US News threatens the Walmart-Litecoin troll soon a punishment?

07:50  16 september  2021
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An anonymous person has made a lot of money with the dissemination of Fake News about a partnership between Litecoin and Walmart - but what could be threatened to the troll, should he be caught?

Wichtige Kryptowährungen: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum. © Shutterstock Important Crypt Diets: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherum. Walmart takes legal action after fake-news publication

The Fake News, which promoted the Litecoin Litecoin price within a few hours once a moon and back again, could prove to be more serious than first guessed - because eventually It was not only the crypt world affected by the impact. And in contrast to the Krypto market, the stock market is very accurately regulated.

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reports according to Walmart already initiated an investigation with respect to the Fake News. These had spread through the message distributor GLOBE Newswire and claims that the company had entered into a partnership with the Litecoin Foundation to accept the crypto currency Krypto Nutrition . This news has to stop the financial markets.

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Globe Newswire wants to support competent authorities

in addition Walmart's measures also explained to Globe Newswire in an e-mail with the competent authorities to work together to investigate the case.

"We will work with the competent authorities to apply for full investigation - and facilitate, including any criminal activities related to this matter."

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How Fake News can influence the markets - and why security fraud is

in times of Krypto-Twitter, it is customary that courses can change around the most diverse rumors - without further investigation.

This is in the nature of the volatile and influenceable crypto market, so it is little surprising that this lack of regulations is also exploited. These manipulations are usually ranging to massive pumping-and-dump operations.

, however, does someone perform a fake news action that may also affect the stock market, things can change dramatically - because the stock market is strongly regulated. Walmart Inc. is a listed company. A potential partnership with the fundamental data and the risk assessment of the company could significantly influence.

One can assume that the troll pointed out to drive the course from LTC to the height. But is it possible to prove that his Fake News could have affected the share prices of Walmart?

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For this you should be a look at the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934:

"a person is guilty of securities fraud, if they intentionally applies fraudulent practices to manipulate financial markets or bring investors to Basis of misleading or incorrect information to meet financial investment decisions. "

False information of third parties are considered a form of securities fraud. And the penalties are not here without: In the US, convictions at the federal level can lead to a five-year prison sentence per tort and fines of up to $ 5 million.

unknown drives LTC price in height

But how could it occur at all for the publication of a false message? According to an official version, an unknown person as an employee of Walmart went out and forwarded the message to Globe Newswire. Of course, the message spread rapidly in the World Wide Web.

The message about a potential partnership had a small impact on the price of the

Walmart shares

. However, the LTC price shot up - to break down with the same intensity again. So far, neither Walmart nor Globe Newswire announced which measures they are planning to take. One thing is certain: someone has earned a lot of money with these fake news and inflicting the investors considerable damage.

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