US News Reddit Stock Hype celebrates unofficial birthday: These are the new meme shares to Gamestop

10:15  15 september  2021
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CoinBase Share Importable under pressure: SEC Takes crypto interest rates under the Lupe

 CoinBase Share Importable under pressure: SEC Takes crypto interest rates under the Lupe a planned CoinBase program that allows customers to give crypto assets, the US exchanges supervised on the plan. © Provided by finanzen.net thomas wage / getty images • sec threatens coinbase with a lawsuit • coinbase sets "lend" program until October from • Disagreement between crypto stocks and stock market guards The US Stock Exchange Supervisory SEC has the crypto coating CoinBase threatened with a lawsuit. This is anything but good at CoinBase investors.

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End August celebrated the Meme shares their unofficial birthday. Over a year, it is that the Gamestop share was slowly but securely driven upwards. In January, the share was then media effectively through the ceiling. Even if the hype has decreased by Meme shares, there are also new meme stocks with potential in addition to Gamestop and AMC.

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• Gamestop is considered the mother of all Meme stocks and made in January 2021 for a great sensation

• Although the hype has subsided, there are also trendy meme values ​​

• Broker profit from high trading volume

Vonovia is progressing slowly in German-living shareholders - Vonovia stresses the acceptance threshold?

 Vonovia is progressing slowly in German-living shareholders - Vonovia stresses the acceptance threshold? The apartment company Vonovia is progressing with its new offer to take over the competitor German living in small steps. © Provided by Finanzen.net Mike Clarke / AFP / Getty Images The total number of German-Living shares to be considered for the minimum capture threshold of the offers to be taken over on Friday night about 34.10 percent of the share capital and the voting rights of the Berliner, Share Vonovia on Monday.

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When meme stocks blew up (BB, AMC, NOK, and GME or BANG) I jumped on the bandwagon thinking it's a fast way to make gains overnight instead of waiting for a company to grow organically. I spent 80% of what I have to my name and bought out shares of BANG, unfortunately, I have now lost 75% of my initial investment. When I saw that the stock was higher yesterday than the day before when market closed I was ready to see it go up today.Man was I wrong. Pretty much in the same position as you are .

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The mother of all meme shares

in August 2020 the Gamestop share was still about $ 5 traded. By the end of the year, the price rose to $ 20 and at the latest in January, everyone at the stock market had noticed the rapid rate increase of Gamestop and the media worldwide reported small investors who wanted to push great hedge funds from their short positions. At the end of January , the stock reached a value of $ 483 and Keith Gill - the Idea, also known as The Roaring Kitty, became a kind of popular hero among young investors. In addition to Gamestop, AMC belonged as a mother of all meme shares to one of the shares occupied with a high short rate and then driven by reddit users in unimagined heights.

ARK Reduces Tesla Participation: Cathie Wood Sells Tesla Shares

 ARK Reduces Tesla Participation: Cathie Wood Sells Tesla Shares The Star Investor Cathie Wood uses the favor of the hour for profit-taking and hit Tesla shares in a three-digit million value. © Provided by finanzen.net Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images • Tesla Share Last in uptrend • Cathie Wood separates from Tesla shares • Cult investor remains Mega-bullish for the E-Auto Group for the Tesla share was not very rosy so far the stock market year 2021.

We recommend using the new Reddit layout. The people who started this meme make bank. Then we all sell at the same time. GameStop goes into liquidation the next day . Now we recruit disgruntled wallstreetbeters to fund antifa and destroy capitalism ! This got me hype , bought 24 shares to fight that bastard titan. I'll probably die in the opening scene but I know that deepfuckingvalue will save the

Shares of GameStop and AMC Entertainment have risen by 807% and 1,580%, respectively, in 2021 after an army of small-time retail investors sparked a rebellion against Wall Street hedge funds in January through posts on online forums like Reddit . The eye-popping gains have inspired legions of hopeful successors to the original meme stocks , and sifting through the noise of online stock manipulation has never been harder. New users flocked to popular investing subreddits like r/WallStreetBets and tried hijacking them in hopes of persuading others to send stocks "to the moon."

Hype has graduated - there is still new meme shares

but even if the hype around Gamestop and AMC last slightly has a little, there are other Meme shares currently in the focus of investors, as Thornton Mcenery reported by Marketwatch . Furthermore, favorable shares are traded, which have a particularly high short rate against themselves and which are then purchased high about social platforms of a variety of small investors. The latest candidate is the share of Support.com . The company offers Technical Support software. In the last six months, the share was able to increase about 1,700 percent in the NASDAQ and recorded at the end of August at 59 US dollars. However, the last days the new overflow has recently come back and recently recorded $ 11.80 (as of: Code 14.09.2021). According to a note from Fintel, the proportion of empty sales at Support.com is 66.5 percent, which makes it very interesting for the reddit community.

Prince Harry will be 37: So congratulates his family

 Prince Harry will be 37: So congratulates his family Prince Harry may look forward to numerous congratulations on his 37th birthday. However, the birthday greetings from the palace are focused on the palace due to the tense location between Harry and his family. © imago / i images Prince Harry celebrates his 37th birthday - of course he also congratulates his family in the social media in spite of everything both the Queen (95) and Prince William (39) and his father Prince Charles (72).

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GameStop earnings overshadowed by SEC meme stock investigation. A pair of part-time stock traders has launched a Super PAC to “amplify the voice of the retail investor” as the rise of Reddit -fueled “ meme stocks ” like GameStop has rattled big hedge funds and caught the attention of regulators and politicians in Washington. The new political action committee, registered with the Federal Election Commission under the name “WeLikeTheStock.wtf,” is aimed at giving Regular Joe investors the kind of political bullhorn that is usually reserved for the Wall Street giants.

Other Meme Shares and Other Profiters

Next to Support.com, according to MarketWatch, also include BlackBerry , Palantir and Bed Bath and Beyond to the currently trendy Meme shares. In addition to the values ​​themselves, the NeoBroker also benefits from the large trading volume of the shares. Through high spreads, the brokers succeed in drawing high profits despite low basic fees from the trade of the Meme shares. In addition to the most famous Neo-Broker Robinhood , there was last also messages that the payment channel PayPal wants to enter the trading business via app. Whether the trend of Meme shares will continue in the long term, but remains to be seen for the time being. Editorial Finanzen.net

ARK Invest Founder Cathie Wood: NFT business will be "explosive" - ​​similarly innovative as the Internet .
Cathie Wood, Founder and CEO of the Investment Company Ark Invest, is known to enter trends early on. Now the market size for Hype was talking about NFTs. Business with the digital goods could also affect the crypto ethers. © Provil by Finanzen.net Mike Clarke / AFP / Getty Images • Krypto-Fan Cathie Wood sees Bitcoin at $ 500,000 • NFT trend: "That's exactly how I felt when the internet came up for the first time " • Ether course could be fueled by NFT Hype Cathie Wood at an early stage on inn

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