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03:15  14 september  2021
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South Africa hesitates on its way of proceeding to accelerate the vaccination

 South Africa hesitates on its way of proceeding to accelerate the vaccination © AP - Themba Hadebe A young man passes in front of a wall painting promoting Vovid-19 vaccination in the Township of Duduza on June 23. Only 10% of the population is completely vaccinated in the most affected country of the continent, which no longer knows for the moment of vaccine supply shortage. If the government is excluding for the moment to make compulsory vaccination, some private companies intend to go ahead, and wish to impose it on their employees.

Le président congolais à Félix Tshisekedi, le 18 mai 2021. vaccine merits The Congolese President in Félix Tshisekedi, May 18, 2021. in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Félix Tshisekedi finally Vaccine. The head of state, however, multiplied media outings against the astrazeneca vaccine. "It's not so sure," he said. These remarks had been strongly criticized since they were cutting with those of the government and the expanded vaccination program (EPI) that tried to accept the AstraZeneca vaccine in the opinion.

with our correspondent in Kinshasa,

patient Ligodi

with his vaccination, President Felix Tshisekedi hopes to boost the new campaign.

mask well in place, little grimace when he receives the sting in his left shoulder, Félix Tshisekedi was reassuring: "I do not come in guinea pig. I come in person safely that the vaccine protects. We must have all the vaccine because unfortunately this pandemic kills.

DRC: Traffic and illegal operation of the Virunga Park finance armed groups, according to NGOs

 DRC: Traffic and illegal operation of the Virunga Park finance armed groups, according to NGOs © Alexis Huguet soldiers of the army of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in the suburbs of Mutwanga, on the edge of the National Park Virunga, May 24 2021 poaching, illicit fishing and illegal exploitation of wood in and around the Virunga National Park, in the east of the DRC, bring hundreds of thousands of dollars every month with armed groups in the Region, deplore NGOs in a mail released Tuesday.

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the country received nearly 300 000 doses of ASRAZENECA vaccines and moderna, since mid-August, after 35 days of shortage ... but no precision was given on the vaccines received by the Head of State and his wife.

Félix Tshisekedi wanted to show the example: "The first lady has just received the vaccine, five minutes after me. Otherwise everything is fine. There is no problem. I urge all our compatriots to take this vaccine. He saves lifes. The coronavirus killed members of the head of state, as well as some of his closest collaborators: "I lost loved ones, many. By this act, I come to show my compatriots that you really have to take this vaccine. And we must not worry.

members of the Cabinet and other agents of the Presidency of the Republic must also receive their first doses this week.

COVID-19: The United States will reopen their borders to international vaccinated travelers from 1 November .
© Daniel Slim The coronavirus epidemic decreases gradually in France and the restrictive measures could be lightened. Daniel Slim / AFP. Has the next UN General Assembly have influenced the decision of the Biden administration? This would not be surprising both the relations between Uncle Sam and Europe, and especially France , are stretched these days.

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