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16:55  14 september  2021
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Facebooks Supervisory Board checks accusation of celebrity special treatment

 Facebooks Supervisory Board checks accusation of celebrity special treatment The independent Supervisory Board of Facebook has turned on because of a media report, after which the online network makes exceptions for prominent users in its content rules. © Askarim / Shutterstock.com Facebooks Center in Menlo Park The so-called Oversight Board now wants to clarify, among other things, whether it was informed appropriate by Facebook on the topic.

for celebrities apply to Facebook sometimes other rules. This shows a current media report.

Facebook erneut in der Kritik. © Lloyd Carr / Shutterstock.com Facebook again in criticism.

Selected celebrities, politicians and journalists can share content on Facebook without being affected by the social network's usual moderation mechanisms. This comes from a report of the Wall Street Journals . The underlying program called XCheck or Cross Check should originally serve to prevent surprised deletions with accounts of known personalities. According to Wall Street Journal, some users are standing in: however, in a kind of "white list" and should be able to share content without restrictions that are actually violating the platform's guidelines.

The Afghan women's team arrived at Pakistan

 The Afghan women's team arrived at Pakistan © provided by Sofoot a first victory. Since the arrival of the Taliban in power in Afghanistan last August, the country's female team could never be able to type in a balloon. Seeking to flee the country by any means, the players and their families finally managed to cross the border and to go to Pakistan. Fawad Hothry, the Pakistani Information Minister, confirmed their arrival on Tuesday in a tweet: "They arrived at the Torkham border from Afghanistan.

Resignation or Revolution: Open Letter criticized Facebooks Oversight Board

Facebooks Facts test leads to an unwanted side effect

Study: Right Fake News Achieve on Facebook Most interactions

as an example of such a case calls that Wall Street Journal a contribution of the professional footballer Neymar. He had shared nude photos of a woman on Facebook in 2019, who had accused him rape. This post was seen by several ten million people before being removed from Facebook. His account was allowed to keep Neymar and XCheck should have previously prevedent to more than one day that presenter: remove the content offline. At the same time, Facebook has repeatedly blocked users in the past: in the inside, because they have shared artworks that represented nudity. In 2013, for example, the Facebook page of the Paris Museum Jeu de Paume was closed for 24 hours because the museum had shared a nude photo of the photographer Laure Albin Guillot.

Scholz defends EU debt rules against criticism

 Scholz defends EU debt rules against criticism Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) has given a refusal of European debt rules. Scholz said on Friday on the verge of discussions of EU finance ministers in the Slovenian Crane, the stability rules would have been "their practice test" in the Corona crisis, and their "flexibility" proved. "Of course, it's about preserving these good rules," he stressed.

Internal Facebook report: "We do not really do what we publicly claim"

The Wall Street Journal quotes from an internal report from 2019, in which the XCheck program was called "confidence break" over the users: inside . "In contrast to the other members of our community, these people can violate our rules without consequences," it says in the report. Later, it should have given attempts to restrict the XCheck program. By 2020, however, at least 5.8 million people should have been protected by the program.

According to the report of Wall Street Journal, Facebook has also led the Oversight Board to the XCheck program in 2019 as an independent control authority. In a written statement to the body, the Group explained that XCheck was only used with "a small number of decisions". A Facebook data scientist squeezed in an internal memo, on the other hand, "Facebook is routinely exceptions for powerful actors."

Merkel: "Let yourself be vaccinated - now"

 Merkel: At the start of a nationwide action week, the Chancellor calls all citizens to use Corona vaccination offers. The opposition criticizes the pandemic policy. © Markus Schreiber / AP Photo / Picture Alliance "It was never easier to get a vaccine. Never was it faster," said Chancellor Angela Merkel in her weekly video doducast. Vaccine offers will give it to the voluntary fire brigades, in the tram, on the edge of football fields and in mosques.

Facebook admits errors - and criticizes the Wall Street Journal

of the Facebook Manager responsible for PR issues Andy Stone Has responded to the report of Wall Street Journals with a number of tweets. In it, Stone also clears mistakes and explains that the system is not perfect and the Group is working on improvements. "Finally, the focus of this story is the analysis of Facebook itself that we have to improve the program," says Stone.

At the same time Stone criticizes some passages of the article. "The reporting of the journal also indicates that we could have made it clear that the politicians can talk freely on the platform," says Stone. "But since 2019, when we have advocated that the company would choose this approach to talk about politicians, there were literally hundreds of messages that criticized our approach."

also rejects Stone against the impression that the XCheck Program had been a secret. The manager refers to an blog post from 2018 in this context. It says about the program: "There is no special protection for any group - neither for the rights nor for the left. 'Cross Check' just means that some content of certain pages or profiles are subjected to a second review to ensure that we have applied our policies correctly. "

ARK Reduces Tesla Participation: Cathie Wood Sells Tesla Shares .
The Star Investor Cathie Wood uses the favor of the hour for profit-taking and hit Tesla shares in a three-digit million value. © Provided by finanzen.net Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images • Tesla Share Last in uptrend • Cathie Wood separates from Tesla shares • Cult investor remains Mega-bullish for the E-Auto Group for the Tesla share was not very rosy so far the stock market year 2021.

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