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09:15  16 september  2021
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Bundestag: It's good that Merkel stands before the farewell

 Bundestag: It's good that Merkel stands before the farewell is so difficult for many fans of Chancellor falls: the change is overdue. After 16 years, it's time for a new beginning. The boss and her government only tow themselves. © John MacDougall / AFP Departure After 16 years - Angela Merkel leaves the plenary hall according to her possibly last appearance as Federal Chancellor. It's good that Merkel stands before the farewell what the Chancellor is generally so desiring, you rarely know. But that you could have wished for such a finale is excluded.

L'invitation de Mme Merkel à Paris met une dernière fois en lumière la relation personnelle et de travail entre Emmanuel Macron et Angela Merkel, qui a considérablement évolué depuis 2017. © John MacDougall / AFP The invitation of Ms. Merkel in Paris puts one last time in light the personal relationship and work between Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, who has changed considerably since 2017 .

This Thursday evening, Emmanuel Macron receives Angela Merkel one last time, before the Chancellor did looks good to power. They plan to make a joint statement at 19:00.

Emmanuel Macron receives Thursday night to dinner Angela Merkel, One of the last occasions for the two leaders to stage the Franco-German political proximity, while the Chancellor is about to prone to power.

The President and Chancellor will make a statement at 7:00 pm, before an interview followed by a working dinner, "said the Elysee on Wednesday.

"Belmondo is a little better": Emmanuel Macron welcomes the memory of Jean-Paul Belmondo

 This Thursday 9 September, Emmanuel Macron made a vibrant tribute to the life and career of Jean-Paul Belmondo , died on Monday at 88 years old. © ABACA Thursday, September 9, Emmanuel Macron made a vibrant tribute to Jean-Paul Belmondo's life and career, died on Monday at 88 years old. The emotion was palpable in the court of the invalids. At a ceremony organized this Thursday, September 9, Emmanuel Macron went from his warm tribute to Jean-Paul Belmondo.

Defense, asylum and migration

On the menu, a studious set of international subjects, "in the first place on Afghanistan," said Steffen Seibert, Merkel's spokesman. The Elysée mentioned in some Wednesday "Iran, Libya, Ukraine, Belarus" but also "major European challenges for defense, asylum and migration, and climate and digital transition."

The two leaders also want to fully prepare the summit between the European Union and the Western Balkans, in Ljubljana, on October 6 - a date on which it is likely that the successor of Angela Merkel will not be appointed - and the Future French Presidency of the European Union, in the first half of 2022.

This last rendezvous is all the more crucial for Emmanuel Macron which he will coincide - and necessarily mingle for him - with the election campaign in France and L 'presidential election of 10 and 24 April, to which he will be a candidate, except huge surprise.

The integration of the Balkans is in "the geostrategic interest" of the EU, according to Angela Merkel

 The integration of the Balkans is in © AFP The German Chancellor Angela Merkel expresses himself at a joint press conference with the Serbian president after their meeting in Belgrade, Serbia, September 13, 2021. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes that the integration of the Western Balkans is in "the absolute geostrategic interest" of the European Union in the face of the influence of the other powers in this region from Europe.

The Taliban

folder In the immediate future, the consequences of the Taliban victory in Kabul remain one of the most pressing files for Europeans, and therefore for the Franco-German relationship.

The President of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen announced on Wednesday, a defense summit would be organized by Paris during his EU Presidency, while the withdrawal of Afghanistan has revived the reflection on the autonomy of Europeans. .

The creation of a European fast reaction force of 5,000 soldiers has been in discussion for several months and the American withdrawal from Afghanistan has revived the debate by highlighting the military deficiencies of the old continent.

Solid trust relationship

Beyond these issues, Merkel's invitation to Paris puts one last time in light the personal and work relationship between Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, who has changed considerably since 2017.

Merkel's Balkan

 Merkel's Balkan 16 years after her first Balkan journey is Angela Merkel on the way again in Serbia and Albania, also meets the tips of four other Western Balkan countries. She knows about the importance of a stable Balkans for Europe. But in 16 years, too little has happened too little. © Marko Drobnjakovic In Belgrade Angela Merkel with Serbia President Aleksandar Vucic departs a horizontal formation on Monday.

at the start , difficult to find a lot of common points between a chancellor of 67, raised at the School of Caution, and a 43-year-old president who has erected audacity and movement in political markers. But over time, the two leaders have succeeded, according to many witnesses, to build a strong relationship of trust.

The French President has long been struck with German reluctance towards the increase in EU spending. Faced with COVID, the two leaders have tightened their links to conclude an alliance in May 2020 in the proposal of a European stimulus of 750 billion euros, largely funded by mutualized European loans. They then worked together to snatch a historical agreement on this plan.

The two favorites for the Emmanuel Macron estate received in recent days at the Elysee the two favorites to succeed Angela Merkel in Berlin, the Social Democrat (SPD, Central Left) Olaf Scholz and the Christian Democrat (CDU , Right Center) Armin Leschet.

On the side of Olaf Scholz, co-artisan of the post-Covid European debt mutualization and stimulus program, Paris can hope for less budget orthodoxy, especially if the social democrat governs with a well-rooted majority.

If Armin Leschet wins, Berlin could keep the foot on the brake of expenses and debt.

Faced with existential challenges, Europe fears the vacuum of the post-Merkel .
faced with decisive sites, Europe will have to do without Angela Merkel, greeted by all the countries as it is preparing to Leave his duties. The withdrawal of Angela Merkel of the political scene arouses the fear of void within the European Union, faced with decisive sites for its survival, but also the hope of a wind of renewal.

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