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21:00  14 september  2021
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Since 13-November, the state "has taken the measure of the action to be carried out" against terrorism, assures Schiappa

 Since 13-November, the state while the trial of the attacks of 13-November opens Wednesday , the question From the potentiality of a new attack of the same order on French soil is always in the spirits. Marlène Schiappa, Minister Responsible for Citizenship, defended Sunday in "The Great Appointment" of Europe 1 / CNEWS and the Echos the government's balance sheet. "We took the whole action of the action to be carried out with different anti-terrorism laws to further strengthen surveillance," she said.

La ministre de la citoyenneté Marlène Schiappa appelle les maires à prendre leur part dans l’accueil des migrants afghans. Une douzaine d’entre eux est montée au créneau pour rappeler que c’est le rôle de l’État. © Archives Philippe Renault / West-France The Minister of Citizenship Marlène Schiappa calls mayors to take their share in the reception of Afghan migrants. A dozen of them went up to the niche to remember that it is the role of the state.

Local elected representatives to receive Afghan refugees, including the mayor of Nantes Johanna Rolland, were restarted by the Minister Delegate Citizenship, Marlene Schiappa. In a letter they did not really appreciate ... Contact this Tuesday, September 14, the entourage of the minister persists.

This is a letter that made meam, from Nantes . On August 27, the Minister Delegate to Citizenship Marlène Schiappa (LREM) wrote to Johanna Rolland (PS), to remind him of his declaration on Afghan refugees: The mayor of Nantes has indeed said. , eight days earlier, to welcome, after taking Kabul by the Taliban.

The Taliban deny any presence of the ei or al-Qaeda on the soil Afghan

 The Taliban deny any presence of the ei or al-Qaeda on the soil Afghan Afghanistan-conflict-groups: the Taliban deny any presence of the EI or al-Qaeda on the soil Afghan © Reuters / Stringer Taliban deny any presence of the EI or Al-Qaeda on Afghan (Reuters) - The Taliban denied Tuesday the presence on the Afghan al-Qaeda cells, including Afghanistan was the sanctuary, or the Islamic State group, which claimed the bomb attacks committed last weekend in Jalalabad (East).

"I see that your service offer has not been followed by effect, writes Marlène Schiappa, inviting him to get closer to the prefecture. We can not push these promises against the urgency of the situation. We must act quickly, together, for Leu R offer a human and worthy home frame.


A letter that has strongly irritated the mayor of Nantes. "I discovered with stupor that your preoccupation is to scrutinize the involvement of local communities, including that of Nantes, writes in response to the Minister. The city has been mobilized with the sides of the state for years when it comes to protecting people, although this does not fall within its competence.

Les maires de Toulouse et Nantes font partie des signataires du courrier adressé à Jean Castex, pour contester la prise de position de Marlène Schiappa. © Jérôme Fouquet / West-France The mayors of Toulouse and Nantes are part of the signatories of the mail addressed to Jean Castex, to challenge the position taken by Marlène Schiappa.

Support for asylum seekers is incumbent upon state.

afghanistan: the UN calls for dialogue with the Taliban to facilitate humanitarian aid

 afghanistan: the UN calls for dialogue with the Taliban to facilitate humanitarian aid © AFP A seller pushes her cart with broom-laden arms under the gaze of a girl in Kabul, September 13, 2021. Anxious To provide humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan, Antonio Guterres called the international community to discuss with the Taliban in order to facilitate the distribution of this aid, which must serve as a "leverage" for human rights. The UN Secretary-General was concerned about the lack of cash in Afghanistan, who penalizes the population and could "trigger a mass exodus".

Status competence

Nantes is not the only one to have received such a callback letter. Nearly twenty cities are in the same case, according to the urban France association. "Marlene Schiappa gave us the lesson. The elected officials were stomachized and angry, " says Johanna Rolland, who presides her.

A letter, signed by twelve elected of all sensitivities (1), including the mayors of Paris, Rennes, Nantes, Cherbourg and Caen, was therefore sent on September 3rd to the Prime Minister, Jean Castex .

The signatories recall that "emergency accommodation remains a state's competence and that communities can not substitute for it, at the risk of confusion of roles". They say "unanimously shocked by a lack of knowledge of the reality of the commitments of one and the others" and denounce a lack of respect by the minister.

The elected officials conclude with their willingness to work "closely" with the state services. "Metropolises must be associated with the development of future refugee integration policies in France.

End of refugee status by 2022 for the Ivorians Party for the last 20 years

 End of refugee status by 2022 for the Ivorians Party for the last 20 years © AFP Photo / IFRC / Benoit Matsha-Carpentier of more than 300 000 in 2011, today remains about 50,000 Ivorian refugees. Here, a camp in Liberia. The governments of Côte d'Ivoire and countries that have welcomed a large number of Ivorian refugees over the last twenty years, on Tuesday, September 7, a statement in which they formally recommend the invocation of the cessation clause of the status of refugee.

Realize promises

contacted this Tuesday, September 14, the Minister's entourage, far from playing the appeasement, persists and sign. Asking the mayors again to get their hands in the pocket. "Some elected officials make politics politics, taking commitments in front of the cameras, but dragging feet when it comes to contracting with the prefects. That is to say, for example, that they have just been paid 100% by the state, without wanting funds or initiatives. On behalf of the government, the minister has been invited to make their promises a reality. There is no need to be offered.

Note that after Kabul taking by the Taliban , last month, France has evacuated 2,500 people.

(1) Johanna Rolland, mayor PS of Nantes; Jean-Luc Moudenc, Mayor LR de Toulouse; Eric Piolle, Mayor Eelv de Grenoble; Nathalie applied, mayor PS of Rennes; Joël Bruneau, Mayor LR de Caen; Benoît arrived, mayor PS of Cherbourg; Anne Hildalgo, Mayor PS from Paris; Michel Bisson, President PS of the Paris South Agglomeration Community; Jean-Paul Jeandon, President PS of the Cergy-Pontoise agglomeration community; Mathieu Klein, mayor PS of Nancy; Arnaud Faucet, Mayor LR of Reims; Anne Vignot Eelv Mayor of Besançon. All have not necessarily received the mail of Marlene Schiappa, some wished to associate with his denunciation.

At Kabul Airport, the last vestiges of twenty years of American presence .
© AFP "N OT a good day to die": the book rests on the bed of a military barrack of Kabul airport abandoned by the Americans. Located on a table, two bottles of water, two empty sockets and a smoke grenade complete the painting. In a nearby barrack, where there is a smell of putrefaction food, a Taliban fighter armed with a m16 assault rifle takes pictures with his mobile phone, in memory.

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