US News "Dance with the stars": one of the stars dancers obliged to apologize to the public after a strange announcement!

12:55  16 september  2021
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Wejdene in dance with the stars 2021: Why legal constraints have almost made him "drop"?

 Wejdene in dance with the stars 2021: Why legal constraints have almost made him © Fifou Wejdene in Dance with Stars 2021: Why legal constraints have almost made him "drop"? The young WEJDENE singer (17 years old) is part of the dance casting with the stars 11. Already contacted in the past by production, his presence had been compromised because of his age. her " you out of my view " claimed in anissa , her first tube, Powered Wejdene to the front of the scene in 2020.

a few days from the start of the new dance season with the stars; One of the program's star dancers made a funny public announcement.

“Danse avec les stars” : un des danseurs stars obligé de s’excuser auprès du public après une étrange annonce ! © TF1 "Dance with Stars": One of the stars dancers obliged to apologize to the public after a strange announcement!

After two years of absence, "dance with the stars" is preparing to sign its big return for an eleventh season on TF1. The program is again ready to put on its new clothes for a good edition of the novelty. If the complete casting of the candidates has been unveiled by the first chain, the followers of the program know that they will not find the jury of previous years. Chris Brands, present since the first year is the only survivor of this new Cru after the departure of Jean-Marc generous on France 2 and the tragic disappearance of the star dancer Patrick Dupond. He will again have the opportunity to admire his superb high-shaped hairstyle alongside Denitsa Ikonomova, who after winning the show four times, becomes sworn for the first time. The surprise of production, this year, it is the presence of the retired couturier Jean-Paul Gaultier. The fourth seat will be occupied by François Alu, a ballet dancer of the Paris Opera.

"Life is Strange: True Colors": An adventure between grief and anger

 with "Life is Strange: True Colors" has appeared the latest part of a well-known video game series, which has always been dealing with topics such as feelings, inclusion and diversity. Much happens in the often emotional stories of the series, decisions and acts of players and players have partly violent consequences. In the latest offshoot, empathy and grief take a special role.

Anthony Colette apologizes to his fans

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There is also change on the side of the dancers who will result in the program stars. Even if some of them have become precisely stars through the program. Denitsa Ikonomova, a former partner of Rayane Bensetti, having left his position, she will be replaced by Coralie Licata, wife of Christophe Licata, an iconic figure of the program. Three flagship faces namely Christian Millette, Katrina Patchett and Emmanuelle Bern will nevertheless be part of the cast of this new season.

Very happy to find the parquet that made it known, however, Anthony Colette is frustrated to return in a way that he would have preferred different. Indeed, the dancer spoke about his Instagram account, as our colleagues reported: " sorry for all the people who are waiting for us outside the studio!" , he wrote. "I have the ban on going out to come and see you, Covid restrictions ... I'm really really really sorry, I have to respect the instructions" has indicated.

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Is Emmanuel Macron in the process of "checking the checklot" before 2022? .
© Copyright 2021, the Obs whom the turn? The plans, the aid, and the euros seem to rain by thousands in this return, and even since this summer. Thursday, September 16, Emmanuel Macron exhibited a plan of more than 3 million euros for the self-employed, including expanding their access to unemployment insurance and protect their heritage.

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