camp, they will not be able to go back to Iraq, "lament a woman. There is no future for them. "My 14 year old son does not even know how to read! What did we do to deserve that? There is no future in Al-Hol camp. Young people appear idle, at the mercy of the most radical elements.

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a bill to extend the sanitary pass will be presented on October 13, 2021, OBS .
a bill to extend the sanitary pass "is under development and will be presented on October 13 in Council of Ministers, "announced this Monday, September 20 at AFP the entourage of Prime Minister Jean Castex. Faced with An improvement in the situation of the epidemic of Covid-19 in France, President Emmanuel Macron said Thursday to "lift certain constraints" in the "territories where the virus circulates less quickly", without give the schedule.

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